The First 50 Gone...

Friday, September 03, 2010

Hello, everyone! TGIF!!!! I hope everyone is getting their holiday weekend off to a good start! I definitely am..... I am pleased to announce that I lost 50 pounds so far, since March 29! I am soooo happy and proud! I've never made it this far! I am down to 259 pounds now. I haven't been in the 250s since at least the year 2000!!!!! People are really starting to notice, and it is such an awesome feeling! It just makes me want to keep going!!!!!!
I can't believe this summer is ending. This year really flew by! It seems like it was just Christmas and I was dreading January, February and March (I HATE winter and snow once Christmas is over). This has been one incredible summer. I turned 30. I got out a lot more. I went swimming all the time with my BFFs younger sister, went to Wisconsin twice, (once for the state fair!), went to Six Flags, went to Shipshewana, and many birthday parties and get togethers. I won an award at work for being part of the team that saved a newborn baby girl's life, when her mom (still pregnant with her) was sent into our unit from her doctor's office with the baby in severe (cardiac) distress. From the time she arrived on the unit, got hooked up to a monitor, rushed to the OR and delivered the baby..... 12 minutes!!!! The baby was delivered in the nick of time, (with NO heart rate!), and was resuscitated immediately! The patient's doctor recognized me and my teammates for getting the baby delivered just seconds before it was too late! I was so proud of us that I cried! Being given an award was nothing compared to hearing that baby's cry!!!!!
Summer also came with some heartbreak; I had to end a close friendship with someone who didn't appreciate me, and I am also having a hard time maintaining a friendship with my ex-fiance, who has been one of my best friends for 7 years (we were together for 3 and broken up for the last 4). Part of me wants to give him the boot, but part of me isn't ready, but I have a feeling it will happen soon if he doesn't grow up. I am still having a lot of trouble in the dating scene, men (outside my family) treat me like crap. I must have "DOORMAT" and "LIE TO ME" tattooed on my forehead. One more bad thing that happened this summer (we had a happy ending though!), was the day my roommate called me at work to tell me that our beloved 5 year old cat, Zoe, was missing. After several horrifying hours of our life (that we will never get back), our second floor neighbors found her camping out on our first floor neighbor's patio! Phew!!!!!
So.... it's been an interesting summer for sure. I think I'm finally ready for fall. (Plus, our air conditioner broke, LOL.) I love cool weather, and I'm looking forward to visiting my family on the East Coast next month! Then after that, the Holidays will be coming!!!! :) I am going to continue to visit the gym 6-7 times a week and stay on track, so by next summer, I will look smokin' hottt!!!!!! Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone! Hope all is well with you! Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement!!! We can do this!!!
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