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Jogging and giving up

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The other day I read in a magazine that walking is better than jogging as too many people give up jogging too quickly, whereas hardly anybody gives up walking once they've started.

I can relate to that. I love going for long walks if I have the time and I rarely feel like quitting.
But jogging is different. It took a lot of hard work (and a lot more than 7 weeks) to reach week 7 in the C25K programme, and now I'm stuck. Actually, I'm more than stuck: I can't jog the already achieved 25 minutes. Today I managed 8 minutes before I gave up - and the excuse that I bumped into a neighbour who wanted to chat isn't a valid excuse! emoticon

Should I give up, maybe I'm just not cut out to be a runner?

And then I started thinking (amazing what one does on a long way home emoticon )
You see, I can't just stop in the middle of the road, I still have to get home ... AND ... I always complete my route.
So what, I thought, if I don't jog for the given 25 minutes? What, if I only jog 5 minutes? I still walk 30 minutes. If I only jog 10 minutes, I still walk another 25 minutes. A few months ago I couldn't even run 1 minute and 5 minutes seemed to be impossible.
Whatever I do now is already more than a few months ago, so I can only gain (as long as it's not pounds!)

Giving up? Absolutely not!!!!
I'll stay with week 7 until I can run the whole 25 minutes (or until the music gets on my nerves, then I'll have to re-think). In the meantime I will be grateful about every minute I CAN jog and I will enjoy every minute I can walk.

Giving up? Never!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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    I could so relate to your blog. You should check out the Jeff Galloway method. There is even a team here on SP. I find I do much better doing intervals, which is his method, which provides you a way to get better times but it is not so hard on your body and find there are far fewer injuries. Just google Jeff Galloway and you will see. I can't run but one full mile and I want to die and my time isn't great. I WOG (walk/jog) a mile using the intervals (I like 30 second intervals) and can easily do an 11-12 minute mile. I can do five miles in an hour. Sure I'd like to get to where I'm doing 10 minute miles but this is a good start I think for someone who also thought I can't run (for a variety of reasons).

    Glad you're not giving up and don't let anyone fool you. Even if you don't RUN the entire distance, You ARE still a runner. Peruse the spark team out there. The things these folks accomplish is truly amazing to me. Great inspiration indeed.

    Good Luck!!! emoticon emoticon
    2657 days ago
    I love the attitude in your last paragraph! As I keep telling a friend of mine that just started running. The C25K is a basic plan (guideline) .... it is COMPLETELY flexible. Whenever that negative nancy starts whispering in your ear - just start telling her about all of your accomplishments!

    Stay strong! :)
    2659 days ago
    Giving up is never an option unless it is doing physical or mental damage to you. or possible you have changed your goal.

    Keep going and take it at a slower pace. Take a moment to look back at how far you have come. Bravo to you.

    I have started running recently too. Im not setting any world records - but I am impressing the heck out of myself since 3 months ago I couldnt even run to the end of my block. Running is making the fat melt off....................... thats one thing I see and feel.

    Think of what you are doing as interval training. I do a combo of running and walking fast - and it just happens that my running is getting longer and longer and my walking continues to decrease. I love it.

    Good luck ----------------------- keep going.
    2659 days ago
  • NLS2013
    This sounds like an excellent idea to me! Makes sense!

    I've been walking and doing exercise DVDs and things and keep wondering about jogging. I even peeked at the C25K thingy. I have never been a runner. Something is stuck in my head about shin splints and knee pain. Probably started too fast and pooped out on it when it started to hurt. And I may have actually been heavier way back whenever I've tried it. Hmmmmmm I have been wondering since starting here at SP whether I too could actually be a runner at my advanced age...of 55...ahem

    (aren't you the one that said you thought my 90 day of SP blog was 90 years?!) But I digress.

    I may adopt a bit of your idea here and just start REALLY SLOWLY. Why not? I'm walking and moving in some fashion or other anyway. Good ponder! You inspire me!

    2659 days ago
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