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The Truth is on the Ticker -- Or Is It?

Sunday, September 05, 2010

So I faced the music the other day and changed my weight loss ticker to reflect the truth. My official goal is 130 pounds and honestly folks, I have been there. Not only was I there, but I actually stayed there for awhile.

It would occasionally creep up a little -- 2 or 3 pounds -- and I wouldn't get too concerned. After all we all know how little things like eating a salty meal can make you retain that much fluid, right? More muscle from the strength training! Not enough fiber the past few days? Break out the Kashi and I'll lose it.
No need to go in so frequently to change the ticker JUST to turn around and lower it again.

Uh huh....

So ok it's a little more than 2 or 3 pounds now. BUT I'm eating like a "normal person" for once! (Has anyone actually ever figured out just what eating like a normal person means?)

I'm beginning to think that 130 is an unrealistic goal for me. 140 may just be my "set point". Yeah the size 2's are unwearable. A few of the 4's are getting snug -- that stationary bike is making my legs big! I'm a consistent exerciser so do I HAVE to eat like a saint?

Let's face it -- can I really track my nutrition the rest of my life? Do I need too?

Unfortunately, yes.

I read a blog the other day from a friend on one of my teams who is about four pounds from her goal where she basically expressed all these feelings and said that she felt good about herself so why not stay where she was?
Then I noticed one little sentence --
"I haven't lost any weight because my eating habits have not been wonderful"

That hit me like a ton of bricks! I hastened to tell her DON'T DO IT, IT'S A TRICK!
I should know because I've been there. The thing about reaching my goal was that I was eating healthy. Staying within my calorie range. Everything balanced - not too much fat. Plenty of whole grains, protein, fruits and vegetables.
Not because I weighed 130 - although that was a mental kick. It was because that's what I weigh when I exercise AND eat right. Bottom line. Now it might be a different story if I ate just like I should and still weighed a little more, but that isn't my case.

I am no longer maintaining. I need to lose. 10 pounds - which may not sound like much but I swear that those last 10 pounds can be the most challenging because it IS tempting to be sick of being so strict and get sloppy with the eating habits.

I need to track my nutrition each and every single day. I figure if I aim for the bottom of my calorie range and keep exercising I'll lose and get back down to my goal.
I've gone back to the Spark diet and reread all the stages and repeated some of the early worksheets.
I'm going weigh once a week on Mondays so I have even more incentive to behave on the weekends. I'll track my weight every Monday night on SP. Rain or shine. Gain or lose.

MY ticker will be truthful----

How bout yours??

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow, great blog & great comments. I can so relate. I've been maintaining within my goal range for 6 months, but still haven't truly accepted the fact that I can never eat like I used to when I was heavier. I am still basically doing the same program as when I was trying to lose. Guess it is a lifestyle I will need to internalize.
    2728 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/6/2010 9:01:50 PM
    Wait! Did I write this blog?
    2728 days ago
    I hear you on the Monday weigh in- and the need to "keep it up". I still have a hard time facing that I cannot be a "normal eater" no matter how much I want that or how much I exercise.
    At least I know I'm not alone!!!
    Hugs, Janice
    2728 days ago
    Yeah that is where I am at now too. I can do 140 & maintain it fairly easily....notice I say FAIRLY. I would like to hit 130 lbs. but I am not sure it is worth THAT much effort. I am happy now & healthy. I enjoy exercise & healthy eating. I would have to be VERY strict to hit 130 lbs & I don't know that I need to do that. For now my ticker is set for a goal of 130 lbs. Will I see that? Who knows.
    2728 days ago
    Groan.,..I am right with you and had to change my ticker also emoticon I am 133 and have been striving for 125 (this far fetched idea) and am now refocusing!!!!
    2729 days ago
    My ticker is correct, BUT it has not always been correct. THen finaly one day I realized not putting the weight I gained on the ticker did not mean it wasn't on my body. The only person I was lying to was me! WTG on refocusing!
    2729 days ago
    Oh, yes, you've really set the chimer for me. Down to goal, felt great - even set a new goal of 5lbs less for a "maintenance range" between the two. Got a few pounds towards this but never quite had the incentive to get all the way - I'd done SOOO well...

    Now I'm back up past the original goal and about 10lbs over the lower one.

    Thanks for the wake-up call! Time to re-ignite the Spark!
    emoticon emoticon
    2729 days ago
    Oh my, since it's been ... er ... possibly 2+ months since I've officially weighed in ... and my exercise level has gone way down ... I suspect my ticker is (cough) a little off. Thanks for the kick in the keister. Back to the gym with me, to weigh in and face the music.
    2729 days ago
    I have been at goal a long time (5 years) with one "slip" resulting from a broken leg. I came to Spark to get back to goal which I did and lost a little more in the process. Do I track nutrition every day. Absolutely. Thinking about what I am going to put into that tracker each day keeps me honest, but more importantly keeps me balanced. I don't think it's just about calories, so I do fat, carbs and protein as well. I love it!
    2729 days ago
    Oooh boy...yes, it's been a rough summer here too. Appetite is this cyclist's WORST enemy...! Eating all the right stuff...just too darned MUCH! Haven't bitten the bullet as you have...having difficulty lassooing myself back into the tracking and weighing that, yes, I *KNOW* I need to do, but haven't been throughout this summer...!

    2729 days ago
    The truth is in these words you wrote: "It was because that's what I weigh when I exercise AND eat right. Bottom line. "

    I want to emblazon these on my brain as I face having adjusted my goal downward. You see, this is the realization that made me do it: I am eating in a range that feels good, and active at a level that feels good. And this is what I weigh. So this should be my goal range... because this is how I need to live to feel good... for the rest of my life.

    Here's to truth-telling to ourselves. Because we deserve that truth! We're worth it!

    - Barb
    2729 days ago
    Great blog. Just what I needed to read since I am within a few pounds of my goal. I always adjust my ticker to reflect my weight at least. I have never been able to maintain in the past. I hope I can this time!
    2729 days ago
    I suspect that if I ever am a successful maintainer that I will have to continue tracking
    everything. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. The fact is: we are not normal. While getting to our goal, many of us like to say that there is a skinny person who is just begging to get out. At goal, we have to realize that there is still a fat person, disguised as a skinny one, eager to sabotage our success. I expect that you learned something from this little lapse, so in the long run, you'll do okay. Lots of luck.
    2729 days ago
    Joanne -- Hooray for another honest look at your choices. You said so much in this blog that many folks need to hear -- me included. Going back to the early stages of Spark plan & working through them again is Right On! Back to Basics!!

    If I am making wise choices in Nutrition AND Fitness, I can be happy with the scale. If I am trying to hide poor choices, unhealthy choices that are becoming a pattern, then I am only hurting myself. Thanks for reminding me that honesty is the best policy!! I'm tracking again this month for one of my team challenges -- expect it to be very helpful!

    God Bless You as you get back on track!
    2729 days ago
    I am so close to my goal. I am under my original goal, in fact, but I'm thinking of lowering my goal again. I really think maintaining is more difficult than losing. So far, I'm very faithful about tracing my calories. I don't think I can do without it yet. I don't seem to have any sense of proper portion sizes unless I measure. I'm still trying to get at least 5 fruits and veggies a day, in a variety of colors. I'm working at getting enough fiber. I've given up butter in favor of oils, but I'm still over on my fat calories 2 or 3 days a week, even when I hit my calories overall. My tracker is mostly honest. If I gain a pound, I don't track it. I just weigh again every day until I've lost.

    Don't worry about the pants sizes. Just eat healthy to feel good. We all love you no matter what size you are.
    2729 days ago
    This may seem bad but I do not track the little increases in my weight on the ticker because they are not motivating for me. I do work hard to get the ticker to be once again truthful. It has never been off by more than a pound or two. The summer was kind of difficult for weight loss but in the past two weeks I lost 3 lbs and am now at my lowest SparkWeight yet!
    I say do what works for you... :)
    2729 days ago
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