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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I just wanted to share with you all, some questions that I hear a lot. This particular conversation is one I had with my SIL via FB (which is why the short-hand on her questions). These are some of the key things I've studied over the past year. One thing I've found especially interesting is the information I am learning about sports-nutrition. Primarily that it isn't much different from general nutrition. The things that are stressed over and over again are eating a well balanced diet, eating often enough and the timing.

Question: “ok so i just finished insanity and need to know if i should start right back or switch to something else for a week or 2 and then do it? went to a forum that said wait a week rest since it is so strenuous on your muscles?”

Answer: Yes, take a week off or better yet-active rest. That means low/no impact: swimming, walking, hiking, biking, yoga something along those lines. Great job, BTW

Question: “yea i think for the week i will switch between my recovery workout of shaun t's and then yoga booty ballet? think a wk is long enough of a break?heard talk about muscle memory and all that blah blah lol!! and what should i use for muscle soreness cuz i'm getting to muscular with the whey protein lol that i didn't know was for muscle builder!!! and also i heard to take vitamin e pills u know why??”

Answer: Good plan. Muscle memory is what happens when you start working out, especially with new movements. That's why it's really important to learn proper movement patterns and maintain good form.

Normal food is plenty. The protein supplement is totally unnecessary, unless you're a pro body-builder and even then most of us (especially meat-eaters) get more than enough in our regular diets. I'd suggest dropping the protein supplements completely. Our bodies don't store the protein in the way people think, it doesn't just get deposited straight into the muscle. I used to think that, too. It is used to build muscles, true, but it is also used to build hormones and most other bodily components. Muscles get larger from working them, and the repair process-not from the protein itself.

I'm guessing the reason the vit E is recommended is to help reduce inflammation from the workouts. You also get the (anti-inflammatory) omega oils from cold-water fish like salmon, sardines and tuna. Flax seed and walnuts are a great source as well. But really, a well-balanced diet is the best plan.

As for the muscle soreness, that's a good thing-assuming it is soreness and not pain-there's a difference. Your best option for recovery is to do some really good stretching after your workouts and if you really need it, ice the sore areas for at least 20 minutes.
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    I had a trainer tell me your muscle memory was from your young years and I, in essence, couldn't change much; rather, I'd have to work harder to change my memory because I didn't use it much when I was young. When I say harder, I mean I'll never be able to stop working out to maintain my changes or weight loss. Make sense? I'm fried right now.

    ArthurTOm's right about vit E, but the info on what is excess is weird to me. Seems to me that "one size does NOT fit all" for any vitamin, but doctors don't usually check it unless you ask. I did, of course ;0). I was taking 800iu and backed down to 400iu because I was "over" in my blood labs. I'm not "most" people though (malabsorption yada), but I also don't eat grains where some E comes from. So I mention all that because I wonder if ATom's checked his levels before and after taking the supplement? I also make sure I take a MIXED tocopherol, not the "dl-alpha" which is synthetic. But I digress ... :P.

    Love when you talk about this stuff Tammy. Thanks for the info.

    2644 days ago
  • LLTS01
    Be prepared for my long list of questions.
    2648 days ago
    You learn the coolest stuff at school!


    I am grateful that you share what you're learning, especially since you do such a great job of breaking it down and explaining it for us!

    2650 days ago
    Tam, excellent information and thank you!

    I'm glad you posted today; I've been thinking about you. Are you a Ducks fan? (who here isn't, eh?!)

    Take care, kiddo, and know that you are thought about and sent blessings often.
    2650 days ago
    wow, great stuff!
    2650 days ago
    Lots of great info Tam - thanks! (are you SURE you don't want to pull up stakes and move to Portland and be my personal coach?!?!)
    2650 days ago
    I've been switching my ST workouts around to change up my muscle memory. On the sports nutrition, getting a balance of all nutrients can be called any kind of diet or nutrition plan but it just makes good sense as you well know.

    One thing I've found interesting is that there has been some thinking that vitamin E suppliments in excess of 15-30 IU a day is not needed and could be ultimately harmful to your health. Here's one of the links that I've read about it...


    ...which further confirms to me the importance of a balanced nutrition plan that includes your daily vitamin and minerals within the food itself.

    I currently take a vitamin E 400 IU a day and will continue to do so until the current supply is gone but I believe I will forgo getting another bottle and assess after a 3 month period. Lots of good stuff here Tam! Thnaks
    2650 days ago
  • CRIS76
    Short but VERY informational - thanks!
    2650 days ago
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