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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yes, that is another great lesson I've learned here a the Spark. I've had at least a half dozen different times when I felt my grip on control slipping away...You know what I mean. You can just feel your resolve slipping away along with your eating habits, and your mental state right along with it. In times past, those days became weeks, and the weeks, became months and the months...sadly...became years of being off track. I began to see those days as very important pivotal moments on which my life was being built, whether I knew it or not. It was like a snow ball at the top of a mountain, teetering close to the precipice, slowly starting to roll down the hill, each day bringing greater and faster momentum...but if I could stop it at the top, before it gained strength and momentum, I could not only save myself maybe days, weeks, months or even years of more grief, not only that..but maybe I could build off of that pivotal moment and spring board to a knew level of commitment and change.
That's what you helped me do yesterday. I was at a low and I could have began a long negative streak, one poor decision at a time. I knew I had to seize that day...before the snow ball got too big and too fast to stop. With your help I did! I changed up my breakfasts and snacks, pulling out some of the calorie dense foods I had been eating and came in under my calorie goal for the day. I'm back down to my lowest today and ready to burn off the remaining 4 pounds to get me to the 40's....and then it's gonna be party time... Celeblogging my way along with YOU!
Love you for blogging me!

Friends, I feel like this is a message A LOT of us need to hear right now, so if you think so too...hit the I like button and also share this with some on your friend list....let's spread this Spark around a bit!
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