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Friday, November 12, 2010

I've been having a hard time with body image lately, and although when I look at charts it shows that I'm thin, I'm having trouble believing it. I wasn't sure if it's body dysmorphia, or if I really do still look sort of on the heavy side. I figured there are 2 ways to look at the shape and size of your body, either by body fat % or by height/weight. My last blog showed photos of what different body fat percentages look like on people, so this blog is about what different heights/weights look like. Here's a link to a great site where you can type in your height and weight and it will show you photos of people that fit that profile.

**But keep in mind that body fat percentage is most accurate, since obviously someone 5'7" at 18% body fat isn't going to look like someone at 5'7" at the same weight with 30% body fat. I mostly wanted to share this site because I thought it was interesting and you'll see in the photos that if you type 5'7" and 130 lbs for instance, the pant size the women wear varies from size 4 to size 8, which goes back to what I was saying about body fat %.

Anyways, I now have my 2 measures: photos of women at my body fat % which is 20.6% and photos of women at my same height and weight (5'7" and 131 lbs). And much to my surprise, neither is overweight, fat or heavy in my eyes in the photos I see of other people. So...WHY DO I STILL FEEL LIKE I'M OVERWEIGHT?

Key words: Other people.

I'm starting to realize that I hold myself to standards that I don't hold other people to. And it's funny that I tell myself if I just get to X weight, I'll be happy with what I weigh. And then I get to that weight and I drop my goal b/c I'm not satisfied with it. Granted, I do want to start modeling again and have a second-round interview on Monday, but I think that even if I get the job and lose 10 more lbs, I probably still won't be happy. And I think that's the key. I thought losing weight and being thin would make me happy, but it isn't enough. I really need to learn to stop over analyzing my body and to eat right and exercise for the sake of taking care of myself and being healthy. But like I said, looking at photos of other people was quite an eye opener.

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    Just found your blog post here by searching for "body dysmorphia." How are you doing since posting this?
    2589 days ago
    Thanks for sharing that website! It is really interesting.
    2661 days ago
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