Dear Good Intentions

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear 'Good Intentions',

You're such a sweetheart. Thanks for being in my life! I just love the way you always seem so positive and full of hope and possibility. Your benevolent spirit is inspiring and pleasant to be around.

Since I love you so much, I'm not sure how to bring this up (it's a little awkward really). You may think it's none of my business (and if you didn't live inside me it probably wouldn't be), but I need to talk to you about that guy you're dating - 'Aw Who Cares'. What is it about him that you're attracted to? Frankly, you've had a whole string of guys just like him. Remember 'Whatever?', 'I was just kidding', and 'Maybe Tomorrow'? I do. They were jerks! And whenever any of you get together things around here get dicey. You're just not yourself when they're around. When two of you start dancing, I just can't seem to get anything done and follow through just doesn't happen like we need it to.

I know you hate it when I try to set you up, so I'm not going to try for any blind dates or anything like that. I'm having a party next week and I want you to come. I'm inviting some really great guys. You may have heard me talk about them? There's my friend from back home - 'Git er Done' and he said he'd bring along 'I'd Be Much Obliged'. There are a few guys from work who are coming - 'Commitment', 'Determination', and 'Accomplishment'. (Determination is super cute!) 'Task Master' and 'Goal Setter' are coming, but... yeah... well... I'm not impressed and I doubt you will be either. 'Gung Ho' is just plain creepy, but there are a few others you might be interested in. Just give it a try. They're all great dancers and they're looking for an angel like you to balance them out.

Please come?

Love you,

Seeking Balance
(formerly 'All or Nothing')

PS - Sorry, but 'Aw Who Cares' is NOT invited.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Another great letter! Can I come and bring my new friend Moderation? Thanks for the insights and fun!

    2677 days ago
    Thank you for sharing!
    2677 days ago
    this is adorable and funny! thanks for sharing your writing, what a talented person you are!
    2677 days ago
    Ha! While you're at it, why don't you hook up my Miserabella with that Aw, Who Cares guy!
    2677 days ago
  • -POOKIE-

    I love this! you have a neat way with comedy!
    2677 days ago
    A party? You are inviting the Chicago 7 (formerly 8), I hope. I can still name some, but, alas, no longer all.
    2678 days ago
    Could you GET any more adorable??!!????

    Surprise of surprises, I know a BUNCH of guys from both crowds. . ."I must admit, "I'll Start on Monday" and his twin brother, "I'll Start Tomorrow" captured my heart for quite some time. What a pair!

    I'm not known to sleep around and I do so LOVE to flirt. However, I can see that it is time to pursue a committed relationship. Can I come to your party too? (Shhhh. ..don't tell Henry-:)

    Love you oodles!

    2678 days ago
    This is awesome Helen, I laughed out loud and had to read it to Karen. These letters are great!
    "Keep em comin"
    2678 days ago
  • I82MUCHB4
    These letters you have been writing are great! Keep 'em coming!
    2678 days ago
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