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D*R*A*G*O*N blog #3

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Today is the 3rd day of our Intra-team DRAGON challenge.
So far, I have been able to do the activities that spell D*R*A*G*O*N each day.

D ~ Drinking, 8 glasses....of water, of course! DRINK. For some reason I have a hard time with that when the weather is colder. I just do not want to drink water! There was a time when it was no problem for me to drink 10+ glasses of water a day. The past few months I have been struggling to get down 8. You can sure bet that since it is part of the challenge, I am making sure to do it.

R ~ Rest. No problems there! ;-) (7hr min a day)

A ~ ABS! 1pt for ea 100 (3pts max) I've been maxing this one on the days I am doing my 200 crunch challenge! Since starting the sit-up challenge, I have only been doing crunches for my ab work. Funny, but it felt nice to do some variations in ab ST on non-sit-up challenge days to meet this part of the challenge.

G ~ Go! Any kind of exercise. 1 pt for every 30min (3 max) Since starting the Sit-up & Push-up challenges, I have let other areas slack off a bit. So to get my 30min of 'GO' yesterday I did some lower body ST. That was a nice change. Today DH & the kids rode their bikes around the block while I walked/jogged with the dogs for 30min....we had a nice break in the rain where it was just beautiful out. That was very nice indeed!

O~ Owning it. Blogging...taking ownership in front of one & all! So far, I am hanging in there...hence your suffering, LOL!

N~ Nutrition....track it, that is. I do this already as I need it to keep me in line.

BONUS 2 points for every day you spell 'DRAGON'

The challenge started on friday & ends tomorrow.
So far, this DRAGON challenge has been nice. I'm enjoying 'forcing' myself to do these little 'extras' to meet the goal. I am going to do my best to get all those letters each & every one of those days!

Crossing fingers & toes!
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