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The flip side

Friday, November 05, 2010

I had my laser surgery today, and it went well.

It seemed like things were fine; I really couldn't say that I was having trouble seeing out of my left eye anymore, and the technician commented that they might want to hold off on the procedure (OH HELLS NAW). When they turned the light off and had me cover my right eye though, it was apparent that the right has been covering for the left. The landscape photos of the left retina were clear - swelling in the macular (sight field) area, indicative of fluid retention.

So, in comes the doctor and he gives everything the once-over before going to the procedure room. Lots of drops and ointments and admonishments to be absolutely still, the eye prop in...and blast blast blasts of laser light. Not too bad, no drugs necessary and it was over in about 15 minutes.

The doctor was right; the world righted itself in about an hour afterward and once the dilation drops wore off, all that was left were stars in my eyes and a moderate headache. Those stars were pretty cool because they were obviously the imprints of the laser beam on my retina...kind of like a lite-brite.

I got a little ambitious and went to a hockey game tonight, which didn't help the headache any. But thankfully the procedure is finished, hopefully no more leaky eyeball for a good long time.

Thanks to everyone for their positive energy, it was put to good use! :)
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