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Dear Me

Friday, October 08, 2010

They write songs about it, stories too. Imagine if we could go back in time and speak to our former self. What would we say? Would we encourage and support ourselves, knowing what a tough road lay ahead? Every few years I love to write a letter to my future self, seal it in an envelope and tuck it away to be read at some date yet to happen.

It occurred to me this morning, that I'd like to write to myself but with a twist this time. What if (I love those words) my future self were to write to me? Okay, I know, I know, but what if she could? What words of wisdom would she give me? How much inspiration, knowing what I had to look forward to!

So, here I go.

Dearest Jan,

First of all, let me say, thank you! Thank you for the gift you have given yourself here in 2012. I've been at my goal weight for a whole year now, and let me tell you, girl, I'm loving it! Do you remember when you used to say, 'Nothing tastes as good as slim feels.' You were right! I went out last night and picked up a new pair of jeans at the Thrift shop. Some things never change. LOL Love finding those designer label clothes on the racks for a few dollars each. Even after a year, I still have to stare at the mirror sometimes and think, wow, I can't believe I made it!

Remember those embarrassing 'unmentionables' you used to wonder about? Like, if you lost weight, would you quit snoring? Sleep better? Would those skin problems vanish? Yes, yes and yes! The arthritis troubles have improved as well, and that knee pain just doesn't cause any problems anymore.

But, Jan, the best thing is the way this feels, every minute of every day. It took Paul a little getting used to, bless his heart. He never did complain about the weight issue, but he loves the new me look! I can see it on his face when we go out together.

So, hang in there, girl, and keep up the good work! Spark People is still a part of your daily life and I'm able to inspire people all the time with that amazing 100 pounds lost icon that floats above my name nowadays!

Oh, I almost forgot, and I know you are wondering. Yes, you beat the candy addiction. It faded over time, just like the pop cravings did, as you concentrated on eating healthier foods and focused on taking care of this body. Way to go! You deserve a big hug! See you in 2012!

Future Jan
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