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60 Lbs Lighter & A Year of (Visual) Revolutions

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Monday, September 13, 2010

In September of last year I had been obese for the majority of my adult life and I resolved to change that. I began with daily exercise and while I maintained a regime almost every day, I was clumsy and uneducated about physical fitness and didn't know how to achieve the results I was looking for. To compound the problem, I did not adjust my nutrition in any way.

It was no wonder I didn't see any change to my weight from September through February.

March of this year when I joined SparkPeople, I finally made the breakthroughs I needed in tracking my daily nutrition and fitness and also educating myself about living a healthy lifestyle through the provided SparkPeople resources.

-Last year I used to shop primarily in the plus size section of stores.
-This year I enjoy wearing larges, mediums and even size 8s and 7s.

-Last year I wore clothes that were too small for my body despite shopping in the plus sizes.
-This year I have shrunk out of the shirts from my youth and all of my pants slip down without the assistance of a belt.

-Last year I wouldn't dream of wearing a skirt, much less a dress.
-This year I own more than half a dozen amazing dresses and skirts that I adore.

-Last year I used only one form of mild cardio exercise to workout at home.
-This year I walk, play multiple fitness video games, bicycle and I'm looking into additional forms of seasonal exercise, indoors and outdoors.

-Last year I ate fruits and vegetables only infrequently.
-This year I eat 5 or more fruits and vegetables per day, to the relief of my body.

-Last year the food in my cupboards and fridge wouldn't last more than a few days or a week at the most as I ate it by the box and bag full.
-This year my cupboards and fridge are stocked with healthy options eaten in the correct proportion sizes over a period of days, weeks and even months.

-Last year I was more susceptible to heat and tolerant to cold.
-This year I'm tolerant to heat and susceptible to cold, and on cold days I enjoy exercising to warm me up.

-Most importantly, last year at this time I was obese.
-This year I am less than 10 pounds away from no longer being overweight.

And nothing illustrates this revolution from last September to now better than the photos.

Lots and LOTS of photos.

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