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Yet another HTC ghost blog!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I have been so busy reading all these amazing HTC blogs that I haven't had time to write mine! So here goes!
First let me say that I wasn't originally a ghost runner. My hubby BobbyD31 (and I am sure quite a few of you know him by now!) was the ghost runner but he had an injury and was not sure he could do all 3. So I told him I would help and another great SP friend Anne (11sprouts) volunteered to do one also. Perfect! We were assigned to run with Trish (Woohoo!) one of our favorite Rookie runners. Trish has always been there for me with my various health issues and I was so excited to be running with her! I hope she knows that I am always there for her too. And this is one way I could show it.
Let me just say this was an incredibly busy week for me. My niece was getting married that Saturday and there were many events leading up to it. There was the all day cookie baking marathon-the bridal luncheon and traying all those cookies. So it was crazy.
Add to that the special pictures Bobby wanted taken and that wrapped up all the days right up to Friday night when Bobby did his run around 11 p.m. I didn't go with him on that run because of getting ready for my Saturday morning run with Trish. Besides, I had been at the bridal luncheon all day...and had to sit through a manicure and pedicure...poor me! I digress.
Friday was so cool (once I got home). The ghost e-mails were flying and there was so much support! Everyone was reporting their times and how their runs went. My son would just walk past and shake his head at Bobby and I with our faces pressed to our laptops! So Friday night Bobby went off to his run in the woods while I fell asleep (sort of) with visions of HTC runners in my head!
Saturday morning I awoke at 7 a.m. My run wasn't scheduled until 9:24 but I couldn't sleep anyway...I was excited and nervous at the same time. I know that Trish is fast, really fast. I am not. But everyone said that we didn't have to run the same pace as our coastie...thank goodness!
I had my long run breakfast...wheat pancakes covered in mixed berries and yogurt and a large cup of coffee. I changed into my spark HTC shirt with my reflective ghost (thank you susan!) and rolled on my foam roller. Bobby decided he was going along for a bike ride to stretch his legs out from last nights run. We drove out to one of my favorite running spots...a 4 mile loop at our local high school. It has very little traffic and some shade. I was to run 5.77 miles. No biggie. I run farther than that most Saturdays. But this time it was with Trish!
When we arrived there were four runners finishing their run. They looked at me kind of funny. I had my HTC ghost race bib pinned on (thank you Kirsten-great idea and awesome job). Bobby took pictures and we waited a few minutes for our text to "go". But from the recent ghost e-mails we were not sure we would hear anything. And we didn't so about 9:30 I took off. Right before my run.
This was a route I run often but right from the start it felt different. I kept thinking about the HTC runners. I kept thinking about Trish and all that she has been through. Usually when I am doing a long run or when I have trouble focusing, I think about all that I have accomplished through spark people. All that I have been able to do despite my health issues. But not this time. I didn't need to think about that to make myself feel strong. I had Trish...and the other runners...ghost and real *coasties*. They were there. All of them. It really is amazing what your heart and mind will do for you. I was running, but rather effortlessly. My eyes filled with tears. Don't know if it was menopause or exhaustion or perhaps because of the impact of what I was part of. Phew...I really had to suck it up or I would never make it through.
I heard my garmin beep with the one mile mark and a few seconds later I heard a rustle in the woods. I looked over and saw something. I thought at first it was a big dog...not unusual on this route...but was a beautiful deer. She just walked right out of the woods...looked right at me...and continued on her way into the field across the street. I was stunned. That is the first time I have seen a deer on this route. I see them on some of my other routes, but never here. I don't know why but my eyes welled up again. I know, I am a cry baby! Learned it from SPNancy!
I continued on and at mile 3 Bobby flew past me on his bike and gave me a high five. No problems. The weather was great, my legs were hamstring issues that I usually have. At mile 4 Bobby showed up yet again with some gatorade...what a guy! I continued on with a lot of squirrels running around but no more deer. On my run!
I circled around and headed for the end of my 5.77 run and there they were again...the tears. As I finished and turned around to walk out my cool down there was Bobby taking pictures. I was done. I know Trish was done (since she is so much faster) and I hoped she was doing o.k. My time was 62 minutes. Not bad. I will take it. All done!
I learned later that the four runners who came in when I took off on my run asked Bobby if I was racing since they saw the bib. He told them about the ghosts of the HTC. They said that was very cool and wished us all good luck. And I think that's exactly what we have. We are all so lucky to have the support of each other. Especially on Spark People! Especially with this HTC team!
Next year...ghosting all three legs...or perhaps the actual HTC??!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • TIGGER622
    Anne!!! I NEVER read your HTC blog!!! How amazing!!! Thinking about what we are now a part of always makes me teary eyed so I can see how you turned into a lil bit of Coach Nancy! I felt like that last weekend!!! You did great! Are you doing actual HTC this year? I am hoping to!!! I did that relay in Minn and can't wait to do one with sparkers! YIPPEE!!! That would be so great if we were all out there together. Thanks for your support always - means the world to me! LOVE YOU!
    2690 days ago
    Way to go!! I get chills every time I read one of these reports. The entire team is awesome!! There's a similar race here in the east--I can't recall where it starts, maybe Gettysburg, and ends in Washington DC. Something to think about for 2011. Reading all of the Coastie and Ghostie reports make me think it is possible. But before 2011, I better get in the training for Buffalo Creek; it's right around the corner!
    2725 days ago
    Anne, you and Bobby and the other Ghosties are awesome!
    2729 days ago
  • GIANNA345
    Great job, Ann!
    2732 days ago
    My lovely Ghostie...aka, GREAT friend and confidante.

    I was so privileged to do this race with you honey, we have both been through the wringer and back over the past few, and we have always supported each other. Whether I know you personally or not, you are my rock - someone I can lean on, that won't judge or be negative. Anne, this race gave me HUGE perspective, and one of the things that I gained was the realization that people care, and I have to be able to stop striving to allow that into my life. Running with you, Bobby, and Anne was just what the doc ordered. I love you guys, and always have - you are real, don't hide behind an internet persona, and genuinely feel when things are good/bad/ugly.

    Anne, you are a friend that is truly cherished...even if you have a naked-rudder boy for a hubby...LOL, I won't hold it against...or for you:) I will be forever thankful that we were able to race together (and, by the way, my last leg was CRAZY...I had so much oomph at the end, I was sprinting). We will see each other for real, I promise:)

    Love you, and thank you for being there for me, and with me...together we can move mountains.


    2732 days ago
  • BOBBYD31
    they are recruiting for HTC 2011??????
    2732 days ago
    More tears rolling here ,Anne! I agree 100% with the effortless feeling of the run. It was sore legs afterwards either! I'm considering starting a bucket of change/donations to get me out to OR next August! Wouldn't that be SWEET!!!!
    You did a fantastic job on that run,Anne!!! I was thinking the same thing of Trish while I ran with her-that girl is fast so I knew she was done way ahead of me but didn't hear from/about her til much later.
    2732 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/1/2010 1:56:58 PM
    When I was running one of my legs, a woman came out of her yard and asked what it was all about, with the bib and the support team I had. I quickly explained while continuing with my run, and received some applause. It was a phenomenal experience! So happy so many were able to share in it! emoticon
    2733 days ago
    Great job, Anne!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2733 days ago
    Great blog Anne! I'm so glad you got to experience this, and with your Coastie being Trish - that would have been really special. I tear'd up reading this.

    The actual HTC?!!! I can hear Bobby's excitement in his comment. Were you serious? Cause I think he's ready.
    2733 days ago
    Anne, I am so proud of you. I admire your strength, courage and sheer dedication. The real HTC isn't that far off.

    2733 days ago

    Guess you'll be doing Just a short run.
    2733 days ago
    Oh Annie! Me too and those tears just welled up again the moment I read about yours! I know EXACTLY what you mean as I know all the other ghosts, coasters n running friends do!! The emails generated excitement and there was something very special about knowing our buddies were out there pouring their hearts into their runs for the good of the team after long hard days of training & all they'd endured to get there!! Okay, Kleenex please, there I go again!!

    Thanks for this blog my sweet Annie!! You are a jewel to be treasured & Trish couldn't have had better partners than you, Bobby & Anne :) The big heart team I'd say!! The fact your run was pain free & you enjoyed it tells me you were meant to be part of this and that Deer you saw???? Thinkin' that represented Trish??? Those are fast paced creatures ya know!!!!! ;)

    Thanks so much for sharing!! Love ya bunches!! GREAT RUN!
    2733 days ago
  • BOBBYD31
    ohhhh my, my girl in tears suprise! you had a great run and you blog was excellent. hummmm your last line ...... perhaps the actual HTC!!!
    2733 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your experience!
    2733 days ago
    You made me cry, too! emoticon

    I felt like I was with you every step.

    I did a double look when I saw the pic of you before your run. I thought it was me! Same shirt, white skort, white visor, Garmin, HTC bib. emoticon
    2733 days ago
    This cry-baby has been crying along with all the ghost blogs! You are not alone.....
    2733 days ago
    Wow, Anne, great blog!! Sounds like you had a great run - I love the pictures. How cool that you have a two-wheeled traveling fan club! That was a great time too. well done!!!
    2733 days ago
    Yep- tis the day of reading spark blogs and crying. And they are not all HTC blogs! What's up with that! Wonderful running story and pics!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2733 days ago
    I had a lot of tearful moments too and still do when I read the blogs....course then I just have to think about some of those other moments like your hubby's run and the pics....well, the tears go away with all the laughter!
    2733 days ago
    Loved your blog! And a chance to let even more people know about the Coasts & Ghosts.
    2733 days ago
    Great job! What a cool idea!!! And how neat to see a deer while running!
    2733 days ago
    2733 days ago
    way to go!!! what a great story - you made me feel like I was there running with you! I'm so happy for you and your run - sure sounds you had a great time and even though it was so busy you made it all work! you are a true inspiration!!! thanks for sharing!
    2733 days ago
  • AMCG2002
    Gee, thanks! Now I'm crying, too!! Anne, I'm so proud of you, and so glad we got to meet in the spring. That is so cool that you were able to participate in HTC. I was thinking of all of you throughout the weekend. Now I just need to find enough time to read everyone's blogs! Short run in the March and HTC in August- think we could get group airfare?

    2733 days ago
  • GIGI1222
    Good for you. That is a great time to be racing against yourself. I am sure by the time this was ending it was getting nice and hot since the heat wave came back on Sat. I am going to think of all of you while I am on the dreadmill today.
    2733 days ago
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