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I'm so hungry I could eat a horse..or a cute brown little doggy

Monday, November 15, 2010

Iím completely starving! Like, I think I might eat Mia if she comes too close! -my facebook status from earlier today. I think I may need to up my calorie intake on the days that I weight lift and do cardio. Back to my facebook status...of course one of the ever-loving sisters had to make a comment ďThis might be obvious, but maybe you should eat something...make a sandwich!Ē Negative! By the time I updated my status Iíd just about maxed out my 1,200 calories for the day.

For breakfast I had a Greek yogurt, a 60-calorie pudding for snack, and then a lean cuisine for lunch. And, I was still starving! But, I had enough calories left to have a decent dinner. As I was walking into the kitchen to refill my water bottle, I had already finished over 6 cups and I was trying to do the right thing, I decided that a cookie would probably kick it...normally thatís what happens when Iím starving. Big negative again. Four cookies and 45 minutes later, I realized I was still starving. BING, the golden colored diet light bulb went off and I realized ĎHey, I should eat protein to make me feel fullí. To the fridge I went and proceeded to make ham and bread roll up and drink down my bottle of water. *one piece of bread and 3 pieces of ham, only 100 calories).

Flashback to the facebook status. This is the point when posted my status. Another 45 minutes later and I realize that Iím still starving, yes starving and not hungry. So I go back to the fridge and grab three more pieces of ham and roll them up with mustard in the middle, and of course another refill of water. So with a very full bladder and at my calorie intake for the day, Iím finally not starving anymore. That is until, my way home from the gym where I had to coach three gymnastics classes tonight. I realized that my preplanned dinner wasnít going to cut it tonight. So off to Taco Bell we go. After eating dinner and finally feeling full, Iím 195 calories OVER and that includes the calories burned from my workouts. I normally donít include them in my calories that I can eat.

My question is what should I do?! Should I up my calorie intake on the days that I weight lift AND do cardio? Ryan, the hubby, said that if I up it I should keep it the same everyday. I donít want to. Iím at the point where Iíve hit a plateau. I lost my first 12 by diet alone, and some walking...100 miles to be exact. Now Iím weight lifting and I know Iím building muscle, which is why the scale isnít dropping every week. Some weeks it drops a pound or two, some weeks itís the same, and others its up a pound or so. I know that Iím building muscle and if I stick with it the fluff will start to pretty much fall off....but I donít know what to do about the hunger on the days that I lift and do cardio.

What should I do? What should I up it to on days that I lift? Should I keep the new increased number and use it all week, or only use it for days that I lift? Should I even increase my calories?

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