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A Trifecta of Awesome

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wow. I've had a good day today. Come to think of it, I've had a pretty darn good couple of weeks. And it's unfathomable to me that I'm managing everything that I am right now. This will be the first time I've survived a CLEAN tech week. No sugar, no caffeine loading, and no fried food. I feel amazing! I'm exhausted - but who wouldn't be with my schedule right now?

I dragged myself out of bed this morning after a week long schedule of midnights at the theatre. But I knew I had to run today, and I was GOING to do W5D2 of C25K. 8 minute runs. Two of them. (I don't even want to think about what comes next - the 20 minute run, but by the time I get to running it I will have talked myself into that too - cause I'm unstoppable!)

I've had 2 rest days since I ran W5D1. I didn't like D1 much. I felt sluggish and it was hard which I wasn't expecting at all. I thought since I was used to running 4 intervals, switching to only 3 would be a breeze. Not the case. So I was honestly worried about this morning. But it was only 2 intervals. I could do it. I laced on my shoes, stretched out my calves, and took off on my 5 minute warm-up walk. Then it was time to run. I straightened my shoulders, took a deep breath - and did it. Twice. I had to really push at the end, but today I ran a total of 16 minutes. Awesome #1 - check.

As most of you know I was holding my breath for the magical 269 on the scale this morning. I've been in the 270s for what feels like FOREVER. Most of it was superficial. I changed scales in the middle of the past 10 pounds, and the new scale weighed heavier, so it felt as though I had to re-lose weight that I had already lost. It kinda sucked. So stepping on the scale this morning was a little nerve-wracking. I wanted those 260s - and bad. I kid you not when I say that my first weight was 267.8. I had to get off and on again to confirm that it was so. I literally exclaimed "WHAT? NO WAY!" out loud and scared the bejesus out of my cats. I ran to get my camera, came back and it had gone up :( But then I realized that it went up because I was hanging on to my camera. So I put the camera down and managed to get 268. On the nose. Here's the proof!

WAHOO!!! I was (and am still ecstatic). I'm so happy to be here. And to have gotten here on the busiest of all possible weeks for me is a feat I never thought I could accomplish. Awesome #2 - check.

So of course I had to run to SP immediately to enter my new weight. 5 pounds! I haven't dropped 5 pounds in a week since the first week I started and was losing water weight. It's still a little unbelievable to me. I'll be anticipating next week's weigh-in all week for fear that it's not a real number. But I know it is, it has to be. I'm learning to love and appreciate my "plateaus". It may not feel like it to you guys, but I will often spend 2 or 3 weeks only losing about .3 of a pound at a time - and it seems to be happening every 7-10 pounds or so. But then my body just decides to shed and I drop a huge number like this week that makes up for it. I can't knock it - I'll take what I can get!

So I am now a grand total of 45 pounds down AND under a BMI of 50!!! Inching closer and closer to being out of Obese territory every day. Look at me go :) Awesome #3 - check.

So there you have it - A Trifecta of Awesome today. It feels so good.

Leaving you with a picture of my beautiful yellow bouquet that was a reward for 37.5 pounds that is still going strong!

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