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Talking Bout a SLAP in the face!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Today is Day 1 of my 31 Day October Challenge!

But its also the first day i've weighed myself in couple months! The scale told me 298.4...WOW...that's a smack in the face out this world.

From 190 in 2004 to 298 in 2010!! I'm doing something totally wrong! Every since Nov of last year I have been putting the weight on and on and on!

I cant do this any longer! I'm sure a couple things and people have caused so much stress lately and that's one reason I've pilled the weight on but owell!

Only thing left for me to do is either go UP or go DOWN. My plan is to go down but i've been planning that and failing that since Nov 2009. I was 300lbs a couple a months ago so i guess the stress has made me lose a couple pounds!

idk! imma get it together.
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    Thanks for adding me a s friend. We can do it! Everyone falls. The best you can do is keep trying! I like the bag of tricks concept. Just remember to put yourself on your To-Do list each and everyday!! I hope you feel better :(
    2721 days ago
    I am proud of what you are doing by taking yourself on an october challenge for 31 days
    2723 days ago
    Its going to be ok. I have been struggling with my weightloss because of not prioritizing. Keep working this thing. You can do it. We all can do it. You have set goals for yourself and that's a great start. Now work it!! You are used to being the caregiver, so am I and let me tell you one thing that I am absolutely sure of.....If you dont take care of yourself, there is no one to take care of you.(atleast not the way you'd like) *smile* You said your motivation is your younger brothers and sisters, then teach them this valuable lesson which transcends situations, even when things dont go the way you planned, DONT GIVE UP!!

    Keep Sparkin'
    2724 days ago
    I know for a fact that you're going to have an Outstanding October!! I've stumbled a bit myself, so I plan on making this month a winning month! We can do this! Good luck.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2726 days ago
    You can make this happen. I know the feeling. I started the Summer at 255 and now I'm at 281!! So I'm feeling your struggle but this too shall pass. We can and shall do this. Let that stress go and make things work for you. Here's a little something that may help


    We lose our peace of mind for four reasons: (1) We try to change the people in our lives. As you grow wiser you begin to realize that you can’t change other people, only God can! And He does, When you back off, and love them as they are. This doesn’t mean agreeing with everything they do. It means committing to love them regardless, claiming God’s promised on their behalf and allowing Him to deal with them His way, in His time and for His glory. The reason you’re stressed out may be because you keep trying to do something-about something you can’t do anything about! (2) We try to make things happen when it’s not the right time. “There is a time for everything” (Ecc 3:1 NIV). If you’ve raised children you know that one of their chief characteristics is impatience; they can’t wait for anything. God wants us to outgrow our childishness so He makes us wait, trust, and mature! (3) We get upset because we’re not progressing fast enough. You can slow down your spiritual growth through neglect, but ultimately, “We all…are being changed…[by] the Spirit” (2 Co 3:18 NCV). So learn to enjoy your life while God works on your problems, for you’ll always have problems! (4) We push ourselves harder and harder. We do what we think God wants without consulting Him as to what He actually wants, when He wants it, or how He wants it done. As a result we wear ourselves out. What’s the solution? “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is [focused] on You, because he trusts in You.”

    2726 days ago
    Remember, girl, you CAN do this and you've got those of us on the team to support you. We're all gonna go down together (Ok, I don't think that came out QUITE how I wanted....)

    You rock and you're taking the first steps my making this challenge. Let's show them what we Nashvillians can do in 31 short days!!!! emoticon
    2726 days ago
  • BOVEY63
    Best of luck with your October challenge.
    2726 days ago
    If you think of being on an airplane they tell you that in case of an emergency and the oxygen mask become available, you are to put yours on first. You cannot help anyone else unless you help yourself first. It is hard, believe me I know, it has taken me a while and I still have issues now and then. I feel like I am being selfish and I think more of myself than others, but I know that is not true. If I don't have my mask on I won't be able to breath and I won't be able to help anyone around me. Keep your chin up we are all in this together.
    2726 days ago
    You can do it. You can. Keep on tracking truly helps keep you on task. And take at least five minutes every day to breathe and have quiet time. Use it to meditate, pray, whatever brings you calm. And remind yourself that you are worth it!
    2726 days ago
    I'm not one much to talk as I have struggled with an extra 5 lbs myself this past few months...BUT...I find the FOOD TRACKER an INVALUABLE tool!! If I do it daily then I'm on a good path! It does the work for us, all we have to do is input our food. Then I can tell if I am eating right...or wrong!! I have also found that if I am out walking or ANY fitness, then the scale is my friend!! Good luck with staying the course. We CAN do this!!!


    emoticon emoticon of the rest of our lives!!!

    2726 days ago
    VIRGOGURL4 a battle for me sometime is making MYSELF a priority but i feel like i'm being mean to others when i say no i have something to do. then they say i always say no.

    thanks everyone.
    2726 days ago
    Just remember that YOU are the most important person in your life. YOU. When you value yourself, it becomes easier to block the negativity out. I'm rooting for you!!!

    2726 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/1/2010 11:09:26 AM
    If I can do it you can! Becoming part of Sparkpeople is the best thing I've ever done. How I wish I'd found it earlier but anyway it's better late than never. And all my friends & aquaintances now know I am serious about getting my health back on track just as yours will be & won't tempt you with food that's not good for you. Enjoy your weekend.
    2726 days ago
    You can do it! Don't let those other people stress you out. You do this for yourself! Take care of YOU and the rest will take care of itself (hopefully anyway!!!) We are here for you.
    2726 days ago
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