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Monday, August 30, 2010

Okay, so this is my first (and possibly last) video blog, and I need my Sparkpeeps to tell me the truth - Is this too dorky to even consider letting all the world POSSIBLY see this on TV? Should I be embarrassed? I am concerned with the way I look too - I feel like I have no neck and that the camera is definitely adding the lbs in these shots. I shot it four times, and there were no 100% "clean" takes (without flubs, etc.) I'm sure that the P90X ad people will edit out anything that's too glaring, but if by some chance I am chosen for the infomercial I just don't want to end up getting calls from people telling me what an @$$ I made of myself. For some reason, the pic came out really grainy every time, and I really don't have a solution to get more light unless I were to shoot outdoors, which I DON'T want to do.

The P90X people WILL accept submissions without any video, but they do stress that those WITH a video have a much better chance of being chosen for the infomercial. SO...should I send this, or just let my photos and letter-format testimonial do the talking? And, I am ashamed that I am even asking this question, but I just can't help myself: Do I look FAT in the video?

Thanks in advance for your honesty.

AMENDMENT, by popular demand: I did not show my entire body in the video for 3 reasons:

1) I sent in my before and after pics separately to Beachbody, as they requested. So, if they use me in the commercial, they will splice in my before and after pics where they think it will work best. Anyone who wants to see my pics here on SP can find them in my "Photos" section. :)
2) I did this with a tripod and did 4 takes, so I had trouble getting the zoom exactly where I wanted it (The Beachbody submission guidelines recommended not getting too far away or too close.)
3) This was the take I did AFTER I ate a big bowl of soup and drank a bunch of water, so I felt like my belly was sticking out too much to show it. I also had spilled some of the soup on my pants, and didn't want to show the stain. ;-) The takes before the soup were problematic for technical reasons, and I just honestly didn't feel like changing clothes and waiting for the soup bloat to be gone to do more takes, because I just wanted to be DONE at that point. LOL
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  • ANH102712
    I think you did very well! The camera was focused & you were centered. Your hair looks great! And I love that you show your bicep & tricep. That is what I have been doing. It's fun to have muscles! I hope they pick you. It's a great testimonial.

    2694 days ago
  • RB5656
    2694 days ago
    OMG!!!! I love seeing video of you!!! You did such a great job!!! You are so articulate and real, it's lovely. Your detail is perfect, and it's clear you know the program, and have worked really hard at it. You definitely convey your commitment, and are really inspiring. It's just so REAL. I love it.
    You are glowing! You look beautiful! YAY!!! Great job!
    2694 days ago
    I liked your blog and I think you look great. Your before and after pictures are very motivating. I agree with others that the video would be a little better with some full body shots as that is what people really want to see when considering whether to invest the time and money into following a certain program--I know that is what I look for. I liked what you said and found it really interesting as I have been considering following p90x in the future. I also like how you included your life outside of exercise.
    2695 days ago
  • AMC120
    Oh wow! I think you did a GREAT job!!! No- Silly you do not look fat!! You look toned, confident and radiant!! I felt like I was watching an infomercial... You defiantly have a natural talent for this. I would be stumbling all over my words.

    I'm with the others though... If you could capture your entire body in the video or show the before and after pics that would make this video PERFECT!!

    emoticon emoticon
    2695 days ago
    Oh my gosh! I DIE!!!!! I am so excited you posted this. I think is it great!!! Did you do this extemporaneously??? You have such a speaking talent and look so comfortable. I would have been all "Ummmmm...yeaaaah, soo...I did p90x...." lol. You look great in the video. Super fit and toned. You are just so cute! I hope they pick you soooo bad!!
    2695 days ago
    I agree with others that say you should show your full body but other than that, you sound and look great!
    2695 days ago
    Great Job! Send it in! I'm so proud of you! emoticon

    2695 days ago
    Fat emoticon What fat I didnt see a ounce of fat ne where. You killed it after wathing your video Im tempted to go out and buy it I felt like you were talking to me. Love love it you should definitely send it in like quick fast and in a hurry it would be a amazing oppurtunity 4 you. Youve worked so hard you deserve this. emoticon
    2695 days ago
    Played for me fine. I love the video, first testimonial I've seen too. You look fabulous and I'm so proud of you!!!
    The only thing I would add is your before and after pics. You're pics are great and definitely show how far you've come.

    emoticon emoticon
    2695 days ago
    U look great!!!!!!
    2695 days ago
    From what I could see, you look great. I would have liked to see the rest of your body.
    2696 days ago
  • SWEETPEA0214
    Nat - first off - you look positively radiant. I liked the video but I think you should have done full body or at least had the camera pan out to show your abs and legs. They are going to want to see the overall picture. Also, if there is anyway you can blow up your before/after pics and post them on the screen behind you, that would be a great visual? I know how much you want this and I hope you get it sweetie. If not on the infomercial, at the very least as a testimonial on their website. I agree with you on one thing - P90X has ruined us for any other fitness workout. I've been looking and nothing is piquing my interest. I think after my next phase, I am going to do doubles, because I am not having the weight loss you have achieved even with a modified diet and insane exercise, so doubles may help me achieve my goals.

    Hope you get what you reach for girl.
    2696 days ago
  • K82BTHIN
    You did awesome. I was honestly impressed that you covered what you did. I was expecting you to speak mostly about the workouts and stuff like that, but I was pleasantly surprised when you brought it full circle to your life outside of exercise. That to me is very very important.

    You look awesome!
    2696 days ago
  • SGRAY478
    Oh sweetie. Those dang insecurities are pretty hard to get rid of. But remember these things. a) you look amazing and even if you aren't exactly happy with your results, they are results and you have come soo far; b) your testimonial is honest. Which is super important. I am sure you know all about gimmicky weight loss. and P90X is not that and this is your chance to show everyone that.

    I hope I get to see you on TV :)
    2696 days ago
    I got it to play for me. I thought it was a little long and there was your shadow in the background, but you did very well. You sounded as if you could be one of the people they already feature on the infomerical. No joke emoticon
    2696 days ago
    Yay! It's working now! Yes, it is lengthy, but I was trying to answer all the questions they wanted answered. I fully expect that if they do use it, it will just be their favorite snippets from here and there, but I wanted to give plenty of material to choose from. They actually asked for a lot more than what I gave them, like different locations, showing myself doing the workouts, etc...but I just don't have that kind of time to make it such a production. If they put me in the commercial, great. If not, that's fine too. I just thought I'd give it a shot. :)
    2696 days ago
    Well, it played for me and I thought it was awesome, and by the way, YES, YOU LOOK FAT! (FABULOUS AND TONED, that is....hehehe, gotcha didn't i). Now, it was a bit lengthy, but I'm sure they will edit out what they don't want, right? GREAT JOB, NAT! And don't let that be your last video blog. I enjoyed it!
    2696 days ago
  • SWEETPEA0214
    Nat - it may be too long at over 5:00 minutes. I wonder if SP has a limit on the time that a video can be and that is why it's not feeding. You may need to check with technical support. You may need to post it on FB for us to review it.

    2696 days ago
    ARRRGGGGHHHHH! It won't play for me either! Not sure what I did wrong, it just says "Hold on. Your video is almost available." I'm not sure how long I should expeect to wait though. It's prob. been close to an hour, so I am thinking something got screwed up. Frustrating!
    2696 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/30/2010 5:57:22 PM
  • 67STANG
    it won't play for me either.
    2696 days ago
    sorry I can't get it to play
    2696 days ago
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