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standing in the gap

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Have you every stood in the gap for someone? Praying and crying out to God to heal them as you watch them die? I have a cousin who is now 30 years old. When she was 21 years old, she was found walking along side the road naked, out of her mind; within days she was in intensive care fighting for her life.
The doctors had NO idea what was wrong with her. For three months they did every possible test to try to figure it out. As she lay in a coma many family members came to say good bye, including my husband and I. We are not of the same religion, so I tentatively asked if I could pray with her. I was given the OK. I laid my hands on her and prayed from my heart. As I stood there crying and praying, I knew I could not give up on her, I did not care what the doctors said. I could not be at the hospital physically, but I sure could be there spiritually. {the hospital was over an hour from my house, it just was not possible} BUT God, He can DO IT.

I went home and wrote a prayer for my cousin, and sent it to family for them to pray. My cousins mother, was not a person of prayer, I told her she needed to read the prayer and pray it - faithfully and she would see the GRACE of God, like she never saw it before. I prayed that God would use this situation to show this family that He is not only REAL , but He loves them.

The night came when I got the call about 10 pm, the doctors were pulling her life-support plug, there is NO brain activity. Still I did not give up. I stood in the gap, praying for a miracle. At 2 am I got a call - she did NOT DIE. She started to breath on her own. No one expected this - but I knew God was not done with her. She was still in a coma. Still in intensive care. The doctors kept telling my cousins family, not to get their hopes up, there is no chance for a recovery. The intensive unit is the last stop before death, and she was not walking out the door. I told the family to keep praying the prayer I sent them. I am standing in the gap with God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Some were skeptical, remember we are not of the same faith, I had to keep nudging. I was told the prayer made some cry and unable to talk. I told them to read it inside and believe in God's almighty power.

She was in that hospital I think nine or ten months and had close to a million dollars in medical bills. You cannot put a price on life. The hospital threatened to arrest her mother many times if she did not leave the hospital to go home to eat, shower and take a break, {true true true!},. They also kept telling us to say goodbye. There was NO hope.

She walked OUT of that hospital and is my walking talking miracle testimony. She did not walk out "normal" it took a long time for her to learn to walk and talk, and do every day things again. They found out she had encephalitis {spelling} and she is 1 of 3 people who have recovered from it.

But today nine years later, you would never know if you met her. She is so beautiful, vibrant and full of life. Every time we see each other, I call her my walking talking miracle.

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