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The dreaded plateau

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"I work out and work out and ...... nothing!"
"You've hit the fitness plateau."
"I'm trying as hard as ever!"
"Your body is bored. A bored body quits responding. To rekindle metabolism you have to SURPRISE your body! Show it some new moves! Take it to some new equipment! Get it out of the house and keep it guessing what will happen next!"
"As if there weren't enough to dom now I have to spice up my relationship with my cellulite."

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  • GENRE009
    I thought maybe I could pass on some tricks that I know.
    1. always weight yourself in the morning, before you eat or drink.
    2. It's best without clothes on, cause that makes a difference.
    3. before doing any exercises, cause they make muscles expand
    4. that not having a bowel movement affects weight, you need 2 daily at least. if that's not happening eat more fiber: vegetables 6-8 & fruit 4-5, & GRAIN 2-3 daily. Shove vegetables excessively into every meal.
    5. have a meal that doesn't count as real calories, like vegetables soup, home made with no salt, or a real protein drink with vegetables, & no more than the amount of 1 whole fruit, or 2 halves. minny meals as snacks in between meals, that keeps you from binging. a hand full of peanuts is good.
    7.Have NON FLAVORED PHYSILLIUM it helps move your bowel, and gives you more fiber. yet it is hard to eat, slimy, and maybe throwing it into oat meal afterwards would be a good idea.
    8. try eating less processed food, or non-nutrient foods, or meals out, or tv diners. they have too much salt-it makes you swell, and get at least 2 1/2 pounds heavier, or too much unhealthy fats, or too much sugar. It doesn't matter what kind of sugar you have. Sugar is sugar. It turns into acid in your body, and beyond 2 teaspoons, that is disease.
    9. cut back on caffeine or teas, other than 2 cups a day, they break down calcium, or bone, damage the nervous system, and make you crave sweets. Which spike your blood sugar to make you crash physically.
    10. stop drinking pops, sports drinks, flavored waters, or taking artificial sweetners. They set you up for eating more, running out of energy, and tumors, and stomach problems. when you stop eating as much caffeine, or red meat, then you don't crave sweets as much. Some good sweet alternatives are chocolate rice cakes, chocolate yogurt, or those chocolate protein bars that are by that popular company Snack something? Be really careful with substituting those supposedly nutritional bars for food meals. they can still make you into a diabetic, sugar is sugar.
    11. Stop eating chocolate it is considered caffeine. If you do you must count it as one of the two things you can have daily. But just 1 oz. please. Do you not think it causes tumors, or your body to have blood spikes, jittery stomach, or mental fog after you run out of food reserves.
    Well I hope this has helped you, and don't be so hard on yourself. look at me I went from a size 7-8 to a 16 because of a car accident for twenty years. the last 20 pounds I gained cause I was stressed from being without work for 4 1/2 years. no money, emotional support, or family to help me. So I never dieted,. I used to do it every day for 1 1/2 hours. yet when push came to shove, I didn't have time. I spend 12 hour days looking for work on the computer, and instead damaged my eyes. now my life has gotten better in many ways, so I am finally losing. yet I still haven 't brought my exercising up to where it should be. I have gone from a size 16 to sixe 11 in two years, from 186 to 144 where I am now. I have a lot of faith in you, and I know you do love yourself enough to fight the good fight, and change all your bad habits. I had to come back to Spark to the diabetic diet, yet I was still fighting habits. So that's why I do Weight Watchers too.
    I went to a holistic doctor, and they were pushing this:
    Give up dairy, grain, and fruit for a month. those are the things that make you gain & have allergies. You do drop a lot of weight, but I have not done this. If you don't know how to give yourself all the healthy variety you need, you will have many different problems. And I do know that certain carbs pull us energy wise, so I don't know what this would be like in that area. I do know that you need to do the omegas, which are the healthy fats at every meal for energy also. I want a life style change, not a drastic change that may damage my body. I do know that if you do this you better be taking the right vitamins to combat scurvy-like 1000-500 units of vitamin C, and 2000 liquid calcium, and vitamin D-2000, I would drink almond milk, unless you have a peanut allergy, or you are allergic to pesticides sprayed on peanuts. Good luck eva
    1438 days ago
    This hits me where it hurts! I don't think I"ll ever become an exercise junky!
    2675 days ago
    I tried to magnify it but unfortunately even that didn't help. Understood enough to know my body nrrds to be surprised.
    2675 days ago
  • DEEJD11
    2675 days ago
    I enlarged the page and finally read the blog. So my body is bored and needs to be suprised!

    Jane on Guam
    2675 days ago
    my eyes aren't what they used to be... darn... would have loved to read this, I love Cathy!

    2676 days ago
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