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The big push to the end of 2010....

Saturday, December 04, 2010

I want to reach or surpass my 100 lb weight loss mile marker by the end of 2010.

You would think that for someone who has lost 95+ LBS that 5 pounds would not be that big of a deal. I am finding that it is taking everything I have to make this happen. I have learned alot of bad habits when i was distance training this year. my intense calorie burns doing the 10 mile + runs gave me alot of liberty with the eating and allowed me to get away with alot of stuff that would make your hair stand on end if you were a dietician.

This is my confession to you.

now that i have been forced to decrease my intensity, I can see where my sloppiness has taken its toll, almost a year without any real losses except for the last month. I have some mental blocks to overcome, such as the idea that I am stuck. Stuck in bad habits yes, stuck weight loss-wise - NO. Unlearninig bad habits - YES, wallowing in it - NO.

This is where the mental dicipline of running comes into play. I have had this scenario play out a million times in running that I know what to do. I am XX distance from the finishline, Im tired, tight, and running out of gas. get your focus and think about the next bend in the road, not the 4 miles to the finish. the mental toughness i gained from all of the training this year is exactly what I need at this moment.

Forget about all of the tough talk and psyching myself up. That usually results in a noisy, flash in the pan but no bang, experience. Its the quiet confidence, the one foot in front of the other, with or without cheering section, kind of commitment that will see this through.

The bigger the challenge, the bigger the Woo Hoo and you guys that know me KNOW I love my Woo Hoo's.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow, I am so impressed by your achievement! Your featured blog was so cool I just had to come and check you out. Congrats on all you have done!
    2010 days ago
  • v KLONG8
    Just found you today. Your writing really resonates with me. I particularly liked "forget about all the tough talk and psyching myself up...resulting in a noisy, flash in the pan but no bang experience." I've felt this same way and being consistent and staying the course gets you there.

    I wish that you hit that 100 pound goal. But if you don't I know you'll tip into it within weeks! Have a healthy, wonderful 2011 and WOOO HOOOO!
    2010 days ago
  • v SOLUCKY12
    I enjoyed your featured blog today and decided to check out this one. I have been doing well all day until night. Then I try to exercise it off the next day. Part of me is satisfied at this weight, but the bad habits are back and will prevail if I don't regroup.

    I can't imagine running the races, with the pain I think I would feel, but I can do so much more physically than I could last year.

    I'm wondering what will get me back on track....I'm thinking of eating my dinner later at night and working on other habits to develop.

    When you eat more or the wrong foods, is it because you bring it home, or stop by fast food? I bring mine I need to stop that! It's so dark and dreary lately, I'm alone more, and my friend has gained hers back from being on that pricey metabolism diet and not exercising. You're a family man so I know your nights might not be your problem time of the day.

    I like the idea of "the next bend in the road" and "the quiet confidence". You refer to the "liberty" you feel when you're running and I think in my case it's "the permission" I give myself.

    I know that the fact you're blogging makes you more accountable and I have confidence you'll be giving yourself a big

    emoticon soon. Thanks for sharing your journey.
    2010 days ago
  • v B-NANA
    You are a very talented and inspiring writer. Thanks for the lift.
    2010 days ago
  • v LCORTEZ7
    Robert, you have so much to be proud of. You have traveled the road less traveled and conquered it. You inspire us all and gave us the push we need at the right time. It's like what you've said one step at a time one pound at a time. You can do this - you just need to lose a pound five more time. emoticon
    2019 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/21/2010 1:57:21 PM
  • v -RAELYNN
    You can do it!! Use the "zero" cal. veggie/brothy soup this cold December in place of a regular meal. It still satisfies and is very nutritious.
    2029 days ago
    You have done an excellent job! Get ready for the big WOOHOO! LET'S GO!!!
    2032 days ago
    Come on dude, I know you can do it! You are my baby bro, and one thing I know about you growing up is you are persistant. Whether it was driving mom & dad up the wall, or losing the weight. You are a very persistant, focused person. So a big woohoo to you whether you get to your 100 pounds or not, you deserve the woohoo for sticking with you program and reaching for the stars.
    2032 days ago
  • v BEV1616
    You can do it!!! As others said, mix up your interval training, find a building or stadium with stairs and run the stairs, jump rope, while watching TV do ab work (planks, crunches)....anything to add variety to what you already do. Go for it!
    2032 days ago
    This is the first time I'm checking out your page.

    Definitely inspirational.

    95 lbs. down means that you KNOW what it takes to get those next 5 off. All you can do is push yourself for this next month, doing what you know is healthy for your body. If you make the 5 lbs, "Woo Hoo!", and if you don't, "Woo Hoo!", because you will know that you put everything into it!

    emoticon emoticon
    2033 days ago
    Sometimes mental toughness and focus is what it takes to succeed. Good luck and keep pressing on.
    2034 days ago
    emoticon you can do this. focus on the little things - do as much cardio as possible and don't forget ST.
    2034 days ago
  • v ROSIE777
    Keep on going my sweet friend. . .I believe in you & I know you can do it finish the year strong 100 down. emoticon
    ..*) ♥.*) Many Blessings, Rosie
    (. .♥ (. .♥ (.*`* ♥☆.*`*♥☆

    2034 days ago
    Love this blog (as usual) and I fully agree with LBTHOMASJR. You are amazing. However, I know how hard it is to go from running and burning to having to watch calories more. I sooooo much prefer increasing calorie burn than watching intake. I would really try to find food that fills you up like apples. It is hard to cut back, really think about what works for you. Drink loads of water. Chew gum. The muscle you are building should help burn more calories too but muscle also weighs more than fat I think so it is a bit tough.

    It is amazing to me how I have not lost 3 pounds in what feels like a lifetime but my pants fit totally different than they used to before all my running.

    We all have all the confidence in the word in you because you have truly already proven what you are made of (over and over again).
    2034 days ago
    Robert - There are few certainties in life, but I am confident one is that the same guy who has lost 95 pounds, has become a Team Leader and an inspiration to many, and who has toughed it out to finish a grueling Half Marathon and will soon finish a full marathon, will easily shed 5 pounds by year's end. If anybody can do it, you can and won't that be a perfect Year-End WooHoo?!! emoticon
    2034 days ago
    Let the stress go to achieve this target, it is what is stopping you reach it LOL! As you say about the next bend not the 4 miles, concentrate on the next pound and celebrate each pound loss as you move towards your target!
    2035 days ago
    That is an AMAZING accomplishment- 95 lbs lost, not to mention the sheer grit and determination that has brought you to where you're at. I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind that you will reach and surpass your goals! Keep at it, your story is inspiring!

    2035 days ago
    You have come so far should be proud of yourself...I know we are! The important thing is all that you have learned along the way, just keep doing what you know you should and it will happen! Some things do not happen on the schedule we would like, but it will happen!

    2035 days ago
  • v RSHOWS
    Your positive spirit is contagious and I am glad you blogged! emoticon
    2035 days ago
    You've given us a lot of really excellent guidance and encouragement - make sure you're doing it for yourself now! You rock, you can do this!
    2035 days ago
  • v ERLYWA
    I have no doubts in my mind that you will do this, and that you will do it the RIGHT way. You are so open to the lessons that this journey is bringing you, and then using them to get even healthier, so I have faith in you.

    That 100lb loss will feel sooooo good!! I can't wait until I'm there to celebrate mine with you, too!

    Keep up the great work

    2035 days ago
    the milestones can sometimes be really difficult to reach both mentally and physically!!! I KNOW you can do this...and we are all cheering you on!!! YOU CAN DOO IT!!!!
    2035 days ago
    I agree with NEWHORIZONSR4ME, the moment you hit -100 pounds will be so sweet! I hope you've got a really amazing reward ready & waiting. Going by your track record, you already KNOW you can do it! This is a new phase in your life plan that will take you into the future eating sensibly. emoticon
    2036 days ago
    I can tell you want this bad and so I know you will get it!
    You can do it! And you know you can!
    2036 days ago
    You will master this too; it is all part of the journey Robert!
    2036 days ago
  • v ELYMWX
    You've got this. It's in the bag.
    2036 days ago
    You got this!!
    2036 days ago
  • v IMSMILEY88
    You can DO IT! I love how you've learned so much through your running. You CAN put this into work and get through those 5 pounds. (By the way, I'm having the same issue... but mine is .5 pounds until I've lost 20. I've been that close twice now, and each time I 'blow it' and go back up a few. GRRRR!!!)

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2036 days ago
    Oh how sweet the moment will be... You can and will do it.
    2036 days ago
    100 lbs - look out here comes Robert! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2036 days ago
    emoticon Stay focused - You've got the knowledge - you got the skills - you've got the intensity - now GO FOR IT.......I can feel a B*I*G WOOHOO coming on!!!
    2036 days ago
    push through make it happen emoticon
    2036 days ago
  • v COOPSM
    Robert---you will do on making the right choices and just be sure to eat enough calories but avoid going can do this....
    Hang in there and as it has been said...just 1 more 5 more times....can't wait to give you the "WOOHOO!!!"
    2036 days ago
    Push, push forward, you Will be the mighty fitness warrior you want to be. You are almost there! Your ability to train hard is to be applauded but you need to eat to live, eat for health, eat what will make your body a fitness machine that will carry you easily through life! emoticon
    2036 days ago
  • v CARROT143
    I am so happy you've found the motivation to set a goal and really get vigilant about your food as much as you have about your exercise. Please keep drinking that water, watch your sodium, fill up on good good stuff but have an occasional treat. Blahblahblah, you know all this so stop reading if I bore you...LOL.

    You can do this Superman, I know you can!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2036 days ago
    I LOVE the advice you've received so far :) SPARKers are just the smartest PEOPLE ;)!!

    I was just thinking again this morning about how important it is that we realize the power of the mind & its MAJOR role in getting us to a better place. When you THINK about it, (lol, no pun intended) the mind controls our every physical move so why is it we first & foremost focus on our physical bods.

    You said it best! You have exercised mental toughness as a runner (every distance runner understands that); try to do the same where these last few lbs are concerned, (love CBailey's reply 1 more, 5 more times:), REMEMBER what you ate & how good & fresh all that was when you began your journey. It only takes a few days of control to feel empowered & we all know that results are the greatest motivation of all!! One meal at a time, one step @ a time & one lb at a time.... you'll get there!!!

    p.s. Agree with the mixin' it up comments :) I've broken through my every plateau by upping the Strength quotient!! Wish ya the best!!! ~Deej

    2036 days ago
    You can do this Robert. Why don't you try calorie cycling? I've heard of people who have done thatto lose those last few lbs. Also, we've been running so much or bodies adapt to it. Shake up the workout a little, maybe cycle or some other type of cross training. I will definately be changing my exercise routinge this month after my hm next saturday. More strength training less running. coming beore you know it.
    2036 days ago
    emoticon I totally want to lose another 5 by New Years.
    2036 days ago
    With the 100lb mark, you are almost there. You can see the finish line. At this point, do you stop and walk, and say that you've done good enough, you can cut yourself some slack? Heck NO! You see that finish line, and you push yourself to give every last ounce to finish strong and upright.

    You can do this Robert. And when you do, you know we will all be there with the biggest and loudest WOOHOO we can come up with!

    2036 days ago
    You can totally do this... I understand how distance training takes its toll on healthy eating (and can probably go toe to toe with you regarding unmentionable foods over the recent months) - maybe you need to shake things up a little. Stay focused on drinking water and planning your meals. You don't need as many calories now so back off the eating.

    And remember -- the turn of the calendar isn't that big a milestone. Give yourself credit for NOT just saying "I'll worry about this after January 1." And go... go... go....

    If you can do the distance running, you really can do ANYTHING!
    2036 days ago
    Robert, I can relate to so much of your blog. I had gotten sloppy with my eating and running since last May when I ran my first half marathon. I just registered for the half again and I know if I get a little more weight off me before I start my hardcore training, it will show in my performance. emoticon to you for making the commitment to do what it takes. Thanks for being an inspiration!

    2036 days ago
    I can tell from reading your blog that you WILL get past everything and reach your goal!!!!
    From one in the same position (I have 6 pounds to go to reach my goal) I know how tough those last few can be and how much I need to do to complete what I started.
    Thanks for writing this all down. It helps me to stay on track and "go for it"!!!
    I will be pulling for you to make your goal on time.
    2036 days ago
    I am weist deep in bad habbits, too relaxed. I try every day and often I fail. I hope I get the same resolve you have and soon!
    Here's one WooHoo just for the magnificent resolve you show! emoticon emoticon
    2036 days ago
  • v MINNA72
    You totally have a handle on this, Robert. You know you can do it. You will have an awesome Woo Hoo moment, that's for sure! :)
    2036 days ago
  • v ACTIVE_AT_60
    There is no doubt you can do it - even though you have a few issues from running. A couple of suggestions. really look at what you are eating - make sure you get enough veggies, make sure you are full all the time with lo cal stuff (beans may be an idea). You may want to add some strength the strength you are doing. Be careful with the cardio - you don't want to injure yourself. Instead of running - walk - or if you have access to an elliptical or stationary bike that may be something to consider.

    As for the holidays - key words 'small amounts'
    2036 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/4/2010 12:07:40 PM
    What is it about these milestone numbers that affects us so? Pushing right up to the edge of them, then dithering about and scooting away, only to dillydally and approach one more time before darting back again. It's maddening!

    I applaud your quiet confidence and slow but steady approach, and facing up to your own truths. That's hard sometimes, but you've done it, and it'll help!

    It's not 100 lbs. It's not even 5 lbs. It's 1 more lb, 5 more times, or however many times you want. You've got this. It's within you and your reach.
    2036 days ago
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