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The Rest of the Story- How I spent my Vacation.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

In Answer to some of the Comments on the 1st Installment:

The Flintstones invented "pedal power" for cars, but I don't think Humans are ready for that source of Green Energy yet! emoticon

Regarding Kennels near home? $700.00, for the dubious commitment to keep all 3 Hounds in an indoor/outdoor run. Walks were extra! We decided to pass on that expense. Neighbor was definitely cheaper and the house probably survived unknown Disasters that way. And yes, WE must get the Hounds Washed ASAP. Just waiting for the DH to stop working to make up for all the Vacation Expenses I warned him about!

And yes, by the time I was done with this Vacation; I did reconsider the Health Benefits of Alcohol! The heck with Medication Interactions! As a popular Country Music Song says, " God is Good, Beer is Great, and People are Crazy!" emoticon

And in my further confirmation in my Opinion? That "Stay-Cations" are the best Vacations and Relatives can come to Visit us!

Day 5- We are now going to take everything but a plane to get to Cape May, NJ. Its cold, dreary, and raining on & off. We drive, yes- the CAR again! For 4 hrs or so, no one has bothered to get directions? They went here too last yr. Just by a different route- we are driving to the Cape May Ferry, floating over for another 4hrs I think it was? The wind and waves were so rough that a small person like myself, was in dire straights of being tossed overboard! I'm NOT Goldie Hawn, if you remember that old movie? I can't swim. And I do not have Leonardo Decaprio with me to hang on to. The DH & his uncle are however heavy enough to actually GO outside and see the Porpoises! Dang it, I had to miss it! We finally arrive and now no one wants to do anything but eat. At least it wasn't Breakfast! Driving again the Elders take us to their Favorite Restaurant and I settle for a nice Broiled Platter and of course can't eat it all. Eye's seem to always be bigger than my stomach. By now its getting sundown and NO one wants to tour the Beach or anything! We are to rush to Sunset Beach, I have the honor of 'seeing' the beach and Flag Lowering; and despite a lot of snide remarks by those around us enjoyed it. People just don't seem to 'get' what the Flag means anymore. I doubt many of them could even recite the "Pledge of Allegiance".

By now its getting really dark and still trying to mist rain. I had to buy a Sweat Shirt just to stay warm! A potty break, a oh look there or here on the way back to the car and onward to the Board Walk; another 4 hr drive! When we arrived its pretty, much like a Carnival at home with all the rides and lights. I hope to have gotten some good night pictures with the mode included with the Camera, for which I am still trying to figure out! And we tour a bit, the waves from the Beach sound so neat! I can barely see them but they seemed to be pretty high and foamy. Great disappointment in not seeing it all and in Daylight. Unfortunately, I had to bite my tongue- one of the Elders actually told me when I voiced this thought, "If you've seen one Ocean then you've seen them all, its just water and sand!" Now how's that for an Understatement? We did sample some naughty foods, Fresh Lemonade, a bit of Fudge, and finally a Real Warm Pretzel covered in Chocolate! Hey, I had to get something out of the trip after all. And the DH ate more than half of it. We didn't got the full Board Walk, the Elders were tired and didn't care to wait for us anymore. So another long drive from NJ to PA! We arrived at 2 AM and really other than a stop for more WaWa Coffee! We just went home and to bed.

Day 6- We are SO over wanting a Vacation! We wake up, discuss briefly if there was anything else we could possibly get 'away' from the Elders and do on our own time frame and decide its just NOT going to happen:( The Elders have appointed themselves our Chaperon's and with no one wanting to hurt feelings we start packing to go home. We're finished by 9 AM and go down to inform the Elders and say goodbye. They're a little disappointed and somewhat relieved I think? Since the only place to put us was in their Bedroom. This left them sleeping on furniture in their Living Room. So you guessed it- Off to the car! And yes, the Elders couldn't even let us Leave Town alone. They escorted us all the way to the City Limits of Philadelphia. So no chance for us to 'sneak off' and do any sight seeing alone:( I think the DH was so pooped by now he was just glad to be behind the wheel again. His Uncle wasn't the best elderly driver and I could almost 'feel' his foot on the break from the back seat when we were on the road! emoticon The Hubby has only allowed ME to drive a hand full of times in almost 20 yrs of marriage, so I knew the agony he was in almost matched my own while on all of these lovely road trips!

So the Vacation Car Trip Marathon continues! Remember? My DH is a Truck Driver! Very few Pit Stops allowed and fuel efficiency is of the utmost importance to him- less stops, less wasted gas! emoticon We did actually stop at the lovely Welcome Center outside of Washington I think it was? By now its ALL a blur to me! And in utmost quilt, the DH bought me a Sports Watch with a great Lap Timer and Alarm. And we were so DONE with all the Breakfast- we settled for a bag of Fresh Fruit/Vegetables and Dip with Coffee! Another long road trip and several terrible Wrecks and waits along the way, a side trip because the DH wouldn't get Directions *sigh and somewhere in VA we eat at Shoney's and have the dreaded Buffet- it looked good since we were hungry and definitely was OK. I LOVE their Peaches! They're almost like eating Peach Preserves and I had to have some on cottage cheese for desert.

Back onto the road and somewhere just before the TN state line we stop to visit with a Driver and Coffee that the DH had spoken to on his cell earlier. They'd decided we would meet and visit a while and then proceed to finding a Hotel to spend the rest of the night. It was just about dusk of the evening when we met him and about an hour sipping coffee while they talked shop. We returned to the road trip only to find that a Truck Driver had driven him truck without a trailer off a cliff! Bob Tailing is what they call it. Its always a tricky drive but the misting rain had returned making it more hazardous on the hills and curves. We tried to find out if he survived but got no response on the CB that the DH never travels without. At least we did know that help was on the way, if it wasn't already too late.

This confirmed the DH opinion of stopping for the night. We located a Hotel and the DH surprised me with the Honey Moon Suite! I won't go into details emoticon But let me say, there was a Coffee Pot in the room and a Hot Tub the size I didn't know existed; with a wallless Shower? And the darn Hot Tub was right smack dab next to the Bed practically! The rest is X Rated, and as Forrest Gump would say, "That's all I have to say about that." *snicker

The AM arrived for us at 6 AM, and great news! The room included a 'real' Breakfast Buffet with Coffee! I moderatly took as much coffee as I could stand, 2 pieces of Raisin Bread w/Cream Cheese, a Boiled Egg, and a little Orange Juice. I lost count of what the DH had. He never seems to get tired of Breakfast! So feeling somewhat refreshed, enjoying the view outside the Hotel, taking some nature photos- got a great one of a Spider and Web in the fog; I hope! We continue onward home. I am energized and ranting through Brochures about Gatlinburgh, Dolly Wood, The Hermitage, etc. The DH is mute. I finally resigned myself to just trying NOT to become a stick of wood and endure it. We did stop at another, you guessed it Buffet! And I am totally guilty! I have never seen so much well prepared food, of so many Ethnic Dishes, and varieties in one place and ALL in my face! I simply started on one end and proceeded on to the other- steak, shrimp, fresh steamed vegetables, a little salad. The back! A dap of Different Shrimp, a roll (biggest I'd ever seen!), a little rice, and seafood salad- one of my fav's. The back! A dap of chocolate cake, a dab of banana pudding, and fresh strawberries- these strawberries didn't look REAL! and the taste was to die for! No whipped topping or additions required! And yes, I am a pig and this is probably the downfall of the added lbs that I now am faced with removing! Not to mention all the road trips! Other than the rushing around I didn't get much movement and not good eating along the way.

And now home again, the Hounds are really unsettled and joyous at the same time. I don't know what happened, but it took about a week to have them not cower when the DH approached a room! Things are almost back to Hound Normal, Bandit is still suffering tummy issues, Blue is back in Lust with the Nasty Chow across the way! and ER is ER- always ready. I'm back to the Dr and setting up appointments to finally have the Cyst removed from my wrist. It just can't be endured any longer. And getting myself back into the Spark of Things, one day one step at a time.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh my what you've been through! Sorry it was such a whirlwind tour, but maybe you and your DH can make some decisions ahead of time so that if you ever go that direction again, you'll be prepared to just do some things on your own. Isn't your health more important than whether or not you offend someone? When we go to visit family I just remind people that I'm only good for one activity each day and can only handle about 6 hrs out otherwise I'll get sick the next day. Even if I'm feeling better than that, it gives everyone a 'guideline' to work from. I know you can't always do that, but I try.
    Glad you're home and glad you're back to Sparking!
    2235 days ago
    By ME being a retired truck driver, I loved your blog, other than the lack of timely stops for you!
    Glad I waited for page two, Miss Paul Harvey-Shellpro!!!

    I was surprised to read that you don't get to drive much. I wish I would have learned that somewhere in life, LOL. My DW and I have different thoughts of what a safe driver is, and I won't go into it now, but there HAS to be a land in the middle between your DH's idea and mine, LOL

    Glad you survived your trip and are getting back to REALITY, maybe you can start your own reality show on TV! Yea, that sounds like FUN

    Have a Wonderful Weekend
    2236 days ago
    Sounds like you're still having an adventure!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2236 days ago
  • ENUFF81020
    emoticon YES, a happy ending. I was getting a little nervous that this was going to end up in the famous book, "Vacations from Famous Hot Places" and that honeymoon suite changed things. Way to go for Mt. Shell, lol.

    You had quite a lot of too many experiences, my friend--and lots to think about. The truck accident stood out to me as being the one leaving too much to think about, especially our mortality.

    As for the eating and being a "pig," you are an exercise demoness, so I am sure that any added pounds will simply melt off of you faster than fast. I'm glad that you will be having that cyst taken care of and that you were able to wait until your trip.

    Finally, emoticon my suggestion for the next vacation--avoid the elders and you do the planning, lol. I understand that the point of this trip was to reconnect with the elders, but still...look how well you did without them. I am thinking that if you have a plan going into it!! You are a great storyteller, my friend!!
    Gentle hugs,
    2236 days ago
    Wow - I could never get tired of seeing the ocean and I think even the same one looks different on different days! I hope you get a re-do on this (without the elders)!
    2236 days ago
    Bless you. But then...seen one vacation you've seen them all! Yeah, that one really got me. There is nothing like the sound of the ocean and I am sorry you weren't really able to better enjoy it! The good news is that you got some quality time with your hubby and you are still smiling! emoticon
    2236 days ago
    Loved hearing the rest of the vacation. It was really interesting.
    2236 days ago
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