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Shift gears... WEIGHT! RAW DEAL....

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Okay, you all might think I'm a little scale happy, but today was one of the wildest days ever.. YESTERDAY.. Go to the weight loss doctor.. Get 154.2 no big deal you know. I've been rawing it.. At home I was 2 more points higher than her scale.. I get ready to shower, and I always step on to take my waste number in count. I know, I know, it's crazy.. RIGHT! But it's just a freaking number, it has nothing to do with the way my clothes fit. You know..

Well, I step on... I get 151.0 On the freaking dot.. And a lot of too much of my business to tell was going on..
But I told it anyway.. If you read between the lines..

Well, my fiance always walks in right when I step on the freaking scale.. He looks down, and he goes.. WOW! You are back to normal.. I was like yeah.. I wonder what my MORNING Weight is going to be.. Office Weigh in is on Wednesday, for our office New Year's Weight Loss Challenge...

Now the Rules are.. You weigh naked at home.. Get your naked weight, and then you dress and we subtract what you got from your on personal scale.

I only did this because I will not allow a clothe weigh in to go down on the charts at the doctors office. Put me in a sheet and weigh me...

So- My numbers where very low from my morning weigh in at the DR. OFFICE, and I was very happy about that.. YAY! ME. The raw life style is working...
Hopefully my tracker will move some by friday...
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