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What My Result Said About My Body Image Positive Level

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I did a test in SP, "How Positive Is Your Body Image", www.sparkpeople.c
and the result, I've a love-hate relationship with my body - which I have to agree, haha.

The full description:
"You have a healthy perspective on some things but could stand to re-evaluate a few of your views and/or behaviors and how they affect your self-esteem and body image. Here are 5 ways to improve your body image: "

And 5 ways to improve my body image:
- Say something nice about yourself. For every negative thought, come back with a compliment. If you need to, write a few on post-its and stick them to the mirror or your computer screen. (note: I sometimes do self-compliments but sometimes I think I'm nut talking to myself, haha. For my sanity, I wrote down in journals, blogs or ask compliments from others LOL)

- Retrain your brain. Practice mindfulness by realizing your thought patterns, and reversing them if they are damaging. For example, when flipping through a magazine or watching television, if you notice yourself thinking, "Wow, if I only looked like that, then I'd be happy," remind yourself that looking like that requires make-up, special angles, airbrushing, and sometimes very restrictive diet and exercise plans (as well as great genetics). Plus, happiness is a state of mind, not the shape of your body. (note: when I see model in any kind of media, I always wonder how did they get that body or skin? hmm, so now I need to retrain my brain to think different way, huh?)

- Stop criticizing yourself and start criticizing the ads. Research the techniques that their creators employ to get the final, unrealistic result, and analyze ads instead of taking them at face value. (note: hmm, this is good idea but I might accidently train myself to become next Simon Cowell! But this is a good idea, research how to get the unachievable result, if can be done or not)

- Exercise because it makes you feel good. If you hate the gym but drag yourself there just because you want to maintain your appearance, stop going! Instead, find an activity that you enjoy, like hiking, swimming, dancing, walking, biking, gardening, or sports, and stay fit that way instead. (note: that's why I don't go to gym, besides of expensive membership - I don't want to get scared or hate myself whenever I see others working out at gym. Instead, I just enjoy my home workout, especially jumping rope and if my brother's visiting again, will ask him to jump rope together, hehe)

- Be patient with yourself. Years of brainwashing won't disappear overnight. But if you adopt these techniques, bit by bit you'll learn how to like your body. After all, it's the only one you've got, so you're much better off appreciating it! (note: actually, lots of people told me to be patient with myself, don't set expectations too high!)

Hmm, I need to start love my body more but not too arrogant or too blind emoticon
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