Sunday, August 29, 2010

Got your attention, huh?

The grisly scene:

BTdubs, the blender motor is fine, and I am enjoying a green smoothie now :)
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    Oh my gosh...your smoothie story is hilarious.

    Glad your party was a success!!!

    Good luck with the dairy elmination.
    2760 days ago
    hey... my friend cut out dairy recently and her skin is all cleared up... might be worth an elimination diet. (Careful though! follow a peer-reviewed book that can guide you through the process).

    A physician friend here told me that in North America, allergies are defined very strictly, and a reaction is only considered a allergy if it reaches a certain threshold. So, he also practices naturopathy and whatever and is familiar with European techniques of measuring reactions... which use a lot `softer`measurement standards.

    I do agree, I don't think diet can affect acne, but i think it could be possible that a low-grade allergic reaction could make you more susceptible or cause symptoms that mimic acne. I am NOT a doctor though. I just have been to some allergists who've told me, oh, these foods can't cause migraines, meanwhile the neurologists are telling me, of course they can, there is lots of documentation to support your personal experience.

    I just started using witch hazel for my face. It *seems* to be helping. I also wonder if maybe it could be a bacterial infection?? soo sorry for you... my heart goes out to you.
    2760 days ago
    Breaking out could be hormonal. I have done some reading on the subject, due to the fact that I still break out. (I'm 41). I find that the closer I get to that time of the month, the worse it gets and then it starts to clear up and then again, I get closer to that time. I do know that there are some endocrinologists that deal with acne and hormones. That is all I have on that issue.

    Also, the blender...I love your title! It sure got me here in a hurry! Very funny!
    2760 days ago
    Omg....thank goodness, someone else who screwed up a blender! haha I felt like a kitchen klutz for sure when I did that.

    I'd be willing to bet something you are eating is affecting your skin. Just from what you've mentioned and the brief look, I used to work with skin and skin issues , etc. in another life. Definately so many things could trigger an allergic reaction. (I was just reading about a mold issue inside someones shower head that triggered something like pneumonia and other infections) But my guess would be food /drink related.

    You ARE so gorgeous though, I hope you don't worry too much about it! Eurthryomicin.....or something like that...that was what I just remembered they put me on and gave me a topical gel when I was about your age and having problems.
    2760 days ago
    Since you live somewhere new, could it be the water? When I moved out of my mom's house when we bought our condo. I noticed that I broke out less then when I was at my moms house. I still used the same body wash, ate the same things, and then I wondered if it was the water, so one day I was over at my moms and had to take a shower, the next day, I was all broken out. So I figured out from that it was the water. I know sometimes too if there is well water and not city water that can affect your skin as well.

    Hopefully you find the culprit soon emoticon
    2760 days ago
    I have struggled with acne my entire life (still really struggle with it) I have always been told by dermatologists that (contrary to old wives tales) foods do not effect your skin.

    I also have very oily skin. Make sure that you aren't drying your skin out too badly with your skin care products. Dry skin = more breakouts ... which is something I found out later in life...I thought that drying it out would help..and it doesn't :o( Also, check all of your face washes and lotions and make sure that none of them have any "oils" in them - especially mineral oil.

    You seriously MUST try the aveeno calming lotion. It is my new best friend. It REALLY helps with the redness caused by acne irritation.

    I hope that you are able to get to the bottom of what is going on. I am getting ready to be 31 and have just now found some products that work for me. Its such a struggle :o(
    2760 days ago
    Yepperdo..I think that is a reaction to something.
    Elimination diet might yield interesting results.
    Keep us posted...You are beautiful with or without makeup.
    2760 days ago
    Geesh, second time tonight someone has got me good. emoticon
    2761 days ago
    Blog title = **snicker***

    Elimination diet - good luck!
    2761 days ago
    I personally break out from wearing make-up or consuming to much dairy. For the last year, I have not done either and have had very little skin issues. Before that I tried almost everything…the doctor even put me on antibiotics. I finally went to an allergen specialist…the problem was solved.

    Giving up the milk was easy…It was the make-up that was the hardest. Ever since I was sixteen, I used make-up to hide my bad skin. It took about six months for my skin to clear up. I still have days wear I would love to put on base, but it is just not worth it. I would definitely recommend seeing a specialist or doing an elimination diet.
    2761 days ago
    I think I see your green smoothie peeking at me in the background. It definatly could be a reaction to something you are eating. My husband breaks out, not on his face usually but in other various parts and we have narrowed it down to a couple of things it could be. Our bodys definatly let us know if something is up. Glad you had a good time at your party. 3 AM.. WOW!! I remember just a couple years ago I was such a night owl. But now staying up till midnight about kills me.. lol I hate feeling old! I'm glad your blender motor is ok! Have a great run!
    2761 days ago
    I love your title!--and I've had bad blender experiences, too, so don't feel alone hahaha!!!
    2761 days ago
    That poor blender! lol You really crack me up.

    The skin thing may just be the make up you are using as well. I used to have some serious issues with that same thing. I changed to a lighter make up made by neutrogina(sp?) and it has help tremendously! Happy early birthday by the way!
    2761 days ago
  • VIKKIC87
    hehe!!! It did indeed grab my attention!
    As a fellow lover of smoothies I am interested as to what goes into a green smoothie? I have been making fruit ones atm.
    In terms of your skin, it could be a food allergy, it could be an allergy to anything.
    maybe it gets worse the more you think about how much you dislike it..just as stress sets it off, worrying about what your skin is doing could be having the same effect.
    you are beautiful inside and out I don't even need to meet you to know that hehe!

    2761 days ago
    hahaha.... NOOOOooooOOOooooo lol

    haha... The cat kneading the stomach/chest area wake up call is annoying, but sometimes helpful! lol...

    I wonder if your hair is effecting your skin.. I know you said that you get oily hair easily... It could be products your are using in your hair, or not washing your hair often enough? I am not an expert on skin issue, although I have excema, and psoriasis... so I can empathize completely...

    If it were a food effecting your skin, wouldn't it effect the skin all over??

    Do you use hypo allergenic make up?? Just a few wonderings...
    2761 days ago
    Hahaha awhh @ your smoothie.
    If I was going to suggest something I'd go to your GP and request a free screening (not sure if that's just an nhs england thing though). Or a home allergy kit maybe? But I'm not sure how expensive that would be :/
    2761 days ago
    That indeed is a quite grizzly scene.

    The whole reaction to eating issue? I thought about that last week when you and Dana vlogged about that issue. Even at my age, I will break out on my forehead when I eat milk chocolate or anything with a heavy cream base. If I stay away from that stuff for a few weeks my face and forehead smooths out. You may be on the right track. Hope you had a good run
    2761 days ago
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