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Dear Good Intentions

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear 'Good Intentions',

You're such a sweetheart. Thanks for being in my life! I just love the way you always seem so positive and full of hope and possibility. Your benevolent spirit is inspiring and pleasant to be around.

Since I love you so much, I'm not sure how to bring this up (it's a little awkward really). You may think it's none of my business (and if you didn't live inside me it probably wouldn't be), but I need to talk to you about that guy you're dating - 'Aw Who Cares'. What is it about him that you're attracted to? Frankly, you've had a whole string of guys just like him. Remember 'Whatever?', 'I was just kidding', and 'Maybe Tomorrow'? I do. They were jerks! And whenever any of you get together things around here get dicey. You're just not yourself when they're around. When two of you start dancing, I just can't seem to get anything done and follow through just doesn't happen like we need it to.

I know you hate it when I try to set you up, so I'm not going to try for any blind dates or anything like that. I'm having a party next week and I want you to come. I'm inviting some really great guys. You may have heard me talk about them? There's my friend from back home - 'Git er Done' and he said he'd bring along 'I'd Be Much Obliged'. There are a few guys from work who are coming - 'Commitment', 'Determination', and 'Accomplishment'. (Determination is super cute!) 'Task Master' and 'Goal Setter' are coming, but... yeah... well... I'm not impressed and I doubt you will be either. 'Gung Ho' is just plain creepy, but there are a few others you might be interested in. Just give it a try. They're all great dancers and they're looking for an angel like you to balance them out.

Please come?

Love you,

Seeking Balance
(formerly 'All or Nothing')

PS - Sorry, but 'Aw Who Cares' is NOT invited.
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