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Why I shoveled for 2 1/2 hours

Saturday, November 27, 2010

These are photos of my driveways.

It snowed where I live.

That is not entirely unusual; it usually gives us snowfalls of about three inches, and the next day it is all gone.

Not this time. This time it snowed. And snowed.....and SNOWED!!!

By the time it was finished snowing, I took a yardstick outside and measured it. Nearly 17 inches of the stuff. all that within 36 hours.

It was beautiful, and we hunkered down, not even thinking of attempting to drive out. We would just wait for the usual melting before we attempted to drive.

It didn't melt. In fact, it got down in the 20's here!! No one can remember ever having this much snow or these cold temps in our area.

After cancelling our plans for Thanksgiving............we were going over to Issaquah to my sister's house............we kept ourselves warm and fed from the freezer. No, not the freezer outside..........the freezer in the basement.

I watched as deer came right up on the front steps to drink from the dog's waterbowl. They munched away at the rose bushes next to the front door. I didn't chase them away; the ground was so covered with snow that they were hungry, and after all, animals need to eat too.

I put out a big bucket of apples for them, and within a day, the apples were entirely gone.

But all that is just window dressing for what I have to tell you about.

We finally got our normal temperatures back, and everything was melting. good sign.

I had been shoveling snow a bit at a time while it was still light and fluffy, and got a big portion of the driveway tarmac shoveled off. I hadn't started on the driveways themselves yet, hoping that the snow would melt off, or that DH would help me shovel.

DH is an engineer. In short, he knows everything about everything, and is always right. If you know any engineers, you know what I am saying.

Well, DH was raised in an area that got little to no snow, so he never learned how to drive on it. I, on the other hand, was raised in Wisconsin, where if you didn't know how to drive on snow, you soon learned.

So DH comes up to me and says the driveway has all melted, and he can just drive right up it on to the road. I immediately told him to let me drive, and that way he could just look at the beautiful scenery.

Not to be. He informs me that HE is "the best driver with these road conditions, and You don't know what YOU are doing in snow!". Seems he forgot how he slid the car in the ditch last year, but who's counting??

I decide I better go with him, and foolishly do not check the driveway before I get in the car, which was still in the garage.

Sure enough, he roars toward the hilly driveway as I am telling him "NO. Take it very slow and easy. This snow is not melted as much as you think".

Yep. The spinning wheel thing starts. I tell him to take his foot off the gas, but he tells me to shut up and he knows what he is doing. Petal to the metal.

He manages to spin and slide himself nearly off the edge of the driveway, which is a short cliff down. I get out of the car, telling him "I am OUT OF HERE BEFORE YOU KILL US BOTH! YOU ARE ABOUT READY TO ROLL DOWN THE CLIFF!".

He doesn't believe me, opens his car door, and guess what. HE rolls down the cliff.

No, dear reader, I do not laugh.............at least out loud. Instead I head to the snow shovel, which is leaning against the garage.

As I begin to shovel the driveway, I hear him cussing up a blue storm as he climbs the cliff and slides back down. I ask him if he wants my help, and he yells "NO> I DO NOT NEED YOUR HELP, SANDY!".

Ok. I will continue to shovel the driveway. I begin at the top, on the east side, and am working away, keeping out of his way.

He does a lot of looking and studying, as engineers must do before they tackle any problem, and comes up with the hair brained idea of if he ties a rope to the front end of the car and the other end to a big tree, he will be able to get the car to slide over toward the center of the driveway.

I ask him if he is nuts.

His comments should not be printed for public eyes, so I go back to the shovel.

He gets his rope finally tied to a tree, after removing a lot of branches. Tells me to hold one end while he stretches the rope, which will make the car slide.

It doesn't work. I go back to my shovel.

I mention to him (for about the fourth time) that I can get gravel, pack the wheels front and aft, and then could probably very slowly drive the car to the center of the driveway with no problem.

He tells me I am nuts.

I go back to my shovel. By this time I have gotten over half the east driveway hill shoveled off, and am working around the car area and down toward the garage.

He says he has another idea. When I ask him if his "other" idea is as good as the first, he once again lets me know that HE is "AN ENGINEER. I CAN'T EXPECT YOU TO UNDERSTAND TECHNICAL THINGS LIKE THIS! GO BACK TO YOUR SHOVEL!".

I dutifully go back to my shovel, and complete the east driveway hill. Then I head over to the west driveway hill, and begin to tackle that.

Our driveway is a big U shape. Guess that makes it easier for you to understand what I am doing.

Anyway, I am shoveling away, and all the while I don't have a clue what he is doing, but the car hasn't moved.

I take a break and call two neighbors who have trucks. Of course, they don't answer the phone, so I just leave a message. Back to my shovel.

I finish shoveling..............2 1/2 hours later............and go over to see what he has come to by now. Absolutely no progress.

I am trying to get him to understand about why the gravel thing DOES work when cars are stuck in the snow when I hear Rod (neighbor) and his truck coming down the road.

I dash up to the road and flag him down.

Rod comes down to the car, takes a look at the situation, and asks "Why don't you just pack the wheels with gravel and drive it out?"

I interrupt and ask Rod if he can pull it out. He smiles, says "Sure thing".

We hook his tow rope up, he puts his monster truck in reverse, and the car gently follows the rope up the hill.

Ted is effusive in thanking Rod, and doesn't mention a single word to me.

By now my feet are freezing, my clothes are soaked from snow and sweat, I know I have done my back absolutely NO good, and I am ready to go inside and see if I can get thawed out.

DH asks me "Don't you want to go to town now?"

I hate him. I want to say ugly things to him. I want to push him down the cliff again. I want to spank him with the snow shovel.

And I would, too, if I weren't so tired, cold and wet from all that shoveling!

And THAT, my friends, explains why I shoveled for 2 1/2 hours, and DH is still alive!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh, I know exactly what you are describing...............men.
    ndy, at least you burned some calories and got the ole heart pumping.
    It'll be the same thing next snow also, I'm sure you know.
    2641 days ago
    Reading this and laughing, I can just imagine what it must of been like for you. Men, can't tell them a thing. My hubby was a truckdriver and I trusted him completely in the snow. Other driving, he told me it's a wonder that he can even drive a truck with no accidents b/c of all my #$%^&*$@ when we do ride together in a car. Scared me bad!...Karen
    2641 days ago
    emoticon men!
    2641 days ago
  • KAT7457
    GREAT BLOG!!! I couldnt help myself to lol thanks for sharing. xx
    2641 days ago
    Good way to burn some calories!
    2642 days ago
    Sandy, my father was an engineer and my husband is an engineer. You are so right about them always being right. At least DH gives me credit when I come up with a brilliant (but obvious to me) idea. emoticon

    So you burned megacalories and stayed out of jail. emoticon Sounds like a successful day to me.

    Take care, my friend.

    2642 days ago
    Sandy, my father was an engineer and my husband is an engineer. You are so right about them always being right. At least DH gives me credit when I come up with a brilliant (but obvious to me) idea. emoticon

    So you burned megacalories and stayed out of jail. emoticon Sounds like a successful day to me.

    Take care, my friend.

    2642 days ago
    Boy, he has two strikes against him in this deal -- engineer and lack of snow driving. It's almost a third strike that he is male!!

    I hope you aren't too sore from the shoveling...

    2642 days ago
    I am SO happy you shoveled for 2 1/2 hours! Don't know if I could have gotten up there to visit you in prison or not......
    (-; Wonder if DH will ever admit to your being right? It's OK, we all know that!
    2642 days ago
    That made me laugh so much! I work with engineers... Oh my, are they ever ALWAYS right and will fight you to the end! Well... On the bright side... You burned some mega calories and can always bring this story up next time he gets a "good" idea!
    2642 days ago
  • MOETR345
    I do know engineers...you are a saint to have married one (and not killed him).
    2642 days ago
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