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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ok so I was talking to my girl friend today and she was telling me about an issue that she is dealing with now. Her youngest started Jr. high this year. They did the health screenings like they always do and she came home in tears. The nurse that did her screening told her the she was ALMOST to the point of needing a "FAT REFERRAL". A letter they send home to the parents to tell you your child is overweight. It destroyed her. She was refusing to eat her dinner last night. She was at the jr. high this morning talking to the principal who is investigating it.

The only thing I can think is WHY would a nurse tell a 12 year old girl something like that?? at that age it's hard enough just being a girl. I mean your going thru so many changes at that age from developing into a young woman to getting your period... you already feel freakish as it is you don't need some so called professional telling you something like that. Ok so that got me to thinking... Is this where a lot of our issues with self worth... self confidence and self esteem stem from???

Also I was talking to another friend last night who told me something that just resonated with me so much.. She had something similar happen to her when she was growing up and to be honest I'm thinking that what she said is true. When something bad happens to you in your past your way of coping with it was to eat eat eat because you felt that being fat would put a layer of protection between you and this horrid event. I mean I know that's why I ate so much growing up and now I'm doing my hardest to lose this weight.

I hate looking at pictures of myself I don't find myself 100% sexy..........cute yes but sexy no... and it makes me laugh when someone tells me they think I'm sexy because I don't see it. I had a talk with my GF about this and she told me that it's the whole package that makes me sexy to her. (is it any wonder I love that girl).
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    Wow, language is so important. If they'd called it a health report and sent one to everyone's family, it would have been fine just fine. This, however, was inappropriate.

    Many years ago I was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital. When I asked about a toothbrush and soap, the nurse hollered down the hall, "Hey! Do we have any of those indigent kits?" I saw RED because of the language. I had words with the director of the hospital, and now they call them admission kits.

    I think it's great that your friend is working to educate the school!
    2738 days ago
    I think this the cruelest thing I've ever heard. (the fat referral) If there is a health concern there was a more tactful way to do it.

    Sexy IS an attitude and girl, you must be sexy! emoticon
    2738 days ago
    I was an overweight child and it was pointed out by my PE teacher who did nothing to "help" me by trying to teach any kind of healthy tips to either me or my parents. He was as bad as the other kids teasing me so that everyone could laugh at the fat girl. He once said during volleyball they could roll me up and use me for the ball.

    It's definitely not easy being an overweight child and the added judgements you deal with.

    It sounds like your friends daughter has a great mom and a good support system. So important.

    2738 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    While it should have been done in a WAY more sensative way, these referrals may be a very good thing for a family who dont really know much about nutrition or health.

    But being told that, and how it was called... well, thats certianly destroying to a child
    2739 days ago
    Sweetie, because so may children are obese and there is an on going push for them to be healthier may be the reason that they have such things in school, also to the answer whether or not you are sexy I would say hell "yes"

    I feel "sexy" is an attitude that presents all the facets of ones personality, that causes the illusion that makes another desire you

    emoticon High five Sweetie, you are knocking their socks off with your sexy, pretty self
    2739 days ago
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