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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I have a question....

Background. Last Thursday, I did something to my left knee-- I have no idea what. I was sitting with my leg propped up and when I stood up it hurt like crazy--I could barely stand, let alone move. Eventually it got better though it was kind of achy.

Friday it was feeling better. I went to the gym for light exercise (walked on treadmill) and then got invited to play soccer, so I did. I warmed up, played hard, was feeling fine. I figured I would be a bit sore the next day from the exercise, but no big deal.

Except my knee was REALLY sore Saturday. As in barely able to move sore. The rest of my muscles were sore--especially my thighs--but in a more normal manner. So I took it easy.

But my knee is still pretty sore. It's not as bad, but it stiffens up if I sit down for any length of time and even when it warms up it hurts and sometimes it's not very stable--not sure how else to describe it, but sometimes it doesn't want to support my weight. It hurts a bit in the knee cap, but mostly it hurts around and behind the knee, and into my upper calf.

Could I have strained a muscle that supports the knee or something? Should I do something more than naproxen, rest, and ice?

I was just getting back into a regular exercise routine and this has really poked holes in it--unless it's much better tomorrow, I probably will break a 14 week streak (130 minutes a week) and as it is I won't be able to make my monthly goals for September. But I would rather restart my streaks and worry about next months goals than really mess my knee up.

*edit* I remember after I wrote this blog that I did wrench my knee a bit while playing soccer--I remember turning and feeling it and thinking that I'd hurt it, but it didn't hurt and I forgot about it. But adrenaline can do that. So I probably have a mild sprain, which can take some time to heal.
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    i think u cud b having a ligament or a tendon happens when u use ur legs heals well with rest and simple analgesic...maybe u must slow down..u can see an orthopeadician will help certainly..
    2670 days ago
    Ditto on the doctor suggestion. Knees aren't something to mess around with. My extended family is full of knee replacements, ACL surgery, and more.

    I hope its something that easily resolves.

    2671 days ago
  • SAASHA17
    See a doctor if possible.

    And stop icing it. Icing is initial relief. now try heating it. Whenever you sit, heat the knee so when you get up, the muscles are all pliable and easy for you to lift.

    Try wearing those medicated sleeves, i realise they help my knee a lot.

    take care and dont workout for a few days. totally no point in aggravating the knee..
    2671 days ago
    Lots of good advice here and probably best to go see the Doctor.
    I have pulled ligaments or whatever to cause knee and leg pain in the past. I was fortunate enough to have mine heal after treating with muscle creams, ace bandages, and rest plus pain relievers. I now do most of my exercise in the water, which is probably best at my age.

    I do hope you get the problem resolved soon. Ma

    2671 days ago
    I agree... a doctor will be able to tell you more about the problem. It could be a number of minor things or a symptom of something worse that you shouldn't exercise on.

    I'm personally one to keep going until I can't, so I would do low impact exercises (switch running for using an elliptical or walking), and a brace or wrap will also help.
    2671 days ago
    I've had some minor issues like you describe--more the stiffness pain if its still too long and the minor soreness. Not so much the bigger stuff, though. I've just always assumed it was me injuring my leg and having to rebuild the strength in it. It was my left a long time ago (back in 2008, maybe? I was on SP at the time, anyway), and then this summer it was my right. But I think just the increase of working out weakened it. They seem to have gotten better--when my right started acting up, I was having no problems with my left any more and the right is now feeling better.

    I would actually have just recommended taking it easy and seeing about gently restrengthening it, other than you do have more problems than I had and the other comments here make me question if I shouldn't have had mine looked at even.

    I do hope you get to feeling better soon and do keep us posted.
    2671 days ago
    Zanna - definitely get it checked out by a doctor and keep us updated on what the diagnosis is.

    Good luck and hope it is nothing serious!
    2671 days ago
    I would definitely see a doctor about it, it sounds like more than just muscle soreness, you could have hurt it and not even realized it until later, especially with the soccer. Hope it turns out ok.
    2671 days ago
  • LARRI2010
    Sorry, I have no other advice than get to a doctor to get it checked out.

    I hope it's nothing serious and your knee is better soon. And that you can continue on with your goals.

    I know it sucks to be in pain.
    2671 days ago
  • BANAN2
    I agree that you should see an orthopedic doctor. That whole scenario sounds weird. I have chondramalatia, a chronic loose ligament thing that will act up if I do lateral moves, lunges, squats, and, apparently, jogging at this weight. But the areas where you describe it hurting are different, so I have no clue. I think it would be worth the expense to see a specialist, maybe a sports physician, to get a diagnosis, guidelines for activity, and maybe physical therapy. Good luck and I hope it clears up soon!
    2671 days ago
    i also think you should go in and get it looked at. knee problems SUCK and unfortunately there are lots of important moving parts in there and there is a lot that can go wrong. hopefully it is just a pulled muscle or a twist, and nothing serious.
    2671 days ago
  • KOMAL53
    Please DON'T ignore this and go see a Doctor and get an X-Ray done----IMMEDIATELY---that should show if you have any problem other than a pulled Muscle or Ligament---DON'T waste any time just go----do keep us posted.All the Best,Take Care and God Bless!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2671 days ago
    Many people forget that they had a fall with a twist long time ago.
    then they become heavy and gradually what they teared before get worse and bigger.
    this is usually the case of cartilage injury and it needs a specialist and probably an X-Ray.
    the tear is usually small and usually its soreness disappear to come back after years.
    If you put a Knee band it will help alot, DONOT get frightened and keep going in reducing weight, it is the sole problem.
    2671 days ago
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