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How I spent my Vacation.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

No pictures to share yet, I'm still learning how to sync and load to the PC. I have to admit, I didn't want to go on this what was my and the DH's 1st Vacation in almost 15 yrs. together. I got left behind on last year's since I couldn't find Hound Sitters! This yr. I had a Teenage girl in the Neighborhood Hound Watch, she came 1-2 times a day to walk, feet, water, etc. I can say that when I returned 7 days later, the house was a mess (clean up was not in the Hound Watch Agreement), enough dog hair found to make a King Size Blanket! It was so bad, that despite being exhausted the DH and I spent almost 4 hrs the same day of returning cleaning up everything that continued for the next 2 days. Yes, I need a Vacation again!

The 1st 14 hrs of Travel, I knew I was right in not wanting to go! No decent Coffee to be found anywhere was the 1st problem, not being able to stop and move around more was the second; not to mention 3 hrs stuck in Nashville Traffic Jam. I found myself stiffening up quickly and think I drank more water on this Vacation than I have in yrs! We did end up sleeping in a Hotel the way up to PA, that is another Horror Story- DH refuses to Plan Ahead. Finding a room without Reservation? The 1st was similar to the one used in the Original "Psycho" movie. Very Vivian Lee! I also had visions of Bed Bugs dancing in my head! I quickly after some argument discouraged the ever so CHEAP DH of thinking I'd sleep there! On wards its now about 2 AM on a Saturday morning and we spent the night in a little more comfortable hotel that was more "Stephen King", winding, climbing road into dark woods on a 2 Lane road- ending up finding out the next daylight; that it had quite a Spectacular View of wherever we were VA.

On the road again, minus again the much needed Coffee! What happened to the good old Truck Stops that ALWAYS had counters and counters of Coffee in every strength? We made do with a Energy Bar each I'd brought until Lunch at Wendy's and I can verify that the New Salad I had was wonderful! Back onto the road we find the 1st decent Coffee! And further down by which time it had turned into Dinner. We then decided nothing looked good but Breakfast at a not too clean or nice Truck Stop, not the best meal I'd ever had either:( At least I did get a 'form' of what that stop called coffee. lol

We arrived in PA about sundown and all the Relatives were glad to see us and couldn't help taking us on an immediate road tour- GG! more time stuck in a CAR! I am not in my best frame of mind by now. And we are both getting VERY hungry. Everything was driven by so fast I hardly had time to take it all in- A SURE warning of how the rest of the Vacation was going to be:( We ended up somewhere in Philly, PA at a authentic Chinese Restaurant- I couldn't find anything familiar so in the spirit of "Healthy Eating" opted for what I determined was the least damaging- Orange Chicken with Walnuts, wrong decision. Pretty awful and the DH took care of what I couldn't handle. The Egg Drop Soup sustained me. By now its dark and we are exhausted and wanting, you guessed it COFFEE. They have WaWa Coffee Stations similar to Dunkin Donuts. I soon became addicted to it and lucky for me, one was just around the Block from where we stayed.

2ND Day- Another CAR TOUR! Literally, these people wouldn't let us out of the car except for potty breaks and food. We spent from 9 AM until dark riding around Amish/Mennonite Country side and only stopped at a sort of Visitors Center for an hr. and then on into the car again. We did stop at an Amish Fair Village type of thing and yes, again I pigged out. I learned quickly that these peoples idea of a Sandwich? Aren't nutritious conscious either! Something called a "Monte Cristo" Special w/side of Cole Slaw. Imagine- 5 French Toast Sticks on each side, with a Fried Egg, Ham, Turkey, Bacon, and CHEESE! I managed to fold one half over itself and eat it with some of the Slaw. The rest, home in Doggie bag for whoever wanted it. An exhausting, but interesting and frustrating day. The missed Picture Opportunities were driving me MAD. The the BAD idea of taking me to the Petting ZOO! Those poor animals! Everyone had to take me away crying and desperately trying to get the ASPCA on my cell and find a name or street to report it. No luck and I still see the filth and heat they lived in:( Back to towards home, we ended up eating AGAIN, one of the largest Buffets I've ever seen and it wasn't pretty what we put away there, but it was definitely worth the trip. Late night again, and bed.

3RD Day- Up at 7 AM became our Scheduled wake-up, shower, dress, find COFFEE, then haggle over WHERE to go? Yes, not Planning anything is a Hereditary Trait of the DH's family! Help ME! Around Noonish, they all had shot down my ideas and settled on just taking us on a Bus Tour that did offer stops at Attractions along the way- IF your willing to wait for the Bus's return? Which we found out could be a very LONG wait in the unseasonably HOT weather. I did manage to see the outside of the Art Museum and take some what I hope, nice photo's and missed the rest of the stops because the one at the Museum turned into 2 hrs of waiting and ending up taking other people's pictures for THEM. Eat? Thank Goodness I'd found an Energy Bar for Breakfast! Dinner was scarfed down when we got back- Spaghetti Meat Sauce without Pasta, homegrown Amish Corn and Tomatoes bought on the Roadside the day before!! I had done the "Rocky" all the step's to the top of the Museum for me! And a photo of me with the Rocky Statue. Rushed back to an Elder planned Concert with something called "Strutter's String Band", an event I soon will never forget and is most definitely indescribable. Note, you really have to LIKE a Brass Band, no insult. But this was done indoors and it was bring your own chair and the food consisted of cold homemade Pretzels and even worse over cooked hot dogs:( This lasted for 2 hrs and we were more than ready for yes, the long walk back with all of these chairs in tow and by then we realized that Dinner had been Lunch and we headed to a nice Trolley Car Dinner for yes, Breakfast and to bed!

4TH Day- Another argument over where to go and when, wanted to see NY and Ground Zero, etc. All the Tourist stops, but no the Trains everyone suggested taking are DOWN- until 11 AM. Another energy bar and WaWa, my Saviour for coffee. Finally on our way and after multiple changes from Amtrak to some Commuter Train, that the bathroom had stopped working in- and Subway we get to NY. Its getting late in the day and no one KNOWS where we are or how to get from where we are to where we want to be! These people made this same trip without me just last yr. We ended up taking the Ferry to the Statue of Liberty, no tour of Ellis Isle and didn't get to go into the Liberty. It was closed by the time we got there. Just me and the DH yes, you guessed it. The Elders waited on a bench on the Pier! And its almost as hot as TN now. Walked all around the Isle, taking pictures, couldn't even go up the 1st landing; it too was closed. Another rush to meet the returning Ferry and another argument over time to do the Empire State Building. I immediately LOST 9/11 sites. And everything else due to the lack of daylight going soon. Back in NY-

The DH and I ended up running from the Main Post Office to the Empire State Building, literally. The Elders decided it was too far and wanted to wait on a bench outside Macy's, yes I caught a 'glimpse' of it as we ran by. We arrived at the longest line I've seen in yrs, and waited an hr to go up to the 1st stop due to the Expense of going to the To;, BUT to get there we ran 6 flights of stairs BOTH ways, 40 min. lost if we waited our turn on the Elevator. I was proud of the DH, he made it! It was so crowded and getting dark that I don't know if any Pic's will turn out yet. Once back down and on the street we find out that the Elders have discovered that we have to RUN again. Turns out the Trains STOP after Midnight to PA. I'm no Cinderella and there sure isn't any Carriage coming to get me back! But yes, the hick from AR had to FIND how to get us back! Thanks to my NOT so smart smart-phone! We ended up having a very nice chat with a young couple somewheres in NJ I think that were returning from a Hiking Trip across Europe. After talking to us, they felt cheated, asked that if we ever do this again- call them. We qualified for a Marathon!

It's 2 AM, no food, lots of Water along the day; I'm definitely getting edgy from lack of COFFEE. And we again you guessed it- settle for Breakfast at another local Dinner in Philly. I'm more careful this time. And this my dears is just Part of the Vacation, I have to go now; and you will have to return, as a great Radio Announcer used to say, "Come back for the Rest of this Story"...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • ENUFF81020
    Aw. Shell...
    I sure hope there is some kind of fun in the rest of the story. I understand how the lack of planning works--and I hate that hem hawing around where nobody will make a decision. I have learned to say that "I'm going" and I get the others to come--and even if my idea has been knocked down, if nobody else has an idea or a better idea, I simply take charge. End of endless waiting and lack of decision making.

    I am sure that the hounds were also crazy happy to have you home. I am als o sorry to hear of the mess--I think sometimes our doggies will make extra mess if we are gone too long and they don't like it. Do you think they can use their bowels and bladder as a weapon to get their own way?

    I'm also interested in reading more--I'm rooting for you tohave a good time somehow and somewhere.

    Gentle hugs,
    2234 days ago
    Are there no Kennels nearby or maybe a groomer who will petsit?? Sorry you came home to a mess!@ :(
    2235 days ago
    I agree, you do need a vacation after that!
    2237 days ago
    So sorry that so much happened that involved cars, traffic, poor food and long lines. It really reinforces the need for good planning. But I am sure that your husband has enjoyed having family time. That was good of you to go with him.
    2237 days ago
    Well! I have to have at least a little planning or I would go crazy. The other thought I had was, why can't some imaginative inventor come up with some gadget to use to exercise in the car emoticon emoticon On vacation, with all the large unhealthy meals, it is a gadget I might buy!

    did you have a good time? emoticon emoticon

    emoticon Carol
    2238 days ago
    I'm sitting on the edge of my seat to hear the rest of your vacation!! and laughing my *ss off. LOL!
    2238 days ago
    Sounds like our vacations. I end up needing a vacation when I get back home. LOL.
    2238 days ago
  • DENI47
    Next time, take big plastic jugs of coffee! Cold coffee definitely beats NO coffee!


    Or maybe just drink beer!
    2238 days ago
    Waiting with bated breath for the rest of the story as Paul Harvey used to say, maybe he still says it, haven't listened to him in a long time!

    I can imagine your dilemma with the house upon your return. We had a trip that lasted only 25 or 26 hours where one of our three dogs were on the bottom of a stacked dog cage. We paid dearly for the 24 hours for the three dogs to have two adjoining apartments, too. You understand what happens when a dog is on the bottom with dogs above don't you? YES, the above dogs urinated on our poor dog. I was LIVID. Needless to say we HAD to wash the dogs after we got home from the trip and we NEVER had them stay at that kennel again.

    Not trying to outshine your wonderful trip, just trying to relate that it could have been worse, but then again,your PAGE TWO is still yet to come

    Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story

    Enjoy the holiday weekend, or what's left of it

    2238 days ago
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