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Thursday, 10/21--Over-extended
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Friday, October 22, 2010

Hi everyone,

This week has flown by and although I have been quite active, I am back to a few bad and thoughtless habits taking over. emoticon emoticon I am going to have to manage things better. My story...

We went back to work after our two week break and a big problem for me right now is shoes. emoticon I know that seems a bit silly, but after my bout of RSD and the need to replace my knee replacement, my doc and PT both told me that I should wear my athletic shoes all of the time. emoticon I went to a sporting goods store recommended by the PT and was fitted for a pair of NBs--I don't remember which number--and I wore them for quite a while. Since then, I have been wearing NBs when shoes are needed. However, they aren't quite a match for how I dress for work. I wear skirts and nice tops most of the time or dresses--and of course, I wear jeans on casual Fridays. I have another problem with my athletic shoes--I need help to put on my socks and shoes and to get them tied. emoticon Between my faulty right knee and my back, I cannot bend in a way that allows me to do this on my own. I HATE this, a lot. SO-OO-O-O, I am still wearing my summer slides most of the time. I have a couple of nice pairs that have a good support and arch. Our weather doesn't quite support these and they don't match my longer sleeves and warmer clothing, so I tried a couple of other pairs of shoes this week. Oh my, my pain level has been stinky and I think that it is the inappropriate shoes on top of the coming weather front that is my problem. Grr, I just want to look nice, that is valued where I work. emoticon emoticon

The next thing is that we had two staff birthdays and "Principal's Day/ Boss's Day" this week. There has been cake, emoticoncake and more cake emoticon in the lounge emoticon which is handily located right next to my classroom. I have been careful to only take a half of a piece or smaller when I have taken it, but I have indulged far more than I have in a long time. I have had a couple of partial pieces each day this week which is adding up to too much that I don't need. I don't know what has gotten into me, but walking by this stuff hasn't even seemed to be an option. this is destructive behavior and I will not do it again. I know what cake tastes like and I don't need this. emoticon emoticon

I am working extra hours now as well (my choice for the most part.) emoticon I am tutoring one of my little guys before school each day, using Reading Recovery to help get him the boost I believe he needs to shine. emoticon I am also working with a group of (gulp) ten first graders who aren't my students--but maybe should be if I had time on my schedule to put them in) two nights a week after school for an hour. emoticon Those days coincide with the fitness class I signed up for at the pool. emoticon I haven't quite gotten the schedule together--but tonight I tried following the class with my regular workout and then when I came home, I was pretty miserable. I don't know if it was the extra hour and a half on my work day, the shoes or the exercise that got me, but pain is pain... emoticon emoticon

I guess I am blogging to share that some of my bad habits are seeping in and I realize that I have not arrived and I am not safe from myself. I am going to make some commitments to myself right now...

1) I will wear appropriate shoes and I will ask for help--even if they aren't pretty and stylish and even if I have to be dependent on others. emoticon emoticon
2) I will eat what I need and what is best for me on schedule--and I will walk by things I don't really need or want. Cake isn't even one of my favorite foods. emoticon emoticon emoticon I will save those calories for something that is "worth it" to me!!
3) I have enough to do and cannot take on any other activities even if they need to be done. emoticon emoticon emoticon There are others who can help out. I will admit that my early tutoring is such a wonderful and refreshing way to start my day and I am enjoying it immensely. I hope my little guy is too, he seems to be!!

On another note, we are rebuilding our kitchen--floors then painting, new cabinet doors, and the like--as we prepare for our holiday plans to have family come here this year. That is yet another task on hand, but I am saving the bulk of those jobs for the weekend, not during my work week.

Is there ever enough time, energy to do what needs to be done, or money to do things easily? Not in our house anyway!!

Gentle hugs,
Sylvia emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow, you are one busy lady. No, there is never enough time, energy or $$$ to get it all done. Just do what you can but make sure you make time for you.

    2707 days ago
    In answer to your ending question.... I don't think so.

    Sorry that you're in so much pain all the time my friend. You're always in my thoughts & prayers. Love ya, Dawn emoticon emoticon
    2708 days ago
    Wow, remember days like that and wonder how you do it all! I never had to have two sessions a day extra.

    When I was restricted in movement, I put on my stockings lying down.

    BTW, new balance does make a cool black dressy looking shoe. If you need good shoes try Munro, good support in dressy slip ons. Also Bjorn (sp) has good slip ons with great arch support and ankle support.
    2708 days ago
    I love how devoted you are to your students. They are so lucky to have you!! But you must also look after your own needs. You are not in good health and perhaps shouldn't be taking on quite so much. You really don't want to make yourself worse.
    I don't believe its the cake drawing you, its the pain. Emotional eating is what looks like has happened here. Little indulgences to take your mind off the constant pain.
    I can so relate to struggling with shoes. I absolutely cannot wear anything but running shoes and never really have. My orthotics just slide out of sandals, and they don't support my weak ankles that are constantly trying to turn over. I, at least am able to bend over to reach the shoes, but that is the easy part. The actual tying them, tight enough to support my ankles is the fun part. My fingers are in really bad shape and just gripping things brings on the pain. I feel like they are going to fall apart or break up when I am actually pulling on the laces. Its frustrating, but what can you do?? I did try a slip on shoe once, but it was a waste of my money, I couldn't walk in them :( Would that be an option for you maybe, if you don't have ankle problems, you can get them with decent flat soles.
    I too, use NB, with the rollar bar sole as recommended by my podiatrist. I do love the large cushioning sole on them.
    Good for you for waking up and realizing what is going on and keeping yourself accountable by writing about it. You can do this. You are strong willed and will succeed at anything you put your mind to.
    Take care of yourself,
    Gentle Hugs,
    2708 days ago
    Sylvia, don't you ever breathe?!? My goodness, you are busy, busy, busy. I pray those parents appreciate how special you are to be helping their young ones with the reading. You are a true blessing to the future of America. Thank you for loving what you do. emoticon
    2708 days ago
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