The Taxi Driver Didn't Recognize Me

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Once a week, I walk down to Loblaws (about 2km), the bank, and the library. Then I take a taxi home. After 4 years in the same house using taxis a few times a week (we don't have a car), the drivers for the local company kind of know us.

I got in the taxi and gave my address. The driver kept looking at me in the mirror. Finally, he said
"Excuse me, but have you just moved there?"
"No, we've been there four years."
Then he keeps looking at me some more. At last he said, "Are you the wife of the web and book designer?"
"Yes, I am." I replied.
"Wow--you have changed. I didn't recognize you." He was being very diplomatic, and had not asked me if I had lost weight, so of course I took the opportunity to brag a little. I told him I was down by 83 pounds and he just started shaking his head and smiling.
"You look so different. Very healthy."
Which really was one of the sweetest comments I've heard about my weight loss. And a rather good contrast with the "large" comment at Thanksgiving!

And, for some reason, I seem to be back in Spark mode! WooHoo!
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