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"They Treat me like a DAWG!"

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Patriotic Resistance

Admin. II, Dee Check out the discussion 'Obama Issues EXECUTIVE ORDER amending COURT MARTIAL RULES!'
Tell us your opinion on this and provide us with any additional information you might be able to locate.....because the Annex document isn't posted at the White House site or usual places!

Discussion posted by Admin. II, Dee:
President Obama signed an Executive Order that amends the Manual for Courts-Martial on August 31, 2010. The cover document is on the White...
Discussion link:
Go to Patriotic Resistance to find out more.

Here is yet ANOTHER example of Obama's sneakiness with the American people. Once again, his promise for honesty and openness is gone with the wind, replaced by secrecy and sneakiness.

Please don't sit idly by and do nothing.................stand up for our country!

How do you like his new $50,000,000,000.00 Stimulus idea..whoops......he doesn't want us to use the word "stimulus", or "bail out" or any of the other words he has used in the past either.

Once again, he is pointing the blame to the GOP and George W. Bush and ridiculing any who do not agree with him.

This man is juvenile, immature and petty, to say the least. He won't accept any personal responsibility, and always has someone to blame for his actions.

We here on Spark learn that WE are responsible and accountable for our behaviors, and can't blame others for our messes or weight. We learn that we must take ownership, and then course out a plan of recovery.

I wish Obama would join Spark. Maybe he would learn a thing or two!!

Now on to my title, which is a direct quote from Obama.

No, Sir. We DO NOT TREAT YOU LIKE A DOG. Or a DAWG, either.

We love our dogs, and respect them for the intelligence they have. Our relationship with our dogs is one of mutual comfort, love, nuture and care. We can trust our dogs, as they can trust us. We protect each other, and honor each other's dignity. We bring joy, understanding and well being to each other.

We recognize the need for each other for life's embetterment. We cherish what we have, and are always eager to help each other. When our dogs need medical care, we supply the best there is, and not some watered down version of supposedly Socialist medicine where our dogs would have to wait until someone from government decides what kind of treatement our dog needs, or even if the dog warrants treatment at all.

Our relationship with our dogs (dawgs) is a Spiritual one. We learn from our dogs how to be kind, loving, caring and steadfast. We learn unconditional love from each other.

We are proud of our dogs. We know we can rely upon them, and they upon us.

We listen to our dogs, and respond to their needs. We believe we are responsible for our dog's well being, and act accordingly.

When our dogs have a need, and it will cost us money, we do not ignore that need and traips all over the globe shouting at how burdensome and stupid our dogs are.

We do not invite our enemies to build dog houses on our property, nor do we invite them to our lawns for days of prayer while we ignore our own needs for days of prayer.

We do not betray our dogs, as you have betrayed us with your decietfulness.

That all being said, Sir, you can see that we do NOT treat you like a dog (dawg).

You do not have the capacity for honesty, integrity or trust our dogs have. Your behavior demonstrates that on a consistent basis.

You denegrate us to the world, lie to us as though we are morons, and treat us with disdain.

You never listen to us, or pay heed to our wonderful Constitution. If you have your way, our Constitution will be done away with.

You mock our patriotism, religious ferver and American loyalty, encourage the contempt and hate from other nations who are bent on destroying us and continue to financially support them while we as a country are being crumbled into oblivion by your financial morass.

You give sanction to criminals, entitling them to our citizenship when they have crossed our borders illegally and with the intent to do harm. (Kidnapping and drug sales among those charges.)

You ridicule any American who stands up for our laws, and you attack our liberties.

You make up new rules as you go along, grinding our laws into the dirt as a means of serving you and your agendas. You surround yourself with law breakers and thugs, and encourage separatness within our beloved nation.

You mock those who question your citizenship, yet won't stop the rumors or evidence that perhaps you are not a citizen of this country by showing a birth certificate. (A simple act, which should not be too difficult to do, since the rest of us can all present our birth certificates, or proof thereof, whenever necessary.)

No, Mr. Obama, we do not treat you as a dog (dawg). We do not have enough respect, love or trust for you.

As for you, perhaps you ought to re-consider your behavior of treating America like your own personal fire hydrant.

Oh, and by the way: I can see November from my house!!

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