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Sunday, October 31, 2010

I have learned some valuable lessons from my first Half Marathon. For one thing, I was so focused on my upcoming marathon and wanting to get training for it, I was not living in the moment and enjoying what I had worked for. I basically mentally checked off the "half marathon block" like I would check off "get gas" or "get groceries".

When I got back, I gave myself a day or so, then bought a treadmill and proceeded to carry on like the Half was nothing more than a training run. I got away with a 4 mile run the first day, went for another run next day with the idea of "wow this is cool, I can pop off a 5K, step off and go eat dinner, how convienient!" IT band spoke up and let me know it did not like my approach to training and the run was over.

I whined about it on SP and got some good answers from someone who decided to get involved and ask some questions. Since that conversation, I have been resting like I should and life is good but it also gave me time to think about my attitude and why am I doing this.

I thought long and hard and came to the conclusion that my view of training is pretty one sided. If I am not running, I am not training, if I am not training, I will not meet my marathon goal. I thought deeply about this, this is what was getting me upset, I felt sidelined. I needed some re-programming.

this is my new "program"

1) If I am resting, I am training - I am allowing my body to come back stronger than ever.
2) Everytime I make a proper food choice and log it, I am training - I am properly fueling my body to perform
3) Everytime I do a core exercise or lift weights, I am training - strength makes a better runner.
4) Everytime I read a book or article about health, fitness, or running, I am training - Education is key to running a better race and being your best.

There is more to owning a car than simply driving. We all like to roll down the window and jam to our favorite tunes on a sunny day but what about the oil changes, tires, and other considerations? I was totally focused on the "user end" of running and not running as a whole.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in and gave an encouraging word or a piece of thoughtful advice.... Im all better now.

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