Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am still doing P90X, but I ordered another Beach Body video called Insanity. The reason being my older brother is doing Insanity (he's in great shape anyway) but he said it's alot more cardio than P90X and the longest video is 45 minutes. PLUS, it's only a 60 day program as opposed to a 90 day program. I was thinking I will do it as soon as I finish my first 90 day round of P90X. As a working mother of 2, one playing football and the other one a toddler, 45 minutes is so much easier than some of those 90 minute days!

Anyway, I still don't know what the hell I've done to my knee? I'm actually pretty concerned. I've had to completely stop jogging (which stinks), and I feel like I'm giving maybe 75% during my P90X dvds. I took 2 full weeks off!!! It's just still very tender and starts to hurt as soon as I start jumping on it! I wish I knew how to tape it up because I think that would help! It's right below the kneecap on the front of my leg. I am so mad about it!! What are the chances I get all excited about working out and suddenly CAN'T!!!???
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  • KCALLEN2004
    You have a shin splint!!!! Ouch : ( I had one and because I am allergic to NSAID drugs I couldn't take anything for it. You need to heal so be careful and if you want to get back to running check out the C25K workout. I was just checking on you to see how you were doing. Stay strong girl!!!
    2575 days ago
  • KKESS11
    I am interested to hear how you like Insanity. I have watched both commercials for Insanity and P90X and just can't decide if I should by either...afraid to spend the money if it will not help me break the plateaus. Keep us posted on your results ONCE your knee is better!

    Good Luck

    2584 days ago
    Thank you guys for all of the responses! It really helps! Oh No! I pray it is not the 'A' word! At least if it is I will know how to treat it, right? I did Insanity yesterday after work (modified version to favor the knee) and actually had no pain?? I am now wearing the correct shoes....could that be it? It's probably best to just go to the doctor and get a professional opinion.
    2585 days ago
    I notice that when I jog, my knee will occasionally have some pain below my knee cap so when that happens I stop jogging and walk instead because I'm afraid to have a bad knee injury - not into having knee replacement surgery! LOL I'm with the others though - I think you should definitely take it easy with the knee and choose low impact when working out. Good luck and if you don't think it's getting better fast enough - I'd go ahead and have the doc take a look!
    2585 days ago
    I would definitely rest it some more, but there is a strap that you can use... because as I hate to say this, you might be developing.... oh.... this is so hard.. arthritis under there and it may have inflamed something. But anyway, there is a strap, I think it's called Jumper's knee strap or something like that. I used that in the beginning of my weight loss endeavor.. oh wait, lifestyle change and re-introduction to exercise endeavor and it helped with my... yeah, I have to use that word again arthritis in my knee until the weight loss dropped some of the pressure. If... this continues, you may have water on the knee or something and may have to break down and see old doctoro and get it drained or scanned. Sorrreeeeeeee.... I'll send you hugs and kisses if that helps??? emoticon emoticon
    2586 days ago
    You definitely need to lay off any high impact aerobics. so, no jumping. you're going to have to find a low impact substitute like marching in place, marching with high knees, walking... no, jumping.

    You're going to have to be very careful with that knee. Knee problems are the worst to diagnose and even harder to heal. I know. You should still be able to do P90X. You're just going to have to make modifications where needed.

    At night put up your knee and put an ice pack on the knee. While you might not see any swelling, there is inflammation if there is pain. the ice will help reduce the swelling and inflammation. Also, if you do decide to do something high impact, which you shouldn't, at least wear some type of knee brace to support your knee.

    So, you may need a few more days of modified exercise before you can start running again. just work on your strength exercises and take regular walks. you'll be okay. remember, weight loss is all about what you eat. as long as you are eating right, you won't gain any weight because you can't exercise at the intensity that you want.

    Injuries happen to us all. You've got to learn to adapt your routine accordingly.

    2586 days ago
    Sorry you are in pain. And, do understand the frustration of wanting to DO when you find you can't. But, perhaps you need to have it checked out .....the healing may be faster if you know what is wrong. THEN, you can get back in and move and groove the way you want. HOPE you feel better, Karen
    2586 days ago
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