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In the dentist's chair...I tried to find my 'happy place'...oh my!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

emoticonI've got no one to blame but me~self...I've put off this blasted dental work for SO long that I'm really paying the piper right now.

Today was deep periodontal cleaning...when they say DEEP...they mean it! Now I'm NOT a woosie...my darling son was delivered at a full back weight of 10 lb 11 oz AND was 22 inches long AND was delivered NATURAL...she holds up arm and flexes muscle! emoticon But...this dentist visit was NOT fun. When they asked if I was coming back next week....I said Sweet BABY Jesus...NO...I need a month to recover from Johnnie's (the dental associate) Chamber of Horrors!! He took it in stride and said...oh come on...we'll set you up for October 31st...and I said...right...so you can wear your DRACULA costume right?? emoticon I swear...he likes that drill, those instruments and that lazor light wayyyyyy too much.

At one point I said..."What's that burning smell?" He said..."oh...it's just your gum, I didn't like the way it looked there so I burned it off.. WHAAAATTTT??? I think I might need that attachment...but evidently not. emoticon

But you can certainly understand why I need a month to recover...I guess I have a high threshold for pain on every part of me bod but me teeth! I'm a quivering woosie girl there!

Don't get me wrong, it will be worth it in the end. I kept telling myself that as I was running around in my imagination trying to find my 'happy place'...I was looking for that beautiful shoreline, the rolling waves, the hot sun, and the cool sand and that colorful beach chair...I was looking HARD! emoticon

But I couldn't quite find the spot so I entertained myself with the mantra...how much longer...how much longer...I'm not coming back for a month...I'm going to get through this...people do...don't they? Was Johnnie an executioner in a former life, did I offend Johnnie in any way, WHY does Johnnie seem to enjoy this digging, scrapping and probing SO DARN much.

At that point he said...you know Ms. Bobbi that a few of our patients don't even get numbed for this...they just take the whole thing without any shots. IDIOTS, I gagged out. What? He smiled...MOOOORRROOONS...I gurgled! He smiled...we're all done now and you are GONNA love me when your gums are all pretty and pink.

DOUBTFUL ...I smiled wryly! That was my day at the dentist...stay tuned for more torture updates...oh...how appropriate...just in time for the month of ghouls and ghostly apparitions during the ghostly month of October! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

AND I'm telling you Johnnie had to be related to dracula somewhere in his bloodline! emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    you are in my thoughts and prayers...I HATE the dentist as well...terrified. :(
    2665 days ago
    Hope all is better now!
    2668 days ago
    I really don't believe the happy place can be found while in the dentist's chair...no matter what is happening!
    2668 days ago
    i had a deep cleaning last year.. my first cleaning in 20 years.. and OUCH!

    well....i still have never had a cavity filled (though i will have to soon..one is starting to hurt) and i know my gums need the planing and stuff..since i didn't see a dentist for 20 years......

    i have noone but myself to blame.....but i think i'll sit here til i come up with someone lol

    2668 days ago
    emoticon and knowing the rest of the day will be much better.
    2669 days ago
    I've been through the deep cleaning, with the cutting and stitching of my gums, 3 visits in 3 weeks, however I'd do it again cause I am so pleased with the results. I had this done over 20 years ago.

    Hope everything heals up and you go back and get it finished Bobbi.
    2669 days ago
    My denist knows that he soesn't dare put his fingers in my mouth without novacaine. He is very good, very gentle. I also have had the deep cleaning, much gum work plus a full mouth restoration due to disappearing teeth. For that procedure I sat in that darn chair for 8 hours several days. Now I am having treatments every night with trays, gel etc which has my gingivitis under control It beats deep cleaning. That's for sure. But I love my smile. All thanks to Dr. K's expertise.
    2669 days ago
    I have had the deep deep cleaning! Not only did they deaden, but they only did 1/4 of my mouth at a time! It was done over a months time! And it does hurt! It hurts bad!! I still have to have my teeth cleaned every 4 months! Oh well we do it for our health!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make it s Sparkling Weekend!! emoticon emoticon
    2669 days ago
    When you think about it, nobody really likes the dentist! (Just his family, I guess.)

    I always got numbed for the periodontal work. It's tough stuff. Good for you that you are getting it done.

    2669 days ago
    I'm feeling your pain... that didn't sound like a pleasant experience at all. I agree that dental work is the pits ~ I would prefer major surgery LOL...at least they put you out for that. Big Hugs, Rhonda
    2669 days ago
    You poor thing. At least you have some time to recoup.I think you did good.
    2669 days ago
    I must have the best dentist and hygienist in the world! They seldom cause me more than a pinching sensation, though I visit every three months because of periodontal issues, a result of not being able to get floss between my teeth. (TMI, I know.) I even had scraping and planing, which sounds just awful, with no real pain. Discomfort, yes. I always fear I'm drowning. But no pain. Everyone whose dentist or hygienist is a torture fiend, go see Dr. Jeremy Thompson in Riverton, UT.

    2669 days ago
    Ok, I'm laughing my head off now. Not at your pain, but I went to have my teeth cleaned today! (Maybe we could have "conference called" each other had we known!) emoticon

    What's so funny is my hygienist was talking about Halloween and as she started giving me great pain, she made several cracks about me probably thinking she was a witch at that point. She was psychic, too, because that's exactly what I was thinking! Then she goes, "Oh, look here! Let me call the doctor in to look at this spot. He'll probably want to do something about it right away!" Smile, laugh, smile! Sure enough, I have to go back in a week! It's a spot that's at the edge of some bonding he put on last spring, so he wants to correct it. The only good thing- it'll be a free visit because it's to correct his work! Joy! Joy! So, hang in there, buddy, we'll get these teeth taken care of and then we'll both be thin and beautiful!!!!!!
    2669 days ago
  • RONIE11
    I also have a high threshold of pain.. but when it comes to my mouth I'm a big baby.. I hate it so much.. and the dentist we go to continues to put temporary fillings in this one tooth of mine.. incase I get the money together to get it fixed... I told him to just fix it...lol also the temp is holding up real well and I don't plan on going back until its a problem LOL

    2669 days ago
    ugh.... I have them use serious drugs on me when I'm in the chair...
    2669 days ago
    Been there done that! emoticon (I think there needs to be an 'OW' emoticon). If it's any consolation, once it's all over and the pain is gone your mouth will feel & taste much better. Mine eased my GERD tremendously. I'll be praying for your pain to go away fast, and the memory of it so you won't be afraid of the next appointment. Be sure & take Johnnie a dracula doll when you go back:)
    2669 days ago
    I'm sorry it was so tough! It reminds me of when I tried going to the chiropracter last fall for a pinched nerve. I swear he just enjoyed inflicting pain on people. He must have been related to Johnnie!

    I hope you are not in too much pain now. I would imagine that it will take a while for your gums to calm down and heal completely. Just keep thinking of that beautiful smile at the end of it all.

    I liked that you used as a mantra that you weren't coming back for a month!!! I can just see you in the chair saying that over and over again.

    2669 days ago
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