Session 1 of Bootcamp Workout

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wow. That is the best word that I can use to sum up my thoughts on today's workout. I was supposed to start session 1 of this workout on Tuesday, but due to a miscommunication over the location of the workout.....that session got canceled and today became the first session.

Let me just start out by stating the fact that I was no where near prepared for what was in store for me. I did not really stretch prior to the workout. I just assumed that the trainers (two of them by the way) would start my group off with a nice warm up stretch. Um..I was incorrect. The warm up consisted of a quick jog around a track. The jog was nice, but did not prepare me for what was next. Right off the bat the trainers had us do push ups against a picnic table. Those were ok. We then started doing step ups on the picnic table. I am not sure what they are called, maybe leg lifts. We had to take one leg, step up on the seat of the table and then lift the other leg up high towards our chest. We had to do 2 sets of 15. The first 15 were ok, but the second was not as friendly. We then immediately changed to doing backwards pushups on the table. Again, 2 sets of 15. Those were just fine. We then immediately (see a pattern yet. everything is "immediately") speed walked around the track. We then immediately kicked our knees up high towards our chest for 30 seconds. Those were fine. Those concluded the first half of the session.

The next half started with walking lunges and squats. We would do 10 lunges (5 per leg) and then switch to doing 10 squats all while moving forward around the track. This nearly killed me. Well, I didn't almost die...but I do believe that I came close to becoming comatose. We then immediately rolled out our Yoga mats and did "blurpies". Not sure how that is exactly spelled, but I do know exactly how they feel. I have not mastered the art of "blurpies" yet. I do plan on improving though. We then immediately moved off our mats and repeated a few of the exercises that we did earlier. More pushups on the table, more step ups on the table and more of me thinking that I might need to fill out a will. We then immediately started working on our lower abs while halfway sitting on the table. We then immediately moved back to our mats and continued ab work. We then immediately did "blurpies" again.

After my last painful blurpie, it was finally time for the cool down. We finally got to just sit back and stretch. I was very surprised that the hour had passed by so quickly. Yes, this session only lasted an hour.

This all occurred @ 7am today. It is now 10:40pm. My body is sore and my lower half is on strike, but I am so proud of myself for doing this. As painful as this session was, I know that it will reward me with the results that I so desperately desire. I believe there are 8 of these sessions. I will report back either midway or at the end. For all of you out there that are looking for the real thing, something that will kick your butt right into shape, well I do recommend this workout. It sounds just horrible, but maybe it is exactly what you need. Exercise should be fun, but when you are having real trouble losing weight, then maybe it is time to stop all the fun and games.
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  • GHK1962
    Heh...I TOTALLY know how you feel. My wife finally guilted me into going to Boot Camp....and I was soooooooooooo NOT prepared for the pain and feelings of wanting to expel my lungs out! However, as you mentioned...once you are done...there is a feeling of accomplishment!

    GREAT going! You SHOULD feel proud. And...the more you go...the more you dread it...but the more you like that feeling.

    Yeah you.

    emoticon emoticon
    2574 days ago
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