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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Last night, I was scheduled to fly home from a business trip in Florida. When I arrived at the airport, I was notified that it was very unlikely that I would make it home. My flight to Atlanta was so late that I would probably not be able to make my connection. Undaunted I said, "Let's give it a try." Who knows? It might work...

Fortunately my suitcase was small enough to qualify for carry on. I threw away a couple of items and went through security suitcase in tow. We were almost an hour late getting off the ground. With only a 30 minute window between flights, things were not looking promising but I kept the faith. The crew on the first plane, knowing that there were many of us who were in precarious positions, asked the passengers not making connections to stay seated so that those of us who were could go first.

I ran - oh did I run. And, I carried that suitcase up the escalator. I kept thinking, if I had my gym shoes on, I could go SOOOO much faster; and, Thank heavens I have been working out!

Ladies and Gents, they held my plane for me. That plane was completely boarded when I got to the gate, they were waiting for me.

I have never been so relieved! Had I listened to the folks at the first airport, I would not have made it home last night. They were not trying to make me stay or spoil my night, they just did not want me to be stranded in Atlanta.

I also must say that there were a whole lot of people on my plane saying, "Oh, I am sure that they will hold my flight" and "Honey, I am sure we will make it home tonight." It worked!

Plus, I was able to hustle from one concourse to another, dragging a suitcase, wearing flipflops, without passing out! WOOHOO!!

AHHHHH - my own bed and my own coffee cup!

What do you want today? I mean deep down in your guts?
Think about it. Think about it really hard.
When you figure it out, HOLD ON to it.
Believe it, Feel it, Own it.
then you will have it for sure! emoticon
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