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Belly Dancing Booty Workout

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Okay, I don't have anything inspirational today. All I have is a sore booty. Like, unbearably sore, take 3 advil sore. Because I wanted to try something new.
I have a collection of workout dvds that I don't use. Mostly because when I was heavier they were too hard and would make me cry, and my number one rule of a workout dvd is that it shouldn't make me cry. But now that I have lost weight, and am in much better cardiovascular shape, I thought, 'Hey, I'll try something new today!'
Well, the belly dancing videos that I bought a year ago called to me. So I did the Belly Dancing Buns workout, which was a lot of isolated booty squeezes. Like, hundreds of isolated gluteal squeezes. I didn't even know that you could squeeze them seperately. Well, maybe I knew that in theory, but not in a real and practical way. I sure do now.
I don't know that I will be working this dvd into my regular fitness routine. I am kind of in love with my Leslie Sansone walking dvds, and they don't make my booty so sore that I have to blog about it. But it was fun for one day...
xoxo Lola
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