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Our December Challenge and Costco

Thursday, December 02, 2010

I am a co-leader for Port Angeles and Surrounding Areas team, and it was my turn to come up with a monthly challenge.

I gave this some thought, and came up with CHRISTMAS GIFT TO YOU & YOUR FAMILY CHALLENGE where we do 75 minutes of CARDIO each week. That breaks down to only 15 cardio minutes five days a week........very do-able.

It started yesterday.

I had a very busy day yesterday. After a full day of running around, I had to close the day with going to Costco and get caught up on supplies. It was late, I was tired, and I was hungry.

Going to Costco at 7 P.M. is actually a good thing.

The crowds are all gone, safe and snuggled in their warm homes, and there are no vendors feeding free food. The people who go to Costco in the late evening are there for BUSINESS.

The BUSINESS being to get what we need and get out before the store closes.

So I rush from my car through the parking lot, grab the shopping cart, and fly on in. I fast walk straight to the chicken broiler, pick out a chicken, and shove off to the veggie cooler area.

Nope. Those cucumbers are too old. Not fresh enough, and will mold before we can eat them all. And those brussel sprouts and green beans........too old.

Out of the refrigerator section I sail. Off to get the dairy products.

Snatch the eggs first. Screech around the corner for the milk.

I grab the two gallons of milk, and haul it in the cart. Next to find butter.

I go to the usual place where butter is kept, and they don't have it where it belongs!

Instead, they have these one pound blocks of organic butter.............isn't butter made from cow's cream and milk????? what makes it ORGANIC for Pete's sake??? I am NOT spending the money on organic blocks of butter.

The other choice is butter chips. CHIPS??? Not in my house.

There MUST be the regular butter somewhere! But they have once again rearranged the store, so this means I have to race up and down the isles and try to find the butter.

I do see the sour cream, and fling that into the cart. But the butter is not to be found.

This does not make me a happy camper, which causes my blood to boil, and makes me walk FASTER, whizzing by all those refrigerated and frozen foods like a she-devil.

I finally find the regular butter, and then I zoom on over to find the chicken and beef base. Yep. Sure enough, that area is rearranged, too, and I have to do another relay race to find it.

Perserverance pays off, and the jars are in the cart.

I need to get some Dawn dishwashing soap. Blast on through the main isle to get back to the right area. I also need laundry soap.

Haul the big containers on to the cart, and scream on to the next item.

There. My list is complete. Now to check out.

I use the self service check out because I am good at it.

I load up the groceries at jet speed, swipe them across the little window, click on pay, and head to the end of the gurney to load up my stuff.

My cart has been filled, emptied for checking out, and filled again to take home.

Dashing to my car, which is at the far end of the parking lot, I open the trunk, and once again start lifting those heavy items.

All put away into the trunk.

Run the cart back to the cart area in front of the store, turn around and run back to the car.

Whew! I just now realize that I am glistening!!! AND my heart rate is up. I am a little breathless, but more amazed that I obviously did the cardio for the day.

Home, and empty the trunk, put away the groceries, and check my pedometer.

Good grief! I am over 5 miles for the day!!!

I will chart 2 miles because that is what I believe was my "fast" distance.

Cardio at Costco anyone?? emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Ha Ha! should have sent MY list with you! Way to go!!!
    2664 days ago
    I kept yelling to your blog where the butter was because I just saw it in the end cooler yesterday!!! HA!
    You make life seem so fun.
    2666 days ago
    Sounds about what I do every time I go shopping at Walmart! They always seem to move things around, as if I will buy more, but I am prepared, I alway bring my list! LOL But its how I get a walk, I seem to spend a lot of time at WAlmart! Just to get my cardio! I think I am up to three trekks around the store. emoticon
    2667 days ago
    Wow, YOU GO GIRL! Way to make the challenge work. I went to our new Wal-Mart this morning and had to look to find things. Don't know the store yet so I got my work out while there. I really hate when the stores move items especially when I'm in a hurry...Karen emoticon emoticon
    2667 days ago
  • KAT7457
    what a work out. i hate that stores keep moving things around when you know where they are and go there not there somewhere else so instead of running i look for a person who works there and ask them and they say over in that section and i ?? them why over there and not in the place where it was, their answer i get is i dont know. geez keep it where it was in the first place or you find some thing that has 2 prices on it whats up with that ?? but happy you got your things in a record time and got your cardio in. i like to get in and out as fast as i can when shopping i have a list and get and go. have a good day.
    2667 days ago
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