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Dramatic Weight Loss and Being A Woman

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hey Ladies,

This is less of a blog and more of a general inquiry because I am definitely experiencing different things every month. Please respond with personal experience, what you know to be true, and medical research if you've gone so far as to look into it.

How has losing weight (a lot of weight) affected your monthly schedule? Is it lighter? Heavier? More painful? Less? What about PMS?

I really believe that my weight loss at such a quick rate is affecting my body's reactions to my menstrual cycle - but I really never know what to expect. Last month I was a raging B*TCH for 5 days and it was about 4 days late. This month I had no PMS besides being tired yesterday (which I believe was more situational and less hormonal) and today it arrived a day early. I am one of those women who can feel ovulation - I get terrible mittelschmerz mid month - but since I've lost weight, that actually seems to be getting better. Again - it depends on the month. Cramping - sometimes is light, other times it is cripplingly painful. I've tried various remedies, adjusting my diet, removing milk, adding caffeine. Nothing seems to really make that much of a difference because the symptoms are different every month.

Anyone out there lost 100 pounds and can speak to what I have to look forward to? I know we're all different, but this really has me scratching my head! (And reaching for my heating pad).

Help! Time to dish about TOM for reals :) Mother Nature has a wry sense of humour if you ask me.


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    I know that's not 100 pounds, but it was a pretty big change on my frame. So I think the TOM changes might be similar.
    2655 days ago
    I lost 67 pounds (206 to 139), and my periods became extremely regular after the weight loss. Pretty much the same monthly symptoms, though. Or PMS...whatever you call it :)
    At my highest weight (closer to 220), my periods were extremely irregular. I'd skip months all the time, and it made gauging when I would have it extremely difficult. After the weight loss, it became what I would assume is its "normal" self. 6 days long, medium to light, and about 31-32 days as my cycle time.
    I never could have given those kinds of specifics before.
    2655 days ago
    I blame perimenopause, but I blame that for everything. :P

    2655 days ago
    I have a smart phone and use an app to track TOM and all the glory he brings. Great app and the only one I've ever bought. I can add symptoms to track and it provides reports. In the past 4 months I've discovered that I retain weight twice a month: ovulation and just before I start. So my losses are (big loss, no loss or gain, big loss, no loss or gain.) I've also noticed the more water I drink during TOM the better I feel and the best way to get rid of cramps and, uh, *mood alterations* is to exercise. A LOT!

    Also, check out Yoovie's blogs if you haven't done so already. She wrote one (during her WTFall Challenge) that had detailed links about the science behind TOM. It jived with a lot of what I'm experiencing. I tried to find it for you, but kiddos want my attention so I'm running out of time.

    If you have a moment, I would like to know what conclusions you reach. It's a topic I rarely talk about but one that affects me greatly. So, I think it's time for me to move this from TMI to discussing for education's sake.

    2655 days ago
    Because I've also got the added bonus of starting Depo, I don't know how much help I can be. However, it only goes to reason that changes in your body will throw your entire system off. Just be thankful you didn't get to experience my 2 month TOM! *lol*
    2655 days ago
    I have PCOS and have never had a regular cycle growing up. My weight hit the high point at 330lbs and I would get one cycle every year on Christmas Eve. It was weird I think TOM liked to ruin the holiday.

    I dropped 50 lbs from a diet change (gave up McDonald's food for Lent) and medication and my cycle returned with vengeance. Every month, major cramps and PMS. Then I went back to eating normally and put 30 pounds back on and my cycle stopped completely.

    A few years ago I lost another 50 lbs for a wedding, not mine, and my cycle reappeared this time with no PMS and light cramps and heavy flow for no more than 3 days. I gained 20 of those pounds back again, and I have not seen it in over a year.

    But I'm dropping weight for the last time (no regaining it again) I'm expecting TOM to show up within the next 5-10 pound loss I hope it takes the second route and is not disruptive and painful. I will not be surprised to see it return on Christmas Eve.
    2657 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/11/2010 5:53:10 PM
  • NARA87
    OK, bare with me, because this is going to be long and ESL:

    I used to weigh 178 pounds. My cycle was normal. It was quite heavy, it lasted 6 days and I was usually in a lot of pain.

    Then I put on 75 pounds in a year. During that year, my periods started coming less often and when my weight was stabilized at 253, they stopped coming altogether. After a year or so, I started getting my period again, but there was no telling as to when I would. It always took a few months off.

    Now I'm in the process of losing weight. First, I started getting my period more frequently, but it took longer than 35 days between periods. After a while it was 15 to 20 days between periods. And now it's becoming normal.

    It always lasts 6 days. It got heavier and way more painful after I gained the weight and now it's lighter and less painful than ever before. I also spot the day before now, which has never happened before.
    2657 days ago
    I haven't quite lost 100 pounds, but I have lost 65 pounds...

    I tried out Weight Watchers once (didn't work for me), but I remember seeing an article about this that was very informative. I can't find that link, but I did find this one that might be helpful (granted it is Wiki.. but still some good info)

    I personally have PCOS so my periods are already nearly nonexistant, but when I was at my heaviest hovering around 255 pounds, I didn't get a period at all. Not one. Even with birth control, still no period.

    When I lost 30 pounds, I was able to get a period while on birth control. At the 50 pound mark, I would get periods once in a while without medication(about 3 times a year) which is WAY more than never!

    For me, the more weight I lose, the lighter and shorter they tend to get. Granted I have to bring on a period with hormone medication, but it is still a period none the less.

    I do hope your flow and pain improves and that you are able to get the answers you need!

    2657 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/11/2010 4:04:49 PM
    My symptoms are far less painful since I changed my diet and shedding 90/100 lbs. I still note - along with others - that I can rage quit hard 5-days before I start. My physical symptoms are less since Doc told me to stop eating gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, sugar and soda. My typical "period headaches" are gone, my aches are gone and the cramping is rare. I tend to be quit regular but I attribute that to the IUD I have (the non-hormone one). Before that it was either no period or a surprise period.
    2657 days ago
    Hmm... I'm not sure, scientifically. I do know from personal experience that TOM in general is a whole lot easier to handle when I'm exercising regularly... lighter, shorter, less crampy/bloaty/moody. However, I have never lost a substantial amount of weight, so I can't speak to that!
    2657 days ago
  • WYND10
    My cycle is still all over the place, but that's the way it's been since I've had a cycle. I am currently going through issues with my BCP again with having TOM twice a month! Yay! I don't know how much my weight-loss is contributing to the crazy.

    Anyhoo, I am interested to see what others have to say about this. Thanks for posting.
    2657 days ago
  • SBATES63
    I have read in a SP article that getting fitter and eating healthier may lessen the symptoms of PMS like moodiness and cramps. I can't tell you from experience, since I am at an age where my cycle is fluctuating in duration and severity all over the place.
    2657 days ago
    Given that our fat cells store hormones, and lots of other things, I'd be surprised if there was no change at all. Fat cells also store fat soluble chemicals. That's one reason why I try so hard to eat unprocessed foods. I don't want to add more gunk to my system than it can handle.

    The most I ever lost in one stretch was 60 lbs over about 2 years (I'm trying to relose it now :( ). My whole life I've been irregular and have suspected that being overweight affected it. I actually find that with weight loss things get more regular, although that might have as much to do with me living a more regular schedule than when I'm not focused on health.
    2657 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    Mine had stopped for a while with the BC I was on.

    Then, they came back with an insane vengence. Apprently fat stores hormones, and as we lose that fat the hormones are released, hence the crazy.

    Then after several months awful rounds things settled down, and Im back to virtually nothing with my BC.
    2657 days ago
  • BRANDI0074
    I have lost almost 200 pounds. The only changes I noticed in my cycle was, mine became a bit lighter. I was never been one to have a very heavy one anyway. I did notice I am a bit moodier, I don't know if this has to do with getting older or the weight loss.
    2657 days ago
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