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My answer to what Maintaining is

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Monday, August 30, 2010

All about finding your balance and learning how to maintain that, within reason.

I found counting my calories was more important when maintaining than when losing. When you are losing the weight well you are doing just that but when maintaining you are having to keep a fine balance. So missing some calories here or there adds up to you continuing to lose weight. Which most will say "I wish I had that problem!" No, no you don't! Now don't let this scare you just be mindful about not trying to lose weight and to eat all your calories.

Other side effects of not eating enough or regularly:
1. Mood swings
2. Irritable
3. Tied
4. Lack of being able to think straight
5. Mind wanders
6. Anxious

When you get like this you can be an over the top version of yourself and you can get to a point of being to late and then you do not feel like eating. So try and not get to this point if you can.

Now though you can play more with what you do. Change up your workouts and try new things. Must keep challenging ourselves or we get into an exercise rut that our bodies get use to and the results tend to taper down over time. Same with what we eat, try new things and modify what you already eat. This is just part of life, for life is change you just now have a better mindset to adjust with the changes and make being a healthy active person part of the change.

I use my habits and ways formed when losing the weight as a fallback for when I cannot mix it up and try new things. And now I have so many different levels of fallbacks from all the different habits and ways I created that I can mix it up all the time just by implementing them as time and the situation calls for. It is fun and challenging and just an eye opener as to how many different ways you can do things and overcome whatever life throws at you.

Mixing it up doesn't have to be huge either. Maybe you walk so now run a little walk a little. Or you do an exercise class, so do a different one. You weight lift a little change up the way you do it as simple as using dumbbells instead of a machine. So much out there to do and it can seem overwhelming but just you take it all in stride and do it how you want to and as you like. Just because you are taught or shown how to do something one way does not mean that is the only way. Also you may only like elements of certain things so pull them all together and make your own whatever from it!

So much fun can be had during maintaining, or as you call it now YOUR LIFE!!! What a fun healthy active life? Could it be? I was just looking to lose some weight but it can be the way I do things for the rest of my life in one way or form? Say it isn't so! Wow who knew!

So yes take it all day by day, add to what you have learned and own it all. You will get away from weighing yourself, stop counting calories and calories burned in a workout over time and when you understand what you need to do to keep the balance. I reached that point 5 months ago and only spot check myself from time to time. Or use it when training for a race or something. Have fun and live!

I hit maintenance November of 2007

Member Comments About This Blog Post:
ROXYCARIN 8/1/2013 11:53PM


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SUSIEMT 7/30/2013 10:52PM

    Congrats on a wonderful blog! You go Greg!

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SANDICANE 7/29/2013 10:17PM

    Words of wisdom again to help us all along life's way! Cheers and thanks!


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-SHOREIDO- 7/28/2013 8:32PM

    Oh the "balance" is what its all about. emoticon

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DSJB9999 7/28/2013 4:45AM

    emoticon for sharing!

Losing weight can be challenging but the maintaining is harder! emoticon

emoticon you

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DESERTJULZ 7/27/2013 6:51PM

    YES! It is still work to maintain, too!

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DIANNEMT 7/27/2013 12:09PM

    I need right now to lose the weight again so I can maintain. This isn't easy at all!

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BOOKAPHILE 7/27/2013 11:24AM

    I'm glad the maintenance team highlighted your blog again. I wasn't here for it the first time. I'm still learning about fine tuning the balance, so I've not been able to give up weighing or tracking. I do enjoy mixing up my workouts.
Thanks for the blog!

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MANILUS 7/26/2013 11:03PM

    Great job!

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MOONCHILD8 7/26/2013 3:49PM

    You are so right. It is the balance. I am having a hard time maintaining and keeping the balance. I am staying in a range of my goal weight. I feel tried and I need to care for my Mom and little dog. I have only been maintaining my weight from January 2013. I find it hard to change the routine and my aging body is not as flexible. Linda from bean town emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LRSILVER 7/26/2013 5:45AM

    Thank you.

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BROWNCOFIDDLER 7/25/2013 10:24PM

    Such great inspiration. Thanks for sharing your insights and experiences. It really is heopful. I look forward to the day when I start to live - just knowing those exact proportions w/o having to log every bite and knowing my body well enough to know before I get on the scale if all is well. I'll probably revisit your blog from time to time for more pointers! Thanks!!

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WATERMELLEN 7/25/2013 9:57PM

    You've got some very important suggestions to help others maintain as you've been doing for a long time: thank you! I agree that counting the calories and keeping in balance are vitally important . . . also changing it up!!

Great blog!!

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IAMAGEMLOVER 7/25/2013 3:14PM

    emoticon emoticon

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TUBLADY 7/25/2013 1:01PM

    Congratulations on your success and the great attitude you have in maintaining.
I wish I was one of those lucky people who didn't need to count calories and not weigh in daily. But alas I am not.
When ever i think that calorie counting a is behind me, I go for a while and gain. then I vow never to do it again, and it's an endless struggle of finding the right balance.
So I continue to count, track, get in exercise, although I do mix up workout, because otherwise they get boring.
I wish you continued success and maybe someday I will be able to maintain as you do.
Reached my goal in 2011, maintained since, doing it my way.
Be strong, stay positive.
Tisha emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KANOE10 7/25/2013 12:46PM

    You are very inspirational. I like your focus on changing things in your life as well as having fun while maintaining. 6 years is a wonderful accomplishment!


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SWEET_CAROLYN 7/25/2013 11:12AM

    I am SO CLOSE to maintenance and want to start learning good healthy skills and adapting them into my life NOW. Thank you for these helpful hints!!

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FELINA 7/25/2013 11:09AM

for some great advice !

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HAPPYSOUL91 7/25/2013 9:47AM

    Solid advice, thx for posting your thoughts

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DELLMEL 7/25/2013 8:56AM

  What a great blog. Great info. Thank you.

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PROUD-GRANDMA 7/25/2013 8:37AM

    Fantastic message! Balance.

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MILLIFRED 7/25/2013 8:31AM

    Nice after reading this to go to your home page and see you're still maintaining! Encouraging for someone like me who's maintained for 3 weeks!

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MADEIT3 7/25/2013 8:10AM

    Wonderful advice, thank you!!

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KELLIEBEAN 7/25/2013 7:58AM

    I also believe you have to be active every day if possible in some way and change it up to keep ourselves healthy and strong.

Thanks to spark people, I now keep up my healthy habits I have practiced while losing weight, without too much thought or effort now in maintenance. It's now a lifestyle!

Great blog! Congratulations to you!

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MOMMY445 7/25/2013 7:57AM

    such a great blog! have a wonderful day!

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JSTETSER 7/25/2013 6:54AM

    Thank you for the inspiring post!

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MOBYCARP 7/25/2013 6:15AM

    Hmm. Two and a half years from reaching maintenance to getting away from daily weighing, counting calories, and counting calories burned in a workout? I don't know if I'll ever get there.

I've weighed daily since 9 years before I found SP, I doubt that will ever go away. I quit counting calories burned by exercise while I was in weight loss mode, because that wasn't a helpful number.

But getting away from counting calories eaten? I don't know. I reached maintenance in October 2011, and I *still* adjust the calorie range when the weight starts trending one way or the other. If I don't count calories, how do I know what adjustment to make?

I fantasize about being the kind of person who can just eat naturally as my body demands fuel, but I don't really believe I'll ever be that kind of person.

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NELLJONES 7/25/2013 6:12AM

    Not eating properly will ruin your mood at any weight. I think some people think "maintaining" means keeping that exhilaration we felt when hitting goal, rather than the loss itself.

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CRUISEBOUND4EVR 7/25/2013 5:05AM

    Great Blog! I've been maintaining for 1 month. Still trying to find my balance.

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ELLEKTRA 7/25/2013 4:27AM

    I have been maintaining for 2.5 years and I hope some day I can get away with the CCing as well...I am not anywhere near ready for that day yet though :P
Great blog/read! Thank you!

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_LINDA 7/25/2013 2:02AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Some very great advice from a person has walked the walk and talked the talk and owns the T-Shirt saying I am a successful maintainer! Change and challenge is indeed the spice of life in all ways!
You rock!

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FABAT402009 10/2/2010 8:50PM

    Great information!!! Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your continued success!

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BEYOURBEST1 9/24/2010 6:22AM

    Congrats on your success!!! Thanks for sharing your weight maintenance tips.

Comment edited on: 9/24/2010 6:22:50 AM

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DEVORA4 9/23/2010 11:32PM

  emoticon Rightm on

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GRAMVICKI 9/15/2010 8:07PM

    Great Blog Greg. Sorry to see that no one is running TSCPL anymore. But I seldom have time to even check in to the couple places I like to stay in touch with.

Hugs, Vicki

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SIMPLE_TAILOR 9/8/2010 5:11PM

    Lots of great pointers for people making that transition. Thanks for sharing!!!

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BUCKEYESKIER 8/31/2010 9:01AM

    Thanks for sharing! I will try to remember some of your key points for when I get to maintenance.

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EUPHRATES 8/31/2010 2:21AM

    Great stuff to keep in mind when I finally get there!

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JOY1918 8/30/2010 9:22PM

    Great blog, lots of good insight. Thank you!! emoticon

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DEVORA4 8/30/2010 8:25PM

  New Caz asked me to read your blog. It was excellent and I certainly intend to vote for it. I want to subscribe too. emoticon info and my sincere emoticon

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BILLALEX70 8/30/2010 7:39PM

    Great blog Greg!

I'd say finding the balance is trickier than losing; much as you've put it.

Keep on, keepin' on!

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LYNNANN43 8/30/2010 7:32PM

    I hit maintenance around 5 months ago too. I think it's actually a little trickier than losing weight. Who would have thought! I too, just keep shaking things up exercise-wise.

I weight myself every morning for accountability. I allow myself a +2/-2 weight difference. If I'm out of range, I go right back to tracking my food. Only happened once, I'm proud to say, in 5 months!

So, thanks to SparkPeople, I'm d0wn 104lbs, maintaining and living a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!!!

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BOBBYD31 8/30/2010 5:53PM

    well said greg. it is about life and living life.

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COURAGEG 8/30/2010 5:35PM

    Wow! Great blog! I still have that pesky last 25 pounds to lose, but I have real fears of the next stage -- maintaining. I needed this! Thank you.

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4A-HEALTHY-BMI 8/30/2010 4:43PM

    Good points in here. Thanks for sharing!

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MIMOTOGO 8/30/2010 4:19PM

    Loved the advise! Thanks for sharing your success. It truly shows that "This CAN be done". I have a hard time getting my cals in each day, I know it will be a struggle for me, but I am working on it. Great helpful words. emoticon

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-POOKIE- 8/30/2010 3:42PM

    New_Caz just pointed me to this blog, interesting reading, thank you.

I just hit my goal weight a couple weeks ago and am struggling a little with quite what to do!

I have to say I love the line that this is actually your life... having lost so much, I have to say that this is welcome to my new life indeed.

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NEW-CAZ 8/30/2010 3:30PM

    Wise words Greg and I think many people would learn a lot from this blog.....gonna spread the word to all my SP friends/

Thanks for all the tips!

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WILMABEAL 8/30/2010 3:20PM

    Hi,This is a great blog thanks for sharing. I'll need to keep the maintaining as soon as i get there.I'm going to do this!Thanks for all your tips! emoticon emoticon

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