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At my highest....and i'm scared!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hit 367.2lbs and don't want to go out of the house for fear of binging.
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    You are a brave woman and I applaud you. I was moved to tears. I am inspired by your courage and it has motivated me to keep on trying. You have helped others by your honesty and bravery. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to reach out to others and ask for help and encouragement. You have come out and introduced yourself to us. Let's stay in touch. I need as much motivatation as you do. Remember, we need to eat to live and not live to eat. We want to be around to enjoy and family and our loved ones and each day that we accomplish our goals we add more time to our lifespan. That is how I look at it anyway, with two grandchildren, I want to be around for them. Thanks for your inspiration and I hope your sadness and self doubt will one day turn into joy, happiness and self assured. The best to you and stay in touch with your progress. emoticon
    2684 days ago
  • SCS9261
    First, know and understand that we are all here for you and want you to do well.

    Second, just take small steps! only focus on one thing at a time. Sometimes when you try to put the whole program together at once it can become overwhelming.

    Third, don't be so hard on yourself. We're all human and we'll all make mistakes. Just remember to pick yourself up and start again. When you feel like eating come to Sparkpeople and look at some motivational pages. See how far other people have come. If they can do it you can too.

    We're all in this together!!!

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    2684 days ago
  • AIREONNA62583
    When i started my journey in June i weighted 280 lbs and hated myself but after just almost 5 months i have lost over 50 lbs I'm not saying its going to be easy and there will be times you feel like giving up but just believe in yourself and you can do it. one of the big things i have done was cut out all soda including diet and drink water or flavored low calorie water. good luck i have faith in you. emoticon
    2684 days ago
    MsWisdom, I cannot express how much your honesty got to me. I'm glad to see that you had a good day after posting, I know exactly what you're going through.

    In all seriousness, if you ever need to chat with someone, send me a message on SparkPeople - it emails me at work and I can hop on and chat.

    All the best! emoticon
    2685 days ago
    The pain on your face is breaking my heart!! I know that it seems like it is impossible right now...but Im telling you that it is NOT impossible. Take it one choice at a day...that turns into one year and before you know it you are living your life again. That is the GOAL living your life - and NEVER leaving behind those that you love before it is time. LIVE! Choose to Live....make that your motto!!! I believe in you and I dont even know can do this!!!!
    2685 days ago
    I totally understand that fear that comes along with going out and about.. especially when you are new to your spark journey.. I had a hard time giving up the fried stuff.. the ones that I was so accustomed to having. Let me tell you tho- It's all about finding healthy alternatives.. turkey burgers, home made oven french fries... eating more fish, baking things instead of frying.

    I KNOW IT'S HARD!!!!!!!! and I know sometimes you feel like... what is the purpose? But please - don't give up on yourself. I am here to tell you that YOU CAN do this.. I had little to no faith in myself when I started 6 months ago. I figured it was like all the other times I had tried and failed. But, this website is different. ...and so is the community of people. Get yourself some healthy options and keep them in the house. Take healthy snack with you when you go out... get in SOME form of exercise.. even if its 10 minutes of walking.

    I started out at 310 pounds. I have lost 51.... I can now RUN... yes, run! I can hike, I can buy smaller cuter clothes.. and for once in my life, I can have a better self image.

    I believe in you................ emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2685 days ago
  • NARA87
    We've all been where you were this morning. It's what led me here. It's what keeps me going. I wish I had a picture or a vlog, like you do, but 46 pounds later, I still don't have the guts to take one. You did. And you had the strength to ask for help. I definitely believe that you can do this! You just have to believe it yourself. I'm glad you did good today, keep going! emoticon
    2685 days ago
    Thank You! To everyone who commented on my vlog. I really appreciated the comments. And I didn't do to bad today. I had dinner for breakfast and a PB & J for lunch(guess I needed to get that sweet tooth off my back, I even ran errands today without going into a store. I logged about a mile just running around town, so it's all good today. Glad to know that people on spark care. emoticon
    2685 days ago
    You can definitely do this!! It's a hard journey, especially after attempt that has not lasted (Lord knows I have had my share of past attempts!) But all you have to do is start, and if you can, start small - set little goals for yourself to help you out. I started out with things like giving up soda, or keeping some healthier snack options around and trying to choose them when possible, or walking for just 5 minutes... I had several missteps at first, but I've always convinced myself to keep going - and I'm getting there. It's hard some days... food has always been (and may always be) an addiction for me - and one can't just give up food. But every day is a new day, and every day is one day that we can take another step in the right direction.

    My thoughts are with you - you can do this! I have faith in you.

    2685 days ago
    Oh MsWisdom! I wish I was there to give you a hug!! You sound like you need one and you almost had me in tears. You can do this. Don't be afraid to eat, that can lead to bigger problems. The best thing to do is to take it one step at a time.. it will come. You are stronger then you believe.. how do I know this? Because you made this video blog.. and didn't hide.. you are worth it.. You can do this and we are here to support you every step of the way!
    2685 days ago
    MSWISDOM you can go out. YOU CAN!!! You have more power and control over your life than you can imagine! You had the power and presence of mind to make this video. Focus on the reason you made it. Keep that in your mind all day. You are not a slave to your appetite!!! Your body is yours!!! Reclaim it, reshape it, and let it serve you and your new healthy life.
    2685 days ago

    Our lives are made up of the choices we make in the moments. So im sending you Will power so that you are able to change the moments that will help you to lose the weight you would like to. You are worth the change!!

    2685 days ago

    Our lives are made up of the choices we make in the moments. So im sending you Will power so that you are able to change the moments that will help you to lose the weight you would like to. You are worth the change!!

    2685 days ago
    Ms. Wisdom: Like the other posts, I wish I could offer you something to make you feel better.

    I am a salesperson, out on the road most of the day. Therefore, I can certainly understand your fear of all the temptation that is out there. Here is a little something that I do for myself to help, I keep a package of those portable little toothbrushes with the toothpaste already in them, made by Crest. I find that if I have the feeling of freshly brushed teeth, I am less likely to eat something bad. The great part about these is that they are disposable and there is no need to spit after. (sorry, rather crude). I know it helps me.

    You can do this. emoticon
    2685 days ago
    Good Morning Ms. Wisdom:

    Unfortunately I don't have all the answers to your questions. All I can do is offer support.

    Three months ago I was at my highest weight of 264 pounds. I was so afraid that the next time I got on the scale it would be higher. That's when I joined SP. Today I am 14.8 pounds lighter. It doesn't sound like much for 3 months, but I know from experience if I try to change everything at once, I fail.

    I still have bad days where I make the wrong choices, but I have more good days than bad. I still have days that I just don't feel like exercising, but I exercise more days that not. I still have days that I just want to quit, but I don't. Three months ago I know I would have given up, but SP keeps me going.

    I know now that someday I will reach my goal of 150 pounds. It may take me two years, but I will get there. I'm not giving up.

    You too can reach your goals. Just take it one step at a time and know that your spark friends will be here for you when you need a push in the right direction or just need some support.

    I'll be thinking of you today and sending nothing but positive thoughts your way.

    emoticon Laura
    2685 days ago
    I wish I could say something that would make you feel better but I can't. I hope you can know that there are many of us here that have been where you are this morning.

    If I could offer one piece of advice to you, please do not be afraid to eat. That was the biggest mistake I had made every Monday morning when I started a diet. I just figured if I didn't eat then I would get a "jump start" on losing the weight, but I would end up eating everything in site because I was so hungry.

    Take it a day at a time, an hour at a time, and some times, it is just a minute at a time. You are so much stronger than you think you are and if there is anything I can do, I am here for you.

    2685 days ago
  • MELODY525
    Ms Wisdom...I will be thinking of you and sending you good thoughts all day. Use them wisely! We both know you can do this. I am sure you are probably the kind of woman who is the first person to help others. Now it is time to help yourself.

    emoticon Much love going out to you today! emoticon
    2685 days ago
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