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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I did FANTASTICALLY this week, and I lost a pound. 

Why is this not a good thing?

I was expecting more like three pounds. This week was complete night and day from the past couple weeks, I was on the ball. Drinking tons of water, walked/ran over six miles on the treadmill this week, took diet pills (natural) that had less than pleasant effects that should have guaranteed significant weightloss if you know what I mean, and ate WELL. 

It's not like I'm at a plateau, I mean, this is just starting up dieting again. And I'm young, this kind of thing should be relatively simple if you're doing what you're supposed to be doing, you know?

I would have been happy with 2 pounds gone, really. But it was one pound, and I stepped on the scale several times, and sometimes it was less than a pound I'd lost. And I know I didn't gain muscle, my scale measures that, too.

I'm really hoping that my body makes up for it next week and I drop a few pounds. I NEED to get out of the 220's, where I've been yo-yo-ing at for the past ten MONTHS. I was once at 219, my lowest, and I just need to get back there so my "real" new progress can begin, and I'll have renewed enthusiasm. Same for getting under two hundred pounds, once that happens, I just have the feeling that everything will be different, and my outlook will be better. I know it's silly thinking that when I reach 199 I'll be able to coast on through to the finish line, but I feel like being over 200 pounds is like...I'm carrying around this bad secret that's lowering my confidence. Just walking around with the knowledge that I'm in the 100 pound range, I'll feel...normal? Maybe that's the word? I don't know. 

I'm just working at it this week even harder, and I REALLY want there to be nice progress next week. REALLY. I feel like I've been this weight forever and it's never going to change!
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    Maybe it's akin to "Biggest Loser" 's (*points left* no idea how to punctuate that) second week?? And probably next week you'll lose more? I totally feel you, though... after almost 4 weeks of working hard... I've only lost 2 lbs! -__- But... loss is loss & any loss is good... I guess. Lol.

    Ooo you should incorporate resistance & weights into your workout! :3 You'll prolly burn more. I know that when I was doing more weight training & resistance band workouts, I lost a lot. I've been doing it this time around too, but not near as much as I did last year... so that also might be why my weight loss isn't as much.

    Wells, good luck Clone! Lols.
    2708 days ago
    sometimes there just isn't any rhyme or reason dude. And yeah, its so frustrating. There is nothing worse than feeling screwed when you know you put the work in. Have faith:) And all of those little one pound disapointments will add up in the end:)Just keep on doing what you know you need to do, and it will happen for you:)
    2711 days ago
    It does suck when you feel you worked really hard & there isn't anything visible, or very little is visible, to show for it. Try not to focus on it (I know, easier said than done) and just remember the healthy changes that are taking place inside your body. Speaking of which, could your monthly cycle be affecting the scale?

    You're doing great, Talia!

    2712 days ago
    Hang in there. You can do it!
    2712 days ago
    It will change. Have confidence in the process. Eat healthy, be active, and repeat consistently.

    You can do this. You know it. It's frustrating, I know, but this is lifelong, long-term success we are talking about here. It's worth the wait.

    Good luck!

    2712 days ago
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