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Well...THAT didn't go quite as planned!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

You ever have one of those nights where EVERYTHING goes wrong? Tonight was that night for me. It's Wednesday, which means it's swim night. The day went relatively well and so I was looking forward to the pool. I stay late at work on Wednesdays so I can go right from work to the Rec. Center, so when 6:30pm rolled around I started packing up. Not so fast - a company came in for rehearsal that was supposed to have a tech of their show tonight. My tech guy is nowhere to be found. Crap - it must have slipped my mind to remind him to be in tonight. No worries - I'll just go up to the theatre and set a quick light and sound cue for them. It will be fine. ONE HOUR later after a phone call to 2 different people to try to get help with the control boards in the space I was finally able to give the company what they needed for tonight. I made a mad dash for the door, just as I heard what sounded like a heard of elephants crashing on the second floor. It's 7:35pm so I yelled at my House Manager to deal with it and ran down the street to catch my bus. Traffic is heavy, so I don't get to the pool until 8:05pm (swim time starts at 8). By this point my stomach is seriously growling. Usually on swim nights I leave around 7pm and grab a latte to get me through my exercise before I get dinner when I'm done. No time for a latte tonight, but I've done it without before, so I just power through it. I throw on my suit and get into the pool by 8:15pm. OK - 45 minutes to swim. I can do this. The only problem now is that one of the synchronized swim team members who practice at the same time is in my lane doing his buoyancy exercises. Fine - I go one lane over and start my routine. But I'm SO used to swimming in the same lane I keep wandering and hitting the rope with my hands as I'm doing front crawl. Just push through it - tonight is about dealing with challenges. Lap 7 - I'M TIRED. I really needed that latte. Shut up and swim - talk to me again when you hit Lap 20. Lap 18 - I'M REALLY TIRED. Nope - talk to me again when you hit Lap 30. Now pool-boy is wandering over to MY side of the line and he actually just hit me. Ignore it. Just keep swimming. You're running out of time. Lap 46 - a kid decides to race her friend across the pool in the opposite direction of the lanes and slams into me. Not even an apology! Ok - clearly my blood sugar is low because now I'm CRANKY and tired. Lap 50 - seven minutes left to do 5 crawl laps and 5 breast stroke. Crap - breast stroke take me a full minute per lap. Just swim. Fight the challenges. You can do this. But you're not going to have time to stretch in the pool. That's fine - you can stretch in the shower. Yes! 60 laps - 45 minutes. I did it. I jumped out of the pool right at the hour mark and headed for the showers...oh jeez - really should have eaten something. I'm really faint, can't catch my breath. I wager that eating is more important than showering completely at this point so I stretched out quickly, washed my hair and got out of the steam before I passed out. I was really weak putting on my clothes, but I managed to get packed up and by the time I got out the door and grabbed a drink of water I was feeling a bit better. Alright - on to Subway. The toughest part of the night is over. I walked up the street to my usual Wednesday fine-dining experience...a full footlong turkey & ham sub from Subway - cause I deserve it at this point. Yet as I near the door I can see that something isn't right. A huge sign in the window greets me "Will Re-Open on Nov 4". WHAT???? NOOOOOOOOO!!! Now what? Jimmy John's across the street still has lights on. I hurry over. Also closed. I take a quick look around - McDonalds, or walking all the way back down past the pool to Potbelly's and risk that being closed as well. Nope. Just head to Walgreen's. I need toilet paper anyway and I can grab a small snack until I can get home. So I head into the store and proceed to wander the aisles for a full 10 minutes. I can't think at this point so I can't decide what to eat. I was going in for the small packages of raw almonds, but they were out. So I went and grabbed the t.p. thinking that I could make up my mind on the way back. Still nothing I really want. I finally gave up, walked to the cash and grabbed a full can of Deluxe Mixed Nuts (my nemesis) on the way. As I'm cashing out and walking to the door - I see my bus pulling away from the stop. It is now 9:45pm - buses slow down after 9 so I know I'm in for a LONG wait. I check the bus tracker. The next bus is "Delayed" which means it could be another 20 minutes. OMG. I open the can of nuts and pour out what I deem to be a 1/4 cup serving in my hand. They might be my nemesis, but I'll be darned if I'm going to sit here and eat the whole bloody can because I'm starving and angry. Salty nuts...never occurred to me to grab a drink while I was in the store - now I'm thirsty. A teen mother of twins beside me is yelling profanities at her two small children in a twin stroller. The kids are trying to play a game with each other and so the one keeps turning around in his seat. She keeps coming over, picking him up and slamming him back into the stroller seat yelling things at him I'm quite sure he has no comprehension of. At least I hope he doesn't a such a young age. The sad part is that he probably does know exactly what all those words mean. LORD - Please send me a bus...and soon! 14 minutes later the bus arrives. I'm finally on my way home. The nuts have helped a bit. OK - last ditch effort - it's not exactly health conscious, but I'll grab a sandwich at the Cuban restaurant across the street from my house. Deal. I'm loving the sound of that. The bus pulls up to my stop - lights at the Cuban place are out. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! FINE! Just FINE! I'll go home and raid my fridge. 10:30pm - I now have a chicken caesar salad in a bowl and 2 glasses of almond milk. I'm logging into Spark to prevent me from inhaling this meal so fast I can barely breathe. Tracking my calories consumed. Lettuce and chicken in a bowl - no WAY I can be anywhere near the number of calories I have left for the day. I was planning on a full footlong - so I should be able to have a bowl of ice cream too - for all my troubles. Would you believe that stinkin' salad just put me OVER my calorie limit for the day? Nuts to this! No - NUTS to the NUTS! It was the darn handful of nuts that put me over. Or the two glasses of almond milk. Whatever - I'm over for the day. No ice cream for me. I'm typing this now so that I can bide the time until my stomach decides that it's full because what I really want to do is eat the whole tub of animal crackers sitting on my counter. Or the nuts. I could eat the whole can of nuts. But I won't. I'll brew a cup of tea and turn off the kitchen light and go into the other room. Besides, now it's bedtime. So much for the "best laid plans". Blargh. Thanks for letting me vent Sparkies. Tomorrow better be a better day. Nuff said.

P.S. "Don't go to bed angry"
- I am thankful for my swim cause I swam a full 60 laps in 45 minutes which is amazing.
- I am thankful I thought enough in advance to have a chicken caesar salad ready in the fridge.
- I am thankful that that woman with the twins was not my mother.
- I am thankful for the challenges from tonight because overcoming them only makes me stronger - and maybe I needed tonight so that I can be positive that whatever happens at my race on Saturday - I can and will power through!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    SIXTY LAPS!~! You are a machine. I love your determination. And talk about focus. Dang!

    Go girl!


    What an exciting life?! And you sure can pack a lot into a day. Nicely done :)
    2662 days ago

    wow i think i would have ditched my swim. That's so awesome. I got alot of inspiration out of your blog. I justa came by to say hello.
    2663 days ago
    Love that you ended your horrible-no-good-very-bad day with notes of gratitude!
    I once ate 500 calories of mixed nuts between the store and home because I let myself get so hungry like that- and I wasn't even having a stressful day like you!
    You're amazing!
    2663 days ago
    That was just life throwing you a little "keep you on your toes" challenge. You totally rocked it, too!
    2664 days ago
    You did it, you made it through and was better than I would have been. It would have been a Snickers bar for me at Walgreen's. I'm so happy you were able to get your laps in though. And I'm also glad the woman with the twins is not my mother either.
    2664 days ago
    "I am thankful that that woman with the twins was not my mother." *roflmao*

    You did amazingly well! Every road block, every challenge, you hit it head on and kept going. You may not have realized it last night, but I hope you do in the light of morning today -- you did an amazing thing last night! One HUGE step in the right direction!

    *LOVE* it!
    2664 days ago
    OH.... MY... GOD..... You are seriously... seriously... SUPERWOMAN!!!! I wouldn't have handled even HALF that as beautifully as you did! FANTASTIC job! I'm SO impressed! Oh well, so the nuts (or the milk) put you over... you did amazing! Its ok. Its just one day.

    I love, also, that you didn't "go to bed angry." Thats a lot to be thankful for, truly!

    You deserve a emoticon after all that!
    2664 days ago
    Now that was one crazy evening you had and survived! Great job on dealing with all the challenges and keeping your head about you. Lovin' your Thankful list.
    2664 days ago
  • RIGBY31
    After such a tough swim, choosing nuts over McD's was awesome! I'm sure your body feels alot better this morning for it!!
    2664 days ago
  • WYND10
    Wow, that sounds like one heck of a night lady. I am sorry the things your wanted to work out didn't, however, congratulations for getting everything done. Better, Stronger, Faster! You're amazing.

    2664 days ago
    Whew, what an evening! Major kudos for you for not letting it derail you. I probably would have. Actually, I would have skipped the swim outright, lol. My little red devil won last night: I had a pre-migraine and totally caved to the sugar/carb craving. I ate a half pint of Ben & Jerry's fro-yo! Ugh. Migraines and their ugly predecessors are the one time I can't control myself. At all. :(
    2664 days ago
    what a day! so glad to see you were able to overcome and deal with everything. i love that you found some positives, too. here's to a new day!!!
    2664 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    emoticon What a horrible day.

    Your positives list was a good idea though!
    2664 days ago
    Oh, my what a day....." I try to take it one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once. " - Jennifer Unlimited. Woohoo that you turned several negatives into positives, be proud !
    2664 days ago
    We all have lousy days like this but you were strong and made good choices. Well done. Awesome swim too. I also resent all those poor souls whose mothers never taught them proper pool etiquette. Have a great sleep emoticon and a much better tomorrow.
    2664 days ago
    emoticon Sorry for the day, but glad to see the positive spin you were able to put on it! Hoping tomorrow is better.
    2664 days ago
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