124 reasons why :

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

These are all the reasons i want to lose weight one for each pound :)

124 reasons why :
1. To feel better in general
2. Because I hate being obese
3. I no longer want to become winded running up two flights of stairs
4. For my husband
5. For my daughter
6. To be able to keep up with the kids running around
7. To avoid getting type 2 diabetes
8. To avoid hypertension
9. Because I am uncomfortable in my own skin
10. To like the way I look even better(hopefully a lot better)
11. For my PCOS
12. To increase chances of conceiving a baby someday
13. To be able to shop in the misses section of the store
14. To be able to wear fun clothing from brands I used to like
15. Because I will be so hot in skinny jeans when I lose weight
16. To be satisfied with less
17. So my little girl can hug me all the way
18. Because I want to live to see my grandchildren
19. Because I want to wear a cute bathing suit
20. To fit on all the roller coasters at the amusement park
21. To not have to worry if I will fit into something like the rides, or desks etc
22. To run with my dog
23. To ride a horse
24. To be able to work better, fit into smaller spaces
25. To be a good example for my daughter and nieces
26. So my queen size bed feels big enough again
27. So I am not tired all the time
28. Because I don’t want to be able to wear my husband’s clothing
29. Less leg cramps
30. To save my knees from inevitable break down
31. So I look my age not like a 40 year old football mom
32. To surprise people
33. To prove to myself I can do it
34. So I won’t have a heart attack by 40
35. Because food doesn’t own me
36. to face down my demons
37. increase my desire (hehe)
38. to feel sexy again
39. so I can ski again
40. to know what it’s like to be at a normal weight as an adult
41. cute clothes in addition to my cute shoes and purses
42. I like a good challenge
43. So walking around all day is not a big deal
44. To look good when I go on my Hawaiian vacation
45. To have the ability to buy a bikini
46. So I am not uncomfortable in the desks at school
47. To feel better about my ability to finish tasks
48. So my grandmother won’t say how pretty I would be if I could just slim down
49. So my father won’t say anything about my stomach
50. To have better endurance
51. To finally be an after
52. So I never ever have to use a fat lady cart at the store because I am fat
53. So my chub no longer rubs
54. Because I need to
55. Because I want to
56. Because I have to
57. Because I am miserable being this big
58. So I never see a 200 on the scale ever again
59. To swim like a use to
60. To have a good kidney to donate
61. So I can donate my body to science after death
62. For a healthy BMI
63. So my coat buttons up
64. So I won’t be the fat girl
65. I will no longer wonder if people are whispering about how fat I am
66. I won’t be the chubby friend
67. To increase my self confidence
68. Because I want to be able to touch my toes again
69. I want to look down and not see flab
70. No more butt shelf
71. So my husband finds me even more appealing
72. To have one less thing on my to do list
73. To know what being thing and healthy feels like
74. So my husband and I can lay on the couch together again
75. To know I am able
76. So my wedding band doesn’t get stuck
77. So my lap has more room for my baby to sit on
78. Freedom from weight limitations
79. No back flab
80. No muffin top
81. Better endurance
82. New wardrobe
83. To not be a hypocrite when I tell the little ones to eat right
84. Decreased back pain
85. no tight pants
86. so I don’t need to use the large bp cuff
87. to be less tired
88. so the airplane seat isn’t worrisome
89. so I can focus on something else besides my weight
90. to take a photo I like my body in
91. less foot pain
92. hopefully no more button gaps
93. to become happier with me
94. so my knee highs fit right
95. hello sexy lingerie
96. to breathe easier
97. so no one can say wow she has gained a lot of weight
98. so they will say wow she looks great .
99. to travel Europe without the worry of fitting in the w.c’s
100. so necklaces will fit w. out extension
101. so I can go down notches for my watch
102. because I owe it to myself
103. I love the beach, but not my body on it
104. Can you say second honeymoon
105. So I will never hear the word obese again
106. I won’t worry about muffin top
107. I’m not a surgical risk due to weight
108. Reduce sleep apnea risk
109. To see the world from a new perspective
110. Because I am miserable
111. My misery makes others miserable
112. To be so much more rock and roll, and less rollie pollie
113. To not be hypocritical when lecturing patients on diet
114. To look great on my cruise
115. To touch my toes again
116. Be able to maintain yoga poses unmodified
117. Did I mention poses they are fun outside the gym too(wink)
118. To be able to ride a normal bike
119. I really like to shop
120. To be less concerned with my body
121. My stomach is gross
122. I want to run and run and run
123. My future is important to me
124. My happiness!!!!
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