Settling in...again

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Well, we got ourselves moved to a cute little, pink beachhouse. I am so enjoying every sunrise and sunset...feeling really, really blessed. So much so, in fact, that I walked for a full hour yesterday after I got back from my meetings in Vancouver. There is a walking path, conveniently placed right across the street..from there it is beach and ocean and sky. I can see right across the ocean to Vancouver Island from our home. I walked to the mail and back and then continued down the path...enjoying the still warm sunshine on my face and body. I arrived home just before the sun slipped silently into the ocean...and got some great pictures.

Our new home is outfitted with a really fabulous professional type gas range, complete with a convection oven...which I have never used before. Thankfully, there is a book for me to study and learn from. We also have about double the freezer space, which I am excited about as that will cut down on waste...I can freeze leftovers to eat when I am dining solo, or when I don't want anything my omni has chosen!

I had a total of five days off from work to move and organise, and I am so thankful for that! I am not nearly done, but way ahead of what I may have been if I only had the weekend. I put all the not-likely-to-be-needed-right-
away stuff in the spare room, which is without furniture now as we had to throw it all out. We discovered the room was full of black mold. So, we are washing everything we own (all of our clothes hung in the huge closet in that room) and rinsing with vinegar....

Back to the room of boxes, otherwise known as the spare room. The cute little beachhouse was fully renovated before we moved in...definitely one of the points for when deciding where to move to. Well, we got our stuff moved on Thursday, and so Friday night I decided to do some of the laundry....since there clearly is so much of it, having to wash everything. The first and second load were small, and there were no problems. Then I did a big load and....problem! The water all came back up into the house and flooded the room of boxes! All of our art work was stored in there too, so I was panicking. Used every towel we had to sop it up...and managed to save...EVERYTHING!! Again, I am feeling very blessed. Apparently, when cleaning up during renovations, they washed everything down the sink...creating a blockage which was packed solid by the two little loads of laundry. It's all fixed now, thank goodness.

I have been thinking more and more about stuff. Having too much of it, to be precise. I cleared out a great deal of stuff voluntarily prior to the move. I helped move a youth to Vancouver, and donated a van packed full of stuff to his first home; sent loads and loads (and loads, still have a couple more) to the local thrift stores, and I have a basket of clothes for another agency that helps outfit women for job interviews etc. Still, I look around our little home and see stuff everywhere. I actually want (rather than need) to pare down even more. This weekend, I will organise the new closets and part with even more. It does not seem even possible to wear all the clothing I have...so away with it! That will be a good start. Next weekend, we are taking some things to our kids...they actually can use the things I have been collecting...bye bye antique dresser that sits there because I have had it a long time...bye bye chest of drawers that once belonged to my grandparents but but other than that has no real significance...my grandkids can use it, I don't need it. We will also be gifting my stepson and his young family with a leather couch and ottoman...oh and plants...we seem to have an abundance of plants!!

I have to say, I had been doing reasonably well in terms of eating healthy, but totally fell off during the move...so much so that I made myself sick. The body will rid itself of what it doesn't want/can't use. That was not fun, not at all...with everything else going on. But, I am back on track. I am really enjoying yams these days, and I had a yam, with steamed veggies for lunch. It cost me a grand total of $4 at the grocery store...AND I walked past Starbucks twice today without going inside...I am exploring the idea of detoxing, as I want to be sure that I am free of black mold, and just to give myself the physical support I need to be healthy.

I am sleeping fairly well since we moved, although I do wake up 3-4 times a night feeling hot...once I cool down I am able to get right back to sleep though, so that is an improvement. Generally, my overall sense of wellbeing has skyrocketed since we moved. We were truly living in an unhealthy environment, and I am sure that I was trying to survive toxic overload. (I saw that a white shelf I had sitting in the bay window, which was always open, is stained grey now... effluent from the mill?)

I am really happy to be living where I am now. I feel lighter emotionally, and am looking forward to feeling lighter physically too...both in terms of weight loss, and stuff loss!
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