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Monday, September 27, 2010

So, last week I posted that I had a really big piece of cake for my grandson's birthday party. And I said that I was going back on track the next day.
I did more or less go back on track, but what surprised me was that I found myself thinking about sweets and things that are counter-healthy to my weight loss goals. A lot! Not having had sweets for a quite some time, at least since the Mexican Fiesta Party that I attended back in August, my mind was just preoccupied this week about having more cakes and muffins and cookies, get the idea. And I am sorry to say that I caved in to some of those cravings. I can't for the life of me, figure out why, after all this time, I gave in! Could it be because because I am just getting tired of this healthy eating regime? I hope not, because I like the results that I am getting from cutting out the "bad" stuff I used to consume in great quantities.
Could it be that my body "needs" to taste the sweets? I don't want that either!
There has to be a happy medium somewhere in the middle that I can eat the sweets, and still not go crazy for them.
Being a self-confessed food addict, I know my mind. I know what happens when I give in. I try really hard to stay focused, telling myself that the constant snacking of sweets will undo all that I am strivin for. And when I give in, well, it's just not a nice thing. I've even thought about allowing myself to have the "forbidden" foods once a week, but I fear that if I do that, it won't stop at once a week. Like this week. Cake on Sunday, then at work there were muffins, and coffee cake. Although the amounts were small, they still got consumed by me, and I saw the results when I tracked them in my food journal. Ya, I was honest about it and tracked the stuff. And I didn't like what I saw.
Hey, I just realized a way to keep me on track! I will print out those "bad" day reports, and hang them on my fridge, or bring them to work with me and keep them in my pocket. Then when I am tempted, I will look at it, and see what I am about to do and that will be my deterrant to eating off the plan.
And through all of this, I didn't gain any weight this week, either. Which really surprises me. Maybe my scale is broken. But I didn't lose any, either, and I am liking seeing small weight losses each week.
Ok, enough ranting. I'm going to print my reports and start back on following the plan more closely.
Everybody...have a fabulous week!
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    Thanks, Puff for giving me another outlook on my thinking. I was figuring that if I saw how many empty calories I consumed, it would give motivation to NOT doing it again. And you are right about me thinking about the cake, and subsequent snacks that I partook of. But I like your way of thinking better!!LOL If I post up the best days I've had, sticking to goal and being on track, then yes, that would tell me..."I can do this!".
    So thank you, Puff, for the new outlook. Down comes the bad report, and up goes the good.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I know you've been very busy trying to meet deadlines and such.
    emoticon emoticon

    2733 days ago
    Hmmm. This is ONLY my opinion, but it seems like if you put up "bad day" reports where you can see them, it's going to reinforce any subconscious ideas you might have that YOU are "bad". My therapist says "what we focus on, we amplify", which is a statement SIMILAR to the "Secret" party line that thinking about something makes it come true, and yet not quite. I can't stand "The Secret" -- I think it's a load of crap (because I've visualized a boyfriend for 12 years now, and, um, where is he?!? Not in my bed, that's for sure!!! emoticon As far as I can see he is still as imaginary as he ever was! Thanks a lot, SECRET!). However, I can get behind what my therapist says in the sense that the more we think about something, the more we unconsciously ADD to the picture we have in our heads. I mean, when you imagine that piece of cake you time goes by, doesn't it become more dense, more delicious, more tempting, more sinful, don't you become a worse and worse cheater for having eaten it? The more we think about something, the more we have the tendency to increase its dominance in our lives. So, if you post evidence that you've been "bad" might amplify your sense that you are "bad", until you're remembering the bad more than you're remembering all the ways in which you're GREAT and loveable and attractive and valuable and succeeding in life.

    I say, post evidence of the very BEST days you've had, so you can try to duplicate them! Post a photo of the most amazing food you've eaten that was healthy and part of whatever your food plan is, so you can look at it and say MMM, I am so going to EAT THAT AGAIN!

    That's just my .02. Others may disagree. Good luck no matter what! emoticon
    2733 days ago
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