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C25K Week 4

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I've just survived my first full week of school. I wish I could say I was totally in the groove but I'm not. It was cold, rainy and windy for most of the week. I didn't ride my bike once. Not feeling too good about that. Soon it will be too cold to ride. I did play outside with my classes a bit (in spite of the weather) but I could have been more involved. I just felt sooo whipped. My hips, knees and ankles were aching mostly because of the barometric pressure I think. Even my neck and shoulders were getting into the act. Don't you just love that unforeseen perk of old age, the ability to predict the weather?

My cross country team has been practising for 2 weeks now. I had intended to run with them and I did briefly, but I felt so achy that I didn't keep it up. I needed to observe. (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!) Cracking the whip is way more fun anyway. ;)

I was supposed to do my C25K W4 runs on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday this week. I managed to run late on Sunday. On Tuesday I was sore and achy and put it off until Wednesday. On Wednesday I was still sore and feeling lethargic. I did not run on Thursday either! Same reasons. I was starting to feel like if I didn't get a run in soon I would be toast. With visions of having to start all over from the beginning running through my mind I forced myself to actually go running on Friday night. I wore my new shoes. It wasn't so bad but it was certainly more of a chore than any previous run had been even though my feet were nicely cushioned by the shoes. I wasn't short of breath and my calves only tightened up a bit. I squeezed my third run of the week in late on Saturday night. I wore my second pair of new shoes. These are even more cushy than the other pair. I think they are my favourite. Even so this run was more like work than any time before. I just felt blaaahh. My bad ankle and foot was acting up but not enough to make a real difference. I think I was still suffering from the crummy weather. It was cold and windy. I ran with mu hood up and my hands tucked in. At least I finished it. According to my schedule I should be running tonight but because I was behind all week I will do it tomorrow night. I think it will be a wet one because it supposed to rain again!

Today was a much nicer day. There was very little wind and the sun was out all day. As a result I’ve been feeling much more lively all day. But my fitness minutes have really dropped off since school started. I rode my bike twice this weekend for a total of about one hour. I’m a little concerned about what will happen to my running routine when the weather gets a little colder. The thought of running on the ice makes me a little nervous as well. That’s how I broke my ankle in the first place. I was planning to use the treadmills at school for those really tough days but they are all in storage at the moment. We have lost our fitness room due to overcrowding in our school. It’s supposed to be temporary but I’m not going to hold my breath. I see myself running in the hall with my indoor track group.

I have been concerned about my flagging enthusiasm. It’s not the running. I quite enjoy it. But I really need to get out of this funk or find something to drag me through it. I have been considering doing the 5K Run for the Cure in early October. I figure if I have that looming over me it will be enough of an incentive to keep at it in spite of my miserable mood. I have a little time to decide.

So, this is totally a downer of a blog. I’m feeling crappy. I’m not exercising enough. For most of this week I was over my suggested calorie intake. My nutrient intake was all over the place. I had a soft drink. I ate chocolate twice (but only 200 grams each time). I ate some jujubes. I had a doughnut on Saturday. I slept okay but found myself exhausted by 3:30 pm. everyday. With all these things going wrong can anyone explain to me why I’m losing weight?? I followed my exercise and eating plan diligently all summer. I varied my exercise. I ran, biked, swam and rollerbladed. I ate a wide variety of foods, heavy on the fruit and vegetables. But I never lost a pound for all of June or July and I actually gained weight in August. And NOW I’m losing weight. I think my body must have a warped and sadistic sense of humour OR it has determined (in spite of this week’s glitches) that I must really be committed to this whole health thing and has decided to forgive me for 25 years of neglect.

Here’s to a better week ahead. Even if things don’t improve I’m just putting my head down and going for it. Apparently that’s all that my body is requiring of me these days.

Just remembered...I forgot to mention that I got my hair cut SHORT this weekend. I really like it. I will post a picture soon. I was totally fed up with the enormous amount of hair I was carrying around. Hey! Maybe that explains the missing two pounds!

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    You'll be in your groove soon, gorgeous. Things can be hectic when school starts... Take a deep breath, make a new plan and battle on. You are still a contender ;)

    Congrats on your new haircut - sounds cute.

    2733 days ago
    You are a track coach so know much more than me, but I want to share this with you, just in case you find it helpful. I started running last year (I am 52) after doing lots of low impact cardio like swimming, biking and indoor rowing, and I was cautious to start because I have had trouble with my knees in the past. I had started and not completed countless C25k programs. What turned me into a runner was the discovery of interval training. I used to think only wimps interval trained, I was going to train to run the whole distance, which is what C25K programs do. Now I am a convert to interval training, ran a personal best 5k 28:26 last Sunday running intervals of 90seconds:walking 30seconds. I went from 9min:1min to 3min:1min to 90s:30s and a personal best. Interval training is awesome for improving fitness and speed and avoiding injuries. I also learned that when we start running, our cardio improves much more quickly than our joint and tendon strength and that regular running, (3-4 times a week) over time (I decided to take a year, before trying to improve my 5k times) strengthens the joints and tendons ( a lot of runners get injured when the cardio fitness increases and they do too much to soon). Just saying what worked for me, I now think interval running is the cats miao, the bees knees ... A useful site to check out interval running is
    2733 days ago
    I can't explain it...but don't question it...just take it! Have you ever considered getting a "trainer" for your bike. I think it's a stand that pulls the back wheel up off the ground so you can ride it indoors. I've read about it on a friend's blog. That might help you with your inclement weather. Also, you might check the internet for BioFreeze for your achey joints. We sell it at our office and it's good stuff. Hope you have a better week...with your eating and exercise...and the weight loss continues! Keep sparking! emoticon emoticon
    2737 days ago
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