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Cottage cheese and grapefruit

Friday, November 12, 2010

My citrus trees are getting ready to bear the delicious fruits of winter.

I have in my yard a grapefruit tree, a lemon tree, a tangelo tree (I think it's an orange/tangerine hybrid or something), and we used to have two orange trees but then SOMEONE cut them so low to the ground they have to basically grow back (jerk). Might have oranges again when I'm 30...

Anyway, the grapefruit tree is about ready to give us delicious sweet grapefruit this winter. I LOVE grapefruit, and ours is a ruby red (I think).

I could seriously eat cottage cheese and grapefruit every day. I LOVE grapefruit and, surprisingly, I love the ubiquitous diet food, cottage cheese. Honestly, when have you ever seen someone eating cottage cheese and NOT assumed that he or she (it was probably a woman, just sayin') was on a diet? You probably thought, wow, she must be miserable, eating nothing but cottage cheese and grapefruit and maybe the occasional celery stick to break the monotony. Well, you know what? If you ever see me eating cottage cheese and grapefruit, know that I'm in heaven.

I have a thing about the texture of cottage cheese, though. It can't be slimy, and it can't be salty. A lot of cottage cheeses (especially the low-fat ones) are runny. Way too much whey (think about that one). Publix, for example, has runny cottage cheese. My mom prefers it that way, sprinkled with black pepper. I like Breakstones (which is never on sale) because it's thicker, drier, and tastes almost like a cross between cottage cheese, sour cream, and cream cheese. I like all of these things. Its 2% variety is 100 calories per half-cup serving. Can I go wrong?

I can hardly wait until I can pair my favorite dairy snack with a half of a bright pink, juicy grapefruit. Om nom nom!

Referring back to the celery that the miserable dieting soul was eating, I do not eat celery raw willingly. I cook it in soup, I put it in stews, and I sometimes chop it up obnoxiously small to put in tuna salad. I think it's just... weird tasting, and the stringiness REALLY bothers me, although you really can't beat a food that flosses your teeth as you eat it. What a time saver...

In other news, I have been working out less often than I would like with this bodyweight exercising, but I'm still doing it and ohmigod I can feel it. My arms are almost constantly sore, if I didn't have boobs blocking the view I'd be well on my way to totally chiseled pecs, and I am the Squat Master. Plus I'm back down to something like 136. Win. I have two goals for these exercises:

1. Be able to do pushups like a man, and from there work up to doing handstands (You Are Your Own Gym actually has a strategy for working up to this). I always wanted to do a handstand.

2. Be able to do one-legged squats without looking like a dumbass. This is a lot harder than it sounds, and I had assumed that with all my years of ballet, I would be able to dive right into one-legged squats. No dice. They be hard.

In the meantime, I am doing side lunges (which are like a squat), Bavarian Split Squats (Bulgarian? Borean? Whatever.), and regular squats with my legs turned in, turned out, parallel, narrow stance, wide stance, wide stance turned out with overhead presses... you get the idea. There is literally no end to how you can vary bodyweight exercises. No gym machine can do that except the machine you're living in!

And speaking of machines, I totally, utterly failed my last calculus test (we're talking, I attempted 9 of 10 questions, got an answer for 4 of the 9, and I'm assuming at least one of the 4 answers is wrong), which thankfully will be dropped. However, I earned a B on the last physics midterm, which brought my C- (insufficient for progression into engineering) up to a solid C! I am passing physics!

Obviously, there is much to be done in calculus, but I will make it happen. Sequences and series are not as hard as I originally thought they would be (knock on wood), but it still takes a lot of patience and Just Math Tutorials videos to catch up. Besides that, the final is cumulative so I need to be hitting the integration stuff again. And again. And some more after that. With a side of integration. And limits on the side. Ick...

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    Rest assured, any comments I make about anything female are intended to be gender-neutral and are simply statements of fact, not bait. So consider yourself kick-immune.

    I am looking to get into civil engineering. I haven't REALLY decided which branch yet, but my university's program has geotechnical, transportation, structure/materials, and environmental/water resources. I am leaning toward environmental engineering because of the expected growth of the field, but I could just as easily go for geotechnical. Every civil engineer takes at least one course out of each discipline, so I suppose I'll nail it down when I get there.
    2680 days ago
  • GHK1962
    Ok..sooo much to comment on.

    1) I FREAKIN LOVE grapefruit. Eating them...grapefruit juice..mmmm. But...just like orange juice...a LOT of sugar...and not great for the diabetic in me. I too, like MGO9190, am jealous of your citrus trees.

    2) Cottage cheese...I don't really eat it much anymore...but when we were little...we'd have them with pineapples. YUM. I suspect that it's what you grow up with that you like...even what others think are gross. Case in point ~ Spam...ohhhh...I LOVE spam! (Please do not drop me from your friend list after hearing about the spam heh.)

    3) Celery...I kinda like most you're on your own about not liking it.

    4) Chiseled pecks...and boobie comment. I'm a guy...I will leave this one alone or my wife will kick me.

    5) One-legged squats ~ Holy crapola...if you can do are my hero. I freakin HATE squats. Leg stuffs totally kills me. I did not even know one-legged squats were an exercise. If they EVER do that in Boot Camp I will just roll over and ask them to shoot me right then and there. squats...I still cannot wrap my head around that concept.

    6) School ~ Sorry you didn't do as well in your calculus class...but good on the physics. By the way, what kind of engineering are you looking to get in to?
    2681 days ago
  • MGO09190
    I'm so jealous that you have citrus trees IN YOUR YARD. If I ever needed an excuse to move to Florida, that would be it.

    Yeah, I really like citrus fruit. Haha..
    2681 days ago
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