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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I put on my activity feed that I'm having some motivational issues in the food department, and Anajak kindly asked if I wanted to share...so I am. :-)

This week I finally went back to the gym. I'm happy to be back actually. Monday wasn't a full day of gyming, but yesterday I made up for it with 75 minutes there--including 60 minutes of cardio and almost 20 of weights (I'm rounding down). The gym isn't my problem at the moment though. My eating habits, however, are.

I wish I could say it is because I'm hungry, but I'm not. I'm just bored. Frankly, after all the excitement of my weekend away real life is a bit pale. Part of this is, I'm sure, because I'm not 100% back into my normal routine of the last few months, and I'm also not having an easy time adjusting to fall...mainly because fall has yet to arrive here! It's throwing me off! It's as warm as summer during the day but all the fruit choices are awful. I'm not a big fruit person in the fall. I like apples, but those get old after awhile...and pears aren't terribly easy to bring to work.

Basically, I just need some adjustments. I'm not spending as much time on Spark People lately, and I need to get back to that because it does help frankly. Writing things down and having somewhere to put all my thoughts about the process of losing weight definitely helps.

I'm just a little off lately I guess. For example, I can't get into my usual lunches. Cottage cheese just doesn't sound that great to me, so I haven't eaten that for the last week and a half. However, it is probably my best bet during the day because it is filling, has lots of protein, and is nicely salty. I just seem to be eating all the time when I don't actually feel like eating. It isn't good.

I might also be pre-menstrual...but of course, we know how that went last month. I PMSed for three weeks beforehand. Not exactly conducive to good eating habits.

I'm at a bit of a loss I guess...anyone have any recommendations to get me back on track for my eating?
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  • RAEB84
    ApirlRain- Holy crap, that was kind of frightening. And a little depressing. Is that the same person, or two different people? Do you know?

    Anajak - Good 2cents! I'm normally quite good of letting myself "cheat" regularly, as long as I am within my calories, but I've just been a little out of control and not paying enough attention to that last part of "within my calories." I'm getting a better handle now though, so I just need to maybe take it back to my beginning of baby steps. I hate doing that, it's frustrating, but I know it needs to be done.
    2654 days ago
    pls chk out my blog on 10/2 titled 250lbs vs 120lbs woman! it is also in the motivation msg board!

    I found all kinds of motivation, hope you do too!
    2655 days ago
    Hey chick :)

    Thanks for sharing... I totally understand. I call it mini-rebellion. This is what seems to work for me. If it fits into your calories and you enjoy eating it than eat it!!!! You are allowed to mix it up sometimes that is real life!! Don't waste food because you feel like you should be "super-foodie" all the time!!! Eat what you want (in moderation) until it's out of your system and you feel like eating super healthy again. Then plan plan plan. Add some food you crave into your plan once a week and you will start to rearrange your tastes again.

    Just my 2 c emoticon

    Good luck!! You can do this!!!
    ps. sparkrecipes and other healthy food sites seem to get me thinking healthy & tasty again :)
    2655 days ago
  • RAEB84
    Sorry, that was sort of a hodge-podge blog entry! It is that I'm eating too much of the wrong things. I normally bring my lunch, but I haven't been eating it. i've just been bringing it home at night and getting something at work. Granted, it is something that I know the calories of, and the calories aren't horrible at all (my overall calorie intake is still fine during the week--had a little issue on the weekend), but I'm not connecting with the good feelings of eating good-for-me food that I was before my vacation/god-awful cold for the last two weeks. I just don't quite know how to get back on track...partially cause I'm feeling lazy and uninspired. I'll look at the recipes though, that's a really good idea.
    2655 days ago
    I'm a bit confused... are you not eating or mindlessly eating?
    In any case you need something exciting in the eating department? I think I understand how you feel but I'm not sure what to suggest for it. Maybe search for recipes on sparkpeople that have your favourite ingredients and make those, aim for just one every week or two (or more if you're really ambitious and have the time!). When you're cooking, invite friends or family over to share the food with. Maybe that will help connect good times with good food?
    Best of luck!
    2655 days ago
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