A week and a half later...

Monday, November 08, 2010

I recommitted not quite two weeks ago, and I have been doing alright so far! It's kinda crazy how many challenges I've had despite the fact that my husband and I usually just sit at home. A couple of days after starting to log nutrition again, we went out to Olive Garden. I was really careful and did pretty well. On Halloween, I went with the church youth to a corn maze (super fun!) and they had a pizza party afterwards. Pizza is definitely a problem food for me, but I did so much better than I normally do! Some friends were in from out of town this past weekend, so once again, I found myself out to eat (this time at a local place that doesn't have their nutrition info online) and then a couple of days later, we ordered pizzas. Ack! I think I did alright, though, and SO much better than I would've even a few weeks back. My computer is currently out of commission (borrowing one at the moment), so that is making logging difficult. But I will NOT give up!!! My mom's family will be here Thursday through Sunday, and I am going to tell them this is just how it is! Even though it'll be my birthday, I won't go crazy! And I'll make sure I stick to my workout schedule regardless of what else is happening. It will be difficult, but not impossible. I can do it!
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