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Update on the foot and other things...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

First, thanks for all the support in my last blog. You sparkbuddies rule! I appreciate you guys. :)

Secondly, MAN I miss running! I miss doing it AND I miss the guaranteed calorie burn. I had to adjust my ranges due to burning less and mannnn... I miss being able to EAT. ;) I always joke I run so I can eat and yeah, it's partially true. Those long marathon training runs where I'd burn a days worth of calories in four hours were especially fab. OMNOMfest those days. Sigh.

I've had some rough patches during the last two weeks. Panicking about gaining, wanting to cry because I'm HUNGRY but have no calories to eat if I want to maintain (or lose the little bit I managed to gain), feeling angry that I can't just go out and run 5.5 miles, burn 500 calories and eat more like I want to. Again, sigh.

Yeah, it's all been calories out/calories in drama for me.

However, I HAVE been noticing some good things.
I've biked 11 days out of the last 14 - that's great! I haven't take the car to work once in the past two weeks. I even rode in on meeting day when I had to be at work by 7 am (that's early for me, I'm usually banker's hours). I've ridden when it's cold, in the rain, when it MIGHT rain ... all things that usually I'd have wussed out and driven due to. So, yay me! I wanted to drive some days but I didn't and that's a victory. 60 miles the first week, 50ish the second (lots of rain = less long rides).

I also noticed, food panics aside, my mood has been better with the more moderate workouts. I'm less crabby and feel more rested and less worn out. I think I hit the hardest part of the training, that peak at 20 miles, and my body was just DONE. Basically that's what happens, you're upping mileage and you just don't have the time to heal completely between long runs. I read it takes 4 weeks to physically recover from any run over 18 miles. At peak training, you've got your long run one week, a shorter recovery run the following week, and then another long run the next week that increases the mileage again. That's why it's the danger zone of injuries ... and why I'm not super surprised that I had trouble there.

That said, foot feels good. :) I haven't noticed any pain/twinging the past two weeks. I've avoided stressing it or doing any pounding with my feet. Low impact cross training only. Unlike the last stress fracture I never had non-running pain with this one. I never had pain doing stairs or walking. So, the fact that I was smart and didn't run through the original pain is going to end up being a benefit. :) Hooray for learning from your mistakes. Hah. I can jump up and down without pain (though I'm nervous and keep waiting for it!) and can do jumping jacks/etc. during my P90x warmups problem free.

Still going to give it one more week and then start my taper.
Hopefully it'll stay happy. :) I'm pretty confident that things'll be fine.
Going to be sorta of nervous for a while and really listen to my feet but I think I'm healing fine.

Oh man, I can't wait until I can run again.
I miss eating like a runner! Even if I was undereating before at 1800 a day, having that be my HIGH end while not running is killing me. O.o
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It's funny, I found that I LOVE FOOD. I think sometimes I make my workouts more intense just so I can eat. You are doing a great job. Good for you for listening to your body and not further injuring your foot. That is sometimes the hardest part of training.
    2737 days ago
  • JLITT62
    Have you ever considered triathlons? Seriously?

    Well, I don't love running as much as you do. I sort of miss it when I can't do it, but I can't imagine running 20 miles (at the moment, I can barely imagine running 5).

    But it's really hard to adjust your eating for an injury, so my hat's off to you!

    I don't own a really good HRM, btw, but I use what I have sometimes. I have a somewhat good idea of how I'm doing without all the bells & whistles. I wanted to get faster, but whatever is going on with my butt is worse -- but isn't better (maybe a tad) so I don't want to really push anything right now.
    2737 days ago
    Yay - great post, my friend! Hooray for cross training...I really think biking is the perfect compliment to running; my legs always feel better when I bike to work the day after a longer distance jog.

    I'm glad that you're documenting your frustrations around eating when running is (temporarily) out of the picture here. I'm also really glad that your foot is healing and recovering quickly - yaay!

    * hugs *

    emoticon emoticon
    2738 days ago
    Glad to hear the cross training is going well. I totally understand where you are coming from with the eating. I am fine eating a "normal" amount of food if I'm running, but when I'm not, it's like I become OBSESSED with eating and food!

    Sounds like you may be back to running soon? If it's any consolation, I am having foot pain as well and am not running either... so I'm with you in spirit!
    2738 days ago
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